Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Sysco BI Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sysco BI - Case Study lessonAt Sysco, the main problem that might arise after the implementation of business intelligence is that the learning that is provided is too small of what is actually required by the firm in order to function. Moreover at many times, the user may not at all be requiring the past data as the market is volatile and is subjected to frequent changes. The obstacle can be that Sysco will require more sum up of users for implementation and there are huge license fees for the set up of the software. Moreover the other difficulty that it will face is that a number of the companies already have small scale intelligence screening and Sysco had decentralized IT structure which if the companies try to uninstall would be very time consuming and costly. It will therefore hollow the already existing commercial setting.Why did Sysco decide ab initio to address only two questions with its overbold BI software rather than use it as a more general analysis asshole? Why did pedigree Objects recommend this approach? What are the tradeoffs?Answer Initially only two questions were taken into consideration as both the questions were quite predictive and forward looking. It is also to be noted that unitary question deals with the products that is to be delivered to the customer and the other question deals with the customers. The response provided to the question covers all the important aspects wish well competitors, customer satisfaction, customer services, customer profile that is the key to success for any firm. Moreover it is felt that initially during the implementation phase the company should focus only on the software, users and the training on answering the questions. The answer to the question was good enough to serve the customer in the better way and also it turn up how good Business Object can be at delivering the best product to Sysco.The various capabilities of Business Intelligence are Dashboards, Extraction, Data mining, Ad hoc querying and reporting,

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