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Clinical condition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Clinical physical body - Essay ExampleIt is worth noting that patients with this medical complication may also experience weight breathing out in spite of increased appetite and hair loss (Zaidi 89). Other symptoms of the distemper can exclusively be identified through physical examination of the patient by a medical practitioner. These involve excessive lacrimation, premature ventricular expansions and contractions and rigid thyroid (MacLachlan, Sandra, & Basil 52).A clinical examination of a patient suffering from sculpture disease may provide the following results for instance, a Graves disease patient can be examined with rapid heartbeats, muscular weakness and protuberance of the eyes (either one or both eyes). Fatigue, increased appetite and weight loss be also other diagnostic results of Graves disease (MacLachlan, Sandra, & Basil 76).Medical practitioners have characterized Graves disease as a condition whose causes are not readily determined and have since concluded t hat there seems to be a genetic predisposition for the condition. This is an implication that some people are more likely to contract the disease as compared to others and this is as a result of their genetic inheritance. Nonetheless, a bacterium called Yersinia Enterocolitica has since been associated with the disease. Medical specialists have discovered that the bacterium contributes to the senesce of thyroid autoimmunity which is closely attributed to Graves disease (Zaidi 95).Treatment of Graves disease must be administered by a certified medical practitioner and includes the prescription of anti-thyroid drugs. This type of medication is known to limit the secernment of thyroid hormone. Medication is always given for between six months and two years. It is worth noting that the administration of these drugs into the mankind body have side effects of potentially grave reduction of the level of white rip cells (Zaidi 109).Zaidi,

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Urban School District--Baltimore City Schools in MD Essay

Urban School District--Baltimore metropolis Schools in MD - Essay ExampleThis is because it encourages teachers to take control of their professional careers and improve their effectiveness. This effectiveness is enabled since teachers sack now determine the pace at which they earn. Apart from school based programs, the other main hook to both the teachers and the students towards Baltimore metropolis School is its location. Being located in an urban area within the metropolis of Baltimore a city with beautiful attractions nice people and culture, makes it so affordable and interesting thus enviable for individuals to live in. Ch every last(predicate)enges that competency be anticipate in Baltimore City Public School Considering the fact that Baltimore City Public School is an urban school, poses a great threat towards the school. This is because there are so many a(prenominal) challenges associated with urban district schools. Some of these challenges include Shortage of teach ers, government oversight, politicized school boards, School staff answerability among others, funding for infrastructure. Some of the consequences that might result to affect the urban schools negatively when these problems are not figure out in time include the following Poor learning infrastructure such as classrooms might expose the student to harsh environmental conditions thus affecting their health, performance of the students might also dribble as a result of fewer teachers. This provide be possible because the teachers might not be able to effectively manage a huge number of students. Teachers are also subjected to low dough whenever students perform poorly thus reducing their morale when hatfulling large classes of students (Richards & Farrell 78). How to address the challenges associated with the extreme urban district Some individuals have argued that treatment is better than cure. As in this case many will tend to agree with them. This is because the result of thes e challenges can be anticipated thus need for better forwardness on how to handle them. For these measures to be handled speedily and without favor, it will require full involvement of every company which is at risk of being affected by these challenges. This is important not only because it will drive on the speed of the work, but also because it will ensure that every individual is self motivated in order to achieve these goals. As for this case, one might involve both the teachers, students, parents and even government officials since all these people might be affected either directly or indirectly. For instance, the issue of teacher paucity can be addressed by requesting unattached teachers from the surrounding community to volunteer. On the other hand able parents can also be requested to finance these volunteering teachers. The pay cut on teachers salaries on account of poor performance by students can be handled by, calling on the government to research at it in perspecti ve of teacher student ratio. It can also be handled by boost group discussion among students thus enhancing learning among students this method can ease the teachers job since it will be easier to handle the groups compared to students. In order to solve any problem concerning schools, the school boards are always the secern factors in their respective schools. As for the case of Baltimore City Public school, all the stakeholders are then expected to elect transparent

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International Students Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International Students - Research Paper ExampleFrom this study it is clear thatthe main basis for m any(prenominal) universities and governments to attracts a higher percentage and/or ratio of international learners to their universities might have to do with the fact that they are attempting to promote diversity and understanding between peoples, the fact the matter is that the economics border international exchange students tells quite a different story.This paper highlights thatwhereas the local students might receive stipends, scholarships, and a variety of different aid to pursue higher education, the international student is almost always without any of these benefits and left to rely fully upon their own ability to fund such an endeavor. Moreover, the amount of money at the local student discharged, not even counting the scholarship aid or other funds which might be applied to assist them, is invariably much cheaper than the amount of money that the international student pays per semester/per year.Oftentimes the differential intuition is nearly double. The many schools would like to promote themselves as liberal centers of erudition that pride themselves upon a diverse and ethnically varied student body, the fact the matter is that the economics finally drive the push towards more and more international students within the system.The reason for this is the fact that growing a university based upon the local resources of students does not provide a rapid degree of growth.

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Discussion Questions Week 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Discussion Questions Week 1 - strain ExampleFor instance, it might be determined that a 4-year degree at a technical direct entrust provide a $100,000 income while a 2-year degree at a specialty coach will only provide a $60,000 income after graduation. A person must determine the move involved in getting an education and determine which option will be the most worthy long-term. A person making $60,000 will have less financial capabilities than another who earns $100,000, making it harder to sacrifice to charitable or comm social unity organizations. However, the time investment should be considered as subdivision of economics because family members will be affected, as well as the whole of a persons lifestyle, depending on which ratiocination is made. The biggest question which should be asked is how decision-making will impact the self, the household, the local community and even the broader society as part of economics in daily life.From an organizational viewpoint, econo mics determines how specific activities impact other activities in a society. A manufacturing line of products will determine the cost of raw materials, the labor and investment necessary to offer them, and consider whether customers will want to buy these products. As a single organization, micro-level business activities and various departments hit together in the pursuit of generating a final product. Each division or business unit maintains a grotesque function, however each contributes to the whole of the organization, creating an entire unit of economic activities.In the business environment, it is a common theme to recognize aspects of sales and marketing, such(prenominal) as knowing your consumer and their basic demographics such as income, social lifestyle and cultural values. From a macro-level perspective, social systems work together with their own unique functions, creating a solid society where each action by each group impacts the other group. This is no different in business as the

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Bar built estuaries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Bar built estuaries - Essay fountAn example for this is the East Matagorda Bay. Bar-built estuaries argon also found in The Netherlands. Estuaries found in North Carolina be also the examples of bar-built estuaries for example Albemarle Sound and Pamlico Sound.Bar-built estuaries atomic number 18 semi-isolated from ocean waters through the hindrance beaches found between estuaries and oceans. Barrier spits and barrier islands are located between estuaries and oceans. As barrier beaches get formed they part encircle the estuary allowing only small inlets to allow contacts between estuaries and ocean waters. Bar-built estuaries usually get formed over gently sloping plains placed along tectonically stable boundaries of marginal sea coasts and continents. The barrier beaches that encircle bar-built estuaries are formed in numerous ways. Wave perform causes the formation of offshore bars. Here, the sand from the seafloor gets accumulated in extended bars parallel to the shoreline. This forms barrier beaches. Reformation of sediment discharge from rivers through current, wave, and wind action causes the formation of barrier beaches. Mainland beach ridges get engulfed because of the rise in sea level. This led to the breaking of the ridges and swamp of the coastal lowlands. Shallow lagoons get formed as a result. This contributes to the formation of barrier beaches. Extension of barrier spits through the erosion of headlands also form barrier beaches. Barrier beaches get created in shallow water. They are mostly parallel to the shoreline. This leads to the formation of long narrow estuaries. Water depth of these estuaries is between 5 m and 10 m. Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, Pamlico Sound, North Carolina and Laguna Madre, Texas are some of the examples of bar-built estuaries.Scientists have made use of categorisation of criteria to classify estuaries. Previously they used to classify estuaries based on the rate of fresh water, evaporation.

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British Petroleum (BP) and its corporate Image Term Paper

British Petroleum (BP) and its corporal Image - Term Paper ExampleEvery company needs a market and a in the public eye(predicate) where to sell its products. This would only be possible if the company is known to the public, and they throw away a compute in their minds regarding it. This picture has to be positive otherwise it could cost the company. A positive image increases a companys credibility. This image is somewhat build through advertising, where the company portrays itself. Such advertising is non sales-oriented, but takes the help of the public relations department to promote a better reputation and name-awareness of the company. corporeal advertising uses strategies to build a sense of buoyancy and fascination among the consumers as well as the others in the industry. The whole company is advertised and branded, not just the products and service. Corporate image is an amalgamated psychological image, which continues to change, agree to the firms products, strategie s, media coverage and other plaints. The corporate image is a public opinion of the company, and does not necessarily echo the companys actual image, size or position. Corporate image is bendable and can change unexpectedly. It could go from best to worst, in hours, because of any scandal or any news, even fake, that found its way into the media, and that highlights a negative aspect of the firm. For example, in the 1990s The Food Lion supermarket face up a scandal that accused the store of unhygienic practices, which was a fraud but the store was pressure to withdraw from theHouston,Oklahoma,Louisiana, andDallas/Fort Worth Metroplexmarkets, which it had recently entered, because of bad publicity. Or it could go from worst to good overnight, by a feature printed in the Wall Street Journal, or any other newspaper create verbally by a reporter who was impressed by your services. It is very unpredictable. Companies use advertising techniques to improve their depiction. Brands com pensate a philosophy for example The orchard apple tree Computer Company has survived a lot of ups and downs, regarding its corporate image. Apple appealed to those computer users who were innovative and creative, who wanted to see themselves as unique and free-spirited people. Apple also faced complains and literary criticism for its iPhone 4, where there was a connectivity problem. Apple refused to accept that it was a technical error, instead asked the consumers that iPhones have to be held differently. Nowadays, the public relations departments are also involved in positive corporate image building. CORPORATE public figure AFFECTS BUSINESS SALES Corporate image helps consumers remember your company. How will people buy your products or services if they are not even aware that your company exists. According to the Gallup Poll, companies today are only 16% responsible, as compared to the 70% in 1968 (Argenti 5). In business, what matters most is what the public thinks and beliefs and the public trust is what must be upheld and should not be broken. (Argenti 11) The public trust in global companies is going in negative numbers. The statistics have been calculated by subtracting the percentage of distrust from the percentage of trust, expressed by the public during surveys. This shows that the public no longer trust the global companies, to upheld their rights and cater to their needs. (Argenti 15) Companies having good standing are more likely to carry out and maintain their status and public trust in

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Social Media Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

tender Media Paper - Es hypothesise ExampleIn the business context, social media continues to be the most used tool especially in the recent one-time(prenominal) (Lefebvre and Flora 1988, p.301). Some of the argonas in business using social media as a platform to chance on goals and objectives are advertising, public relations and marketing. This is essentially because these are the very branches of the corporate world that consider to pose into close contact with the masses of people Research indicates that the corporate world spends billions of dollars on the social media to publicize and market their products. For example, in United States of America, the corporate world fagged close to four billion dollars on the social media marketing (Hamill 1997, p. 300-323). The trend has continually changed, with exponential growth in the amount of money spent every year. Some of the social networks, for example LinkedIn, concentrate mainly on the corporate world (Ibrahim 2010, p.3-10 ). Here, networks are created between various business persons and firms. Other business firms chose to use the platform for public relations by posting the videos of their CEOs giving insights about them. This means that social media is intertwined with the business world and its impact cannot be wished away. Social media brings in a shift in the fantasys of reaching out to the consumers and selling the products to them. The traditional way of communication, say for example through posters, newspapers and televisions are slowly being replaced by the use of the social media (Xia 2009, p. 469 478). The implication to twain the corporate world and the consumers is the change in the way the concepts of marketing and advertising are viewed. It is in this adhesion that I look at how the concepts of marketing, the consumers and the audiences have changed with the use of social media. Change in the Conceptions of Marketing, Consumers and Audiences The historical concept of marketing wa s that the consumers were provided with the manufacturers good, whether good or bad (Zwick and Dholakia 2008, p. 318-325). However, with the social networking, it is not easy to screen into the market with this kind of an approach. The concept of marketing has broadened to include the processes of developing the product to its distribution. It also works most with the research and development departments to learn on the necessary innovation on their products (Ibrahim 2010, p.3-10). The social media has therefore brought the need to have a comprehensive look at marketing. Its definition has changed to the processes of planning and implementation of the concepts in the employment chain to meet the demands of the consumer. With the understanding of how important social media is, the marketing strategies have taken a contrastive turn (Mangold and Faulds 2009, p.357 365). Most of the marketers have moved to integrate marketing mix with the social media. The marketing mix includes t he product, place, price and promotion. Looking into these four key aspects of marketing, one realizes that the concept has totally changed. For example, the products are varied and numerous. The open products have been modified to include the personal needs of different groups of people. The products vary in characteristics even as the characteristics of the consumers vary. In the second aspect of the marketing mix, the place, the location is now very flexible (Ibrahim 2010, p.3-10). A consumer may not have to be in a specific place as it was before. It

English Composition Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

English Composition - Personal Statement ExampleThe lessons were non my preferred part of my day, but I soon fond my skills developing and that my piano playing was actu totallyy improving. I decide to keep playing until I entered the 6th grade, and then I completely lost all interest. I had nalways chosen the instrument for myself, and I did not want to continue playing. However, the skills that I had learned playing piano would further help me in my attachment to euphony throughout the next hardly a(prenominal) years.My next major step into the melodic world would be a few years later when I distinct to learn the tuba. It appealed to me, and it was virtuallything that I decided I wanted to do. I quickly became handy at the instrument, as I already had the musical skills of reading music and counting that m some(prenominal) students had to existence to learn. Since I had already has these skills police chiefed fro playing the piano, I was able to start right away at lear ning how to play the tuba, instead of worrying about learning the simple basis of music.It was also round this time that the music I was listening to around me began to impact my life. I began listening to various types of music I had never experienced before, and it greatly changed who I was as a person. I began to expand my musical horizons , and began to catch out just how important music has been to me so far. I found my favorite band during this period, and their make for on my whole life could never be under estimated. As I began to grow musically however, I started to see a rift opening between what I was learning to play on tuba and what I was listening to. The classical pieces that I was playing on tuba did not contention up well with the rock and contemporary music I as listening to, and I began to see myself drift away from the older, classical, types of music.I performed in many solo festivals for tuba, and did well in all of them. However, it was not until I found o ne piece, a super contemporary piece composed for solo tuba, that I began to really play. It was a piece that had no classical melody or older ideas, it was a smart breathe of fresh air into my solo repertoire. It was a piece that still my teacher said I wouldnt be able to learn to play in time, but I was determined to learn it and master it to the best of my ability.And for a month I did little else beside practice the hell out of that solo. I undecomposed every free second I had, and ended up expanding my range to notes I had never even though of hitting before. My ability as a player greatly improved, and I found myself combination my love of rock-esque music and tuba playing coming together for perhaps the first time. Music has unendingly been important to me, and my tuba playing is just the start. A few years later I decided to take up acoustic guitar for fun, and while I am not technically amazing, I open been able to write songs on it. It gives me a chance to express my self that I cannot do through any other means, and it is just a fun part of my life. I still play both tuba and guitar, and hope one day to possibly combine my love and ability to play both into some kind of band. And it would probably be a band that would be a sound unlike anything ever heard. Music has changed who I am, and for most of my life has shaped the course of my future. I would not be where I was today if it wasnt for the help, lessons that music has taught me and the influenced that music of all kids has had on my life. I would encourage everyone to take some manikin of music lesson and to give their

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Professional Nurse Accountability Research Paper

Professional Nurse Accountability - Research piece of music Example In addition to that autonomy and authority are administrative tools for control whereas obligation is a moral principle that governs the relationship between the givers of authority and the recipients (Mackie, Martin & Thomson, 1995).Currently, the nurse profession has made great inroads with regards to engraining accountability amongst its practitioners. Firstly, nurses have established several professional standards outlining the guidelines and principles for the all who seek to join in the profession. For example, the American Nurses connective (ANA) developed a Code for Nurses which provides a clear framework within which nurses can seek to exert the standards of care and protect the clients they serve (Hood & Leddy, 2006, p.307). Also, each state in the United States has mandatory guidelines in derriere that distinguish professional nursing from other wellness professions, defines the professional nursing practice and specifies their scope of practice.In addition to the institution of professional standards, the nursing fraternity is actively pursuing methods of improving the state of the health care delivery system. This manifests maturity and professionalism within nursing because by accepting an appropriate degree of responsibility for the current situation, nurses are able to legitimize their claim for a piece of the healthcare pie.Thirdly, the profession of nursing is encouraging its members to be aware of and accountable for not only their actions but also those of their colleagues. This is done finished initiatives such as reporting chemically impaired coworkers. According to Hood and Leddy (2006), there are twoscore state boards of nursing that offer alternatives to disciplinary actions that involve legally binding programs for detoxification, treatment, peer assistance and so on that aregeared to assist chemically impaired coworkers.

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Security Technologies for Online Payments Literature review

Security Technologies for Online Payments - Literature review ExampleThere are several security measures technologies that are adopted by organizations to ensure smooth execution of online payments without any exposure or making water of data to unreliable third parties. 2. Security Technologies in E-commerce According to radiation patterns from Ali (2011), cyber crimes cost Britain around 27 one thousand million pounds every year. Such instances proved to expose the weaknesses of the credit batting order payment systems. Due to the appalling step-up in the instances of data and identity thefts, organizations have started investing significant fractions of their resources to deploy effective security measures for online payments. several(prenominal) researchers have also exerted their efforts in devising reliable security technologies. Some of the common ones have been discussed infra 2.1 Payment Gateway Get Started with an Ecommerce Payment Gateway (n.d.) defined the payment gateway as the liaise pathway that encrypts information between the participants and ensures the completion of a performance in the most secure environment. A payment gateway workflow is considered to be amongst the numerous pathways that are deployed in the whole cycle of an E-commerce performance this workflow is responsible for the authorization of the information. The following figure explains the placement and functions of the payment gateway Figure 1 Workflow of Payment Gateway (Graham, 2006) The payment gateway works on the basis of the following travel 1. The customer chooses the products and fills in the credit card details. 2. The credit card information is encrypted and verified for its authenticity with the card companies. The encryption function protects the data from being read by intruders and eavesdroppers. 3. Upon the validation of the information, the customer is displayed the summary of his transaction details otherwise he is checked out of the whole process. 2.2 Geolocation Bratby (2011) stated that geolocation is a technology that identifies the geographic location of the exploiter to ensure that there are no anomalies between his provided information and his location. Such naming is aimed to reduce instances of identity thefts and credit cards frauds. If a credit card issued from UK is being used to get down an online payment from South Asia then flags will be raised at the respective online shopping website for thinkable anomalies or attempts for malicious activity. A general approach is to inquire security questions, PINs etc to ensure that the individual proceeds the request is the owner of the card or account. The IP address of the user is translated into geographical locations by the geolocation administrators these improvement providers maintain extensive database of IP addresses in relation to locations on the planet. Glover et. al (n.d) stated that the technology is so effective that most of the service providers claim t o identify the user within 50 miles. The following figure shows a graphical representation of the geolocation technology Figure 2 Process of identifying the geographic location of the user (Svantesson, 2004) 2.3 Blacklisting and Whitelisting Approach Application Whitelisting A New Security Paradigm (2008) stated that blacklisting approach follows a labile strategy by protecting the system against malware. Extensive records are

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Scientific article review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Scientific article revaluation - Essay ExampleThe immune frame is one of the bodies most important functions, as well as one of the bodies still most mysterious. However, great scientific advancements are being made, as can be read about in several different articles.One article deals with the immune system and its part in MS. It discusses several new important breakthrough in figuring out why the immune system attacks the brain and spinal chord, and how this can be contained.One important new breakthrough is the discovery of T-regs, a jail cell that regulates T-Cells ( cozy Conflict). These cells stop T-Cells from jumping to attack, and can be helpful in stopping T-Cells from attacking body ego cells. The Tregs of people with MS dont function as well as those of people who do not consent the disease. Currently, research is being done as to why this is, and what can be done about it( Inner Conflict).Another filed of research is in using hormones to help slow down the advancement of the disease. Using estriol, a category of estrogen on women, and Androgel, a testosterone gel on me, seems to help slow down the brain interweave loss from the disease, as well as improving in bodily functions(Inner Conflict).Another huge development in the immune system field was the discovery of a Orai 1, a protein that controls the immune systems calcium channel(An Immune). This protein has been looked for for decades, and finally decision it has sparked great interest. If drugs were developed that could block this protein for example, a drug could combat the effects of many different types of autoimmune diseases

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Gender Roles in Manuel Puig's The Kiss of the Spider Woman Essay

Gender Roles in Manuel Puigs The Kiss of the roamer Woman - Essay ExampleSo, the author continues,En cambio, un homophile(prenominal), con fijacin femenina, si, todava, puede defender esa ideologa, porque, como de sea ser mujer, pero no puede realizar la experiencia de sea mujer, no puede llegar a desengaarse y sigue el engavio, en el sueiio de que la realizacin de la mujer esta en encontrar un computerized axial tomography que la va a guiar y que se va a ocupar de ella, lo cual es buscar un padre y no un compaero (Osario, p. 53).Puig subtly unfolds another aspect of his project writing about a homosexual. It does not stop surprising us how or why this aspect of his writing has to be grounded with an explanation beforehand That is, by framing the homosexual character of the novel, Molina, first, as a feminine character who still believed in the existence of a tops(predicate) man and, then, as a homosexual, with feminine fixations, Puig is showing us a certain anxiety regarding q uirk in his writing. Puigs presentation of Molina is an excuse. It is important to highlight this particular moment in the authors explanation (or excuse) for the homosexual cognitive content because, after presenting such a brilliant feminist narration of the homosocial valorisation of the superior macho, he almost compulsively and un slenderly positions the homosexual within the heterosexual matrix as produced by the Oedipal manifold--the Freudian structure of which he is critical in the footnotes of El beso. How do we reconcile both of the authors positions--on the one hand, his more challenging eyeshot that informs the construction of masculinity as the fantasy of the homosocial on the other hand, a reductive and misogynist watching of male homosexuality as a desire to become and appropriate .the feminine Moreover, how do we read homosexuality outside the Oedipal complexWhen we consider the question of sexuality in the text, we must look not simply at writing about homosex ual themes or a homosexual character in a popular novel, but--and more importantly--the authors own gayness. A consideration of sexual difference as epistemology illuminates our critical reading of a text (Sedgwick, 1991). Along these lines, a reading of El beso de la mujer araa must not only focus on the construction of Molinas sexual identity, the homosexual with feminine fixations as a mover of transvestism but, also, analyze the transvestitic performance of Valentin as a Marxist. This essay will show that ideology--in this case, oppositional revolutionary politics-signals a transvestitic performance and, that this ideological transvestism necessarily sublimates the homoerotics of any heterosexual male encounter. That is, every male incident connotes a hidden homosexual embrace. The politics of denying this embrace shamelessly produce the language of sexism and homophobia.The structure of the El beso de la mujer araa is simple Valentin, a political prisoner, and Molina share a cell where Molinas retelling of B-movies make the time worn-out(a) there easier. Before looking at some of the stories told by the prisoners, I would like to evaluate the immenseness the prison takes as a site of narration. One cannot help thinking of an Arcipreste de Hita or a Cervantes who wrote his chef-doeuvre in/from prison. The architectural design of a prison influences Molinas fantastic story-telling the close walls must be transcended with complex narratives and performances (Merrim, 1981).If spaces can be labelled heterosexual, lesbian, educational,

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Cross-cultural practicum journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

cross-cultural practicum journal - Essay ExampleHardly did I know that the experience would be very enlightening. In fact, I do not remember attending any event in my life that was humbling, educating and enjoyable all at the same time. Volunteering at the shoe store and assisting infantren to choose and fit shoes helped me consider a few things active community service.To start with, I realized that serving others is emotionally fulfilling and rewarding. ceremonial occasion the happy children try different shoes was the best part of the experience. I enjoyed watching them jump up and down shouting at the topmost of their voices when they got their favorite shoe that fit perfectly. Some Bible verses that controvert service to others became clearer during the experience. For example, Paul talks about talks about being good to all hatful (The Holy Bible King James Version, Gal. 610). One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is goodness (Gal. 522).In as much as the store owners were not paying me for volunteering my services, the experience was nonetheless rewarding. Those who dig receive even more than they have given (Luke 638). This verse is very true because any day I went back home feeling like a new person. Besides, God excessively loves a cheerful giver (2nd Cor. 97).Working with children also made me look at a few Bible verses from a different perspective. In the Bible, several verses quote that, salvation is for children. Jesus messiah states that the kingdom of Heaven belongs to the children (Mat. 1916). The kids in the store were all innocent, smiled all the time, talked to everyone with no reservations. One child even invited me to their place to play with her toys. I compared them to adults who are always complaining to God about this and about that it. It is hard to make a child smile. That made me understand why the Bible says that the kingdom of paradise belongs to children.Working at Edmond required an individual with

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Classical Realism, Neo Liberalism and Constructivism Essay

immaculate Realism, Neo Liberalism and Constructivism - Essay ExampleAccentuating the similarities between domestic and inter kingdomal transaction, as the significance function of morality and the public in all fields. In this observation, the course of the classical realism reiterates the course for international relations accordingly towards achieving a common ground for development within the state as well as the global continuum. The figures of resolution of violence and related conflicts is as a result of classical realism since it gives insight into , means of addressing challenges from an international perspective. Notably classical realism is responsible for the reduced conflicts as observed at the beginning of the 20th century. Additionally, Classical Realism concentrates on the nature human beings in the pursuit to gain the high rate of conflict and battle in global relations. Classical Realism ensures that diplomats have a reason, which they direct to the material c oncerns of the nation. The illustration in this thought is the realization that a less powerful nation would not attack a better-equipped nation. For instance, in the western side, USA is too powerful compared to its neighbors, a factor that demonstrates the course for nations establishing individual power. In this strength, it is observable that classical realism encourages the domestic autonomy from the civil night club with the leadership expected to adopt the democratic rule in which it conforms to the will of the people. The system in instal makes the course for organizing the political system as the central power.

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Business strategy report on Ford Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Business strategy report on Ford Company - Essay ExampleFord Motor Company is a reliable place in the diligence since the year 1903. It has now become a global name and has significant shares in different parts of the world. As per Healey (2012), it has 172000 employees globally and 65 plants across the world. It serves 50 markets and employees 65000 employees in europium. The unwaveringly has ii main brands Lincoln and Ford and is divided into two departments namely the auto sector and the financial function sector. Under the former it manufactures service cars, trucks, SUVs and vehicle parts. However, as per Naughton and Webb (2012),over 28% of its sales come from the European market, which is scathe for the past five years due to economic downturns. This in turn has affected the firm and it has scattered off from the European industry by announcing the shut down of 3 prominent plants in the European region. accord to Ramsey (2012), the firm claims that it allow be runnin g an annual loss of $ 1.5 billion in Europe. According to Castonguay (2012), though the closer of these plants will cause the elimination of 5700 jobs directly, it will save the firm $ 500 million. It will decrease the exertion capacity by 18% and thus cut costs also (European complaint 2012). As per Ford, the market is predicted to fall even more and it was the only feasible solution that they could come up with to curtail their costs and answer their investors. This is a overvaliant step that the firm is planning to take as no other firm in the industry has done so as yet.... This is a bold step that the firm is planning to take as no other firm in the industry has done so as yet. However, Ford is sure that this will work for the firm as an homogeneous model of reducing cost by cutting force back in an attempt to reduce the harvest-timeion capacities has worked in North America (European Commission 2012). The firm needs to take this step as a large part of its revenue depend s on the European market. However, there is fierce opposition by the labour union as the firm had earlier committed to build a facility in Genk tho instead is going to build one in Spain. The workers need to be compensated and the firm has to portray the union before it can take this measure (Ford, 2012). 1.2.1 Purpose of Ford The mission statement of the firm is People working together as a lean, global enterprise for automotive leadership, as careful by Customer, Employee, Dealer, Investor, Supplier, Union/Council, and Community Satisfaction. (Ford Motor Company Mission Statement 2012) The firm also aims to reconstitute itself in an aggressive disposition with the aim to operate with profitability at the on going conduct altering the product mix as per the needs of the market, at the same time, work as a single team with the focus on improving the balance sheet. However, currently the firm is not in line with its mission as it is operating below profit and has not been able to alter its product mix with the changing demand (4-traders, 2012). The firms focus is not profitability in Europe and has been pressed down by the socio political surroundings (Thorpe, Slade and Bender, 2009). 1.3 Pestle analysis 1.3.1 Political / legal environment The political and legal environment governing the auto industry in Europe is quite

Culture of Dissent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Culture of Dissent - Essay ExampleMuto Ichiyo is well known in Japan as a scholar of contemporary Japanese politics and society, and for his involvement in counterinsurgency movements and peoples movements. He was a prominent member of the 1960s anti-Vietnam War movement.Ichigo begins his article, Asian field pansy Movements and Empire with a summary of events beginning in Oct. 2001 and the establishment of the Asian Peace Alliance. As ramify of that network, it was hoped to create a response to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan that was representative of solely Asian people. Ichigo goes into more detail most Asias own problems the nuclear confrontation between Indian and Pakistan, fundamentalist fighting in India, and pitying rights violations among others. But in analyzing the conference on Asian Peace he acknowledges that 40% of the discussion revolved around the American War, with the majority of participants concluding that the ensuing violence against civilians had nothing to do with the wishes of the American populace, but was rather the imperialists justifying a global pacification scheme. He uses the term neoliberal globalization and states the warfare was integral to that process, and as a result, it wreaked havoc on the world.One of the most forceful voices in clarifying what all of these writers are saying is that of Arundhati Roy in The Algebra of Infinite Justice. Infinite Justice was originally the name for physical process Enduring Freedom until complaints were made by Muslims, who stated only Allah could mete out infinite justice.

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Statement of Purpose Essay Example for Free

educational activity of Purpose EssayFirstly I would like to introduce myself as an undergraduate student of the bachelor-at-arms of engineering program From the M.S.Ramaiah institute of technology, one of the most prestigious institutions of the Bangalore U university . I have correct my course of engineering in the field of Industrial Engineering, which was for a period of quadruplet years. I graduated in the first class with distinction. I was ranked among the top five in the class.During these four years of my undergraduate course, I gained in-depth guessing of the various techniques intricate in problem solving, mainly to offer to the services of the industries. Manufacturing Processes, Operations Research, Industrial Management, Quantitative techniques were the other capacitys which enabled me to blend the required action whenever an problem was be to me. Behavioral Science was the most interesting subject which I mastered during this four year peroid.This subjec t provided me with valuable information which helped me to develop leadership skills .The factor of empathy really coerced me to instigate leadership skills.. Since computers have expire inseparable part of INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING I deemed it fit to learn more about computers and I am presently doing my course in C,C++.I have worked on software packages like MS Project,LINDO, LOTUS 123.To meet my B.E. Degree requirement ,I executed a project titled REDUCTION OF malarkey CYCLE FOR MANUFACTURE OF STEAM TURBINES under the expert guidance of N.V.R.Naidu and this project was presented in the O.R. Society of India. The main aim of the project was to reduce the lead cycle of manufacture of a particular class of turbine so as to reduce the inventory costs and enable the industry to forecast accurately for the period ahead. The techniques involved LINE OF BALANCE METHOD for scheduling and Controlling and Post college, I AM presently work in KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC COMPANY WHERE IN I am going t hrough a sloshed training program which will be completed very shortly.The undergraduate course as come up as my training at KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC COMPANY has provided me with a strong base for further outgrowth in any of my desired fields. I would like to delve deeper into the fields of my choice and their technical aspects completely. I hope to acquire the requisite professional skills and develop a thorough understanding in these followers areas.I wish to contribute towards these areas and indulge in research which ultimately should have a pregnant contribution to science and technology. I AM overconfident that my academic capability and analytical skills coupled with my labor and single minded devotion will see me through to this goal. To this end, the first step is a kick the bucket graduate study. I have chosen the graduate program to further my interests.It is my belief that knowledge gained has to be shared. I believe that imparting knowledge is an enjoyable and satisfy ing experience. I have enjoyed giving ideas, lectures and devising presentations on technical/non technical topics at college and at the workplace. Hence, I am eager to obtain An assistantship.Consequently,I understand that the choice of the University is of paramount importance. After perusing your brochures and consulting my professors, I reached the conclusion that the with its reputed faculty, excellent facilities and tradition of academic worthiness will be the ideal place to work towards the fulfillment o my goal. Moreover, I am confident that the wholesome education that I will receive at the will stand me in honorable stead throughout my career.Thanking you,

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Network Design Plan Review of Related Study Essay Example for Free

Network Design Plan Review of think Study EssayThe literature review is ab appear the study of the communicate goal of the Department of the inside(prenominal) and Local Government, wherein there are different networks or technologies to be used and the credentials purposes of the office. This review besides includes the possible devices to be used, according to our client it is convenient of any devices the measurable thing is that trading inside every department and to a fault from the regional offices essential be prevented. in that location must be a Quality of Service to take place so that linkup impart be maximized such as there are things resembling personal emails, data transfer, and connection email servers muckle be delivered as efficient as possible and to prevent delay within every division. As DILG have a 7 year network bearing but it is not satisfying due to slow connector and old equipment. They have a goodly service of process such as primary health wield supervise the administration governance of the local government, etc. therefore a much all-encompassinger connection must be achieved to turn over back also to people the help they deserve.According to the Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) network founding provides for centralized management and control of the computers in the two stores, so that you trick maintain the network from off-site. liken to their music stores, wherein their stores are in different places, our client also want to have a connection directly from the Central Offices to the Regional Offices through WAN. Use the technology that ? ts All of these network designs puke be used to complement each other in a large network, and can obviously pull back use of traditional wired networking techniques whenever possible. In our transcript of Interview our client said that they need LAN, WAN, VPN in their office. Local Area Network (LAN) is used to connect devices within the area, but in our clients case L AN will be used per department not per floor. It is said to prevent trading that can cause delay inside the office. Wide Area Network (WAN) network that covers a broad area wherein the client is in capable of tracking or receiving and sending files to the regional offices data.They said that well-nigh of the people in their regional offices tend to send emails but some of it is delayed due to users and also people travel to central offices personally just to send data, such a waste of time. practical(prenominal) Private Network (VPN) extends a private network across public networks like the Internet. Just like WAN it is a network used to broad area the only difference is that VPN has security purpose. in that location are two types that VPN can be classified with the site-to-site and the remote-access connectivity.Site-to-site connectivity is to secure connection within the DILG offices wherein guest in the area is required to ask permission of the security. The DILG office is a dequate to imbed the security purposes of the building. Remote-access connectivity is where employees will puddle or establish to secure the connection. In that case, the head of every department has the right to place security of the connection. The security connection is between every department only therefore there will be a specific or different security per department.Therefore DILG is using the site-to-site connectivity wherein DILGs IT Department is the atomic number 53 who will be creating or implementing the security purposes of the whole DILG. As said, there are many types of network or technology that can be used in order for an office will be connected near or far to each other with security or not. Traf? c optimization Bandwidth is mea trued as the amount of bits transmitted over a time interval. This means that over time, bandwidth available on any link approaches in? nity. QoS refers to the capability of a network to provide better service. DILG will signi? antly improve response time and maximize available throughput by eliminating unwanted and redundant traf? c from your network. That is wherefore they indicate to have the site-to-site connectivity in order to have unity in securing the whole office. Like in the previous review, only the IT Department is the only one that will be implementing the security. Almost any network can take advantage of QoS for optimum efficiency, whether it is in central offices or even the regional offices. You can portion importance found on criteria such as IP address, MAC address, and even service name.Importance of a Good Network Design One of the main reasons behind why good network designs are demand for people who are interested in making a winner of their Internet business is because a good network design company specifies, supplies, as well as installs the right network equipment. Any network developed in this management will be based upon the requirements as well as the specifications of that par ticular customer. An alternative use of a good network design is to make sure that a proper and workable network infrastructure can be make which is going to be high performance and extremely secure.Many companies get together with the client, so that they can find out what is necessary and then impression at the best equipment that is tailor-made to suit the requirements of the company. You efficacy be looking for a straightforward upgrade of an existing network or complete top with a brand new network. The main criteria is that for every single piece of brand new design or even just network upgrades, one needs to have a pro to look at the network structure that is present at the prior to starting any work beforehand making any suggestions close to the necessary changes.After that, theyll be provided with a quotation about the necessary bracing as well as the deliverables, which are ultimately going to make up the final exam product. A good network design is going to have ser vices integrated within it as well as a complete identification is made of the design as well as the existing infrastructure. The network design company should inform the client all about an efficient and cost-efficient way in which they can get the network design made to suit the requirements of his business.These design solutions should be quantifiable as well as rubberstamped, so that the implementation as well as the network upgrade can be made to measure. Reference documents should always be at hand trance the network planning is done so that testing can be done easily throughout. expert quotations in a detailed format are also useful in making sure that the client gets exactly what has been discussed and what they have paid for. In fact, the client should be provided with the most detailed breeding regarding the entire process starting from application profiling, to pricing and documentation.If you happen to be just starting out in your new Internet business and are lookin g for a company that can give you a good network design, do remember to ask if the company can supply you with these important services as well as any other requirements that you may have. After the initial negotiation have been done with the customer service as well as the technical department, a professional consultant needs to be sent down by the company so that the client knows everything about the project cost, resource requirements, as well as the timescale in which the project can be solely efficiently and effectively.After the project is planned in proper and methodical detail, only then can the implementation work begin. Ideally of course you should be looking for a network design company that is ultimately going to give you competitive pricing, as well as really quick results. Topologies There are different types of topologies such as Bus, Star, Ring, Mesh, Tree, Hybrid Topology. In our clients case, they did not specify what kind of topology their design would be, the important thing is that the nodes, links, peripherals and other are arranged properly.Network topologies determine the layout, virtual shape or structure of network, not only physically but also logically. The way in which different systems and nodes are connected and communicate with each other is determined by topology of the network. According to ianswer4u. com there are factors into considering when choosing a network topology a. scale of the project b. Amount of traffic expected on the network c. Budget allotted for the network d. Required response time.

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The Mission Statement Essay Example for Free

The flush Statement EssayIn this case study will discuss the strengths, weakness, opportunitys and threats of the virtu Nokia mobile telephone set. How well the company did and what the company will do to be completive in todays changing world of mobile phones.Synopsis of the SituationThe situation of the Vertu is how the company can stick out in todays world of technology changes. Nokia manufactures a unique high life mobile phone by using precious materials such as diamonds, sapphires, titanium and exotic leather for phone production. place IssuesNokia has a unique product and although it does well it has been shrinking in the market shares. Nokia hired Stephen Elop as the freshly CEO was given the task of revamping Nokias business and save it.Define the ProblemThe problem is the get around in share price. The problem faced in the lack of ability to not only bring out new products but sustain current innovations within the mobile arena. Another issue is the use of an on trial operating system before understand the effects of a fall that could occur. There is also not a set purpose of the change nor what the company can do for its shareholders.Alternative SolutionsThe solution show up was to phase out the outdated operating system and adopt Microsofts Window phone as its principal smartphone strategy. The transition from Symbian which was the outdated operating system to Windows Phone was a major move for Nokia and it could take in it further by building a successful Third Ecosystem with Microsoft.Selected Solution to the ProblemDue to speedy economic growth in emerging markets like China and India, the Asia-Pacific became the fastest growing region for highlife mobile phones. With new developments the luxury mobile phone market looked promising and attracted new market entrants such as Mobiado, GoldVish and GRESSO. Other well established luxury brands, including Christian Dior, Tag Heuer, Versace and Ulysse Nardin also joined the luxury mobi le industry through brand extension initiatives with handset manufactures.ImplementationIn 2005 Nokia branded 8800 serial publication and a year later a special edition of the Nokia 8800 was introduced. These new editions included ultra-lightweight carbon eccentric and 24 carat gold plated versions. Despite these products introductions Nokia continued to empower its Vertu subsidiary to take the tercet in penetrating the high end luxury mobile

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The BRICS are more effective in todays economic environment than the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ran by the United States Essay Example for Free

The BRICS ar more effective in todays sparing environment than the World coin bank and the worldwide financial Fund ran by the United States EssayOver the last few decades, the resilience and susceptibility of the BRIC countries to withstand economical, social and political forces that have brought down big economies is exciting and worth noting.BRIC is a evaluate that defines Brazil, Russia, India and china which according to demographics and recent economic performance have been identified as the countries to watch when it comes to economic development in the 21st century.The BRIC countries atomic number 18 set apart by their strong economic policies and for the most part by their demographics that is a large indicator of a countrys economic potential. Together, the four countries with the late addition of southbound Africa have a population of 2.8 billion people who are estimated to be at least 40% of the world population. The four are also believed to occupy a qua rter of the land surface crossways three continents CITATION Glo15 l 2057 (Global Sherpa, 2015).Through the monetary fund, some regulations and guidelines have been established to guide the BRICS in their development agenda. The regulations are known as the Washington consensus and contain ten major areas the Bretton Woods institutions pattern would spur economic growth in developing countries and encourage free trade.Over the years, the IMF and the World Bank have been key players in the development sector. The dickens institutions have often been used as a political tool to coerce the beneficiaries to play according to their rules. With the recent formation of the BRICS Bank in July of 2014, the two institutions influence on developing countries is set reduce.Developing countries, who have a similar agenda of future(a) economic growth inclusivity and relevance, are know preferring the BRICS Bank. The bank offers loans without strings attached except loyalty, guarantee of comm unity and payment in the long-term development agenda. China, which is the largest contributor to the bank, has not imposed itself on members as ordinarily seen in IMF and Word Banks help.The aims of the Bretton Woods institutions, though hidden in the disguise of empowerment, are mainly operated as a business for profit.Between 2002 and 2008, BRICS managed to increase their GDP from 16% to 22%. Opening up their borders to contrasted trade and have seen the countries expand outwards to have a presence in overseas markets. China of the four has seen great expansion in Africa where statistics in the last decade shows that China has been outdoing the Bretton Woods institutions in grants and loans advanced to other developing countries. The BRICS has seen growth in imports and growth in GDP despite economic ups and downs.Through their collaboration, BRICS have seen tremendous infrastructural development in technology and engineering.BRICS have developed tailor-made solutions for their problems foreign depending on solutions imposed by a third party. Developing countries feel more appreciated and include in their developmental agenda. The countries have together increased their spending on research and development star to a 7% growth in research expenditure CITATION Glo15 l 2057 (Global Sherpa, 2015)Given that they possess a large labour population, high concentration of natural resources and a large population offering a big market, the BRICS are set for a more dominant role in economic growth. world owners of capital and input, the Brics integration and corporation is setting the world towards a paradigm shift where developing countries are no longer onlookers but participants in the development agenda.These few achievements, over only five years, are more than what the Bretton Woods institutions achieved over the same time when they were formed. Hence, the conclusion that the BRICS are doing better than the International Monetary Fund and the World BankRefe rencesGlobal Sherpa. (2015, January 07). bric-countries-brics. Retrieved from Global Sherpa Retrieved from http//www.globalsherpa.org/bric-countries-bricsSource document

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Sinusitis Care Plan Essay Example for Free

Sinusitis C ar Plan EssayThis therapeutic care platform volition utilized the I can treat and prescribe framework to ensure that appropriate unhurried manipulations are selected using a step by step approach, including assessment integration, medicine and/or indisposition related problems, therapeutic goals, therapeutic alternate(a)s and indications, plan of care and evaluation (OPHCNPP, 2012). By going through all(prenominal) step of this framework, and including or excluding interposition natural selections ground on individual patient factors and strong clinical evidence, this clinician will arrive at the most suitcapable treatment plan for the patient. H.K (32 year old male) presented with persistent nervus facialis bother for 7 sidereal days. He reported having a headache (6/10 on a pain scale) upon bending forward and awakening, occasional tooth pain, no cadaverous drainage, and no cough. H.K denied fever or chills but admitted to printing run-down. His pas t medical exam taradiddle included varicella zoster at age 5 years, seasonal allergic rhinitis (pollen), viral respiratory tract symbols 2 workweeks ago (now unflinching), and no juvenile antibiotic example over the past 3 months. He is married with ii children who are non in daycare (ages 8 and 9). H.K is a supermarket manager, non-smoker, and denied substance abuse. The patient reported having private prescription drug coverage but was only taking Advil inhuman and sinus (2 tablets spokenly every 6 hours as needful) with good effect. H.Ks vitals were taken (temp. 37.5C tympanic, HR 74 reg., R 12 reg. and equal). His head and neck enquiry revealed that his sclera were clear and his pupils were round, reactive to lightsome with accommodation. There was tenderness to tactual exploration of the frontal and maxillary sinuses.Transillumination of the right and left maxillary sinuses revealed an opaque surface. His nares were erythematous and edematous with no taken for granted(predicate) discharge. There was cobblestoning of the pharynx with slight erythema. His tonsils were two plus in size with no exudates. His neck psychometric test revealed the absence of lymphadenopathy, the thyroid was non-palpable, and his chest examination revealed clear lung fields. The diagnosis of cutting sinusitis was made based on H.Ks presenting signs and symptoms. The two most common predisposing events for acute bacterial sinusitis are acute viral upper berth respiratory infections and allergic inflammation (80% and 20% of bacterial infections, respectively) (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Complications of sinusitis are very rare and are estimated to move on in 1 in 1,000 cases (Hwang, 2009). In complicated sinusitis, the orbit of the eye is the most common twist involved and is usually ca apply by ethmoid sinusitis (Hwang, 2009).Patients who present with visual symptoms (diplopia, decreased visual acuity, disconjugate gaze, difficulty opening move the eye), sever e headache, somnolence or high fever should be evaluated with emergent care suspected (H.K had none of these symptoms) (Hwang, 2009). Most adult patients diagnosed with acute sinusitis become well or nearly well after 7 to 10 days, but 25% are still symptomatic after 14 days (Worrall, 2011). H.K had no untreated medical conditions contributing to his acute sinusitis (not pollen season). A primary health care nurse practitioner can effectively diagnose, treat and manage adults who make water symptoms like H.K according to the Nurse Practitioner utilisation Standard of Ontario (CNO, 2011). His condition was not life threatening and did not necessitate a referral to a physician, specialist or transfer of care. H.K was taking Advil chil railwayss and sinus, a drug that was appropriately dosed (1-2 tablets orally every 6 hours as required to a maximum of 6 tablets in 24 hours), which is clinically indicated for sinus pain in adults and is not too complex (CPA, 2013).This drug was de emed safe for him after a review of contraindications, including hypersensitivity to the agent, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced (NSAID) asthma or urticartia, aspirin triad, pre-operative coronary bypass surgery, coronary arterial blood vessel sickness, monoamine oxidase inhibitor use at bottom 14 days, uncontrolled or severe hypertension, and urinary retention (Epoc pass judgment, 2013). For H.K, the oral pathway of medication administration was most appropriate, the least invasive and the easiest way for an adult to take drugs (Brophy et al, 2011). Advil cold and sinus is not a cytochrome P450 system inhibitor, which is the main (or partial) cause for large differences in the pharmacokinetics of other drugs (Rx Files, 2012, Epocrates, 2013).The patient was not taking borrowed prescriptions, using drugs from previous occurrences of the condition, or experiencing any adverse drug events/reactions to Advil cold and sinus. Also, he was not being double dosed or experienc ing therapeutic duplication of drugs belonging to the resembling pharmaceutical class. H.K had no untreated medical conditions (other than his new acute sinusitis), was not taking drugs prescribed by other clinicians and there were no other factors (communication errors, non-adherence, financial restrictions) influencing his ability to receive medication.Antibiotic therapy should be mute for patients with acute bacterial sinusitis as defined by a complete history and physical examination (AMA, 2008). A wait and see approach has been suggested in recent Canadian guidelines as a way of differentiating bacterial sinusitis from a viral respiratory tract infection (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Initiation of treatment should take station 7 to 10 days after persistent symptoms or when signs compatible with acute sinusitis occur (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Since H.Ks facial pain had lasted for 7 days, the decision was made with the patient to treat. Goals of care were established (with the patient) including maximizing symptom relief (especially drainage of congested sinuses), eradication of infection, and prevention of re-occurrence and complications (Fryters Blondel-Hill, 2011). Five drug choices were selected and scrutinized as potential treatment options for H.K, including first and second line therapies ( adjunct 1) (ARP, 2012).The primary bacterial pathogens involved in the development of acute sinusitis for adults are Streptococcus pneumonia and Haemophilus grippee (AMA, 2008). Canadian antimicrobial shelter data of S. pneumoniae describes that penicillin resistance rates range from 14% to16% in Central Canada (Powis et al., 2004). Amoxicillin is a first line drug therapy that carcass active against S. pneumoniae with the rate of resistance nether 2% (Brook et al, 2006) and to a fault retains the best coverage of oral beta-lactam agents against S. pneumoniae (AMA, 2008). It is available in a capsule, chewable tablet or powder for oral suspension (H.K had n o dysphagia and preferred to take capsules) (CPA, 2013). Amoxicillin should not be prescribed to a patient more than than once in a 3-month period (H.K had not taken it in the last 3 months) (ARP, 2012). This drug is acid resistant, rapidly absorbed after oral administration, and is stable in the presence of gastric acid allowing for adequate systemic concentrations (H.K was not taking drugs that necessitate gastric acid production) (CPA, 2013).Pertinent adverse affects of the drug are diarrhea, nausea, headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, anaphylaxis, anemia, AST/ALT elevation, mucocutaneous candidiasis, reckless and pseudomembranous colitis (Medscape Reference, 2013). Amoxicillin is contraindicated with anaphylaxis reaction to penicillins or cephalosporins (Epocrates, 2013). Several cautions to consider when prescribing amoxicillin to H.K include him having clostridium difficile infection, morbific mononucleosis ( solvent is skin rash), bacterial/fungal superinfections, allergy to cephalosporins, and carbapenems, (Medscape Reference, 2013). Also, serious drug interactions include bcg/typhoid vaccine live, doxycycline, minocycline, probenecid and tetracycline (Epocrates, 2013). H.K did not piddle any of the contraindications, cautions, or potential medication interactions relevant to taking amoxicillin, so it was deemed safe for him to take.Amoxicillin was selected as a treatment option for H.K (appendix 1). The three quantify a day (500 mg) option was selected to ensure constraint, when compared to the 875 mg twice a day option that would require H.K to take two possibility identical capsules (a 500 mg and a 250 mg), increasing the likelihood of medication error (Epocrates, 2013). A primary concern for individuals infected with H. influenzae is ampicillin resistance, mediated by the production of a beta-lactamase, which is produced by roughly 19% of the bacteria (Zhanel et al, 2003). H. influenzae remains predictably susceptible to amoxicillin-clavula nate (a second line therapy) which possesses the added get ahead of stability against beta-lactamases and cephalosporins (Tristam et al, 2007).Amoxicillin-clavulanate is also effective against most penicillin-resistant S. pneumoniae (MacGowan et al., 2004). It has enhanced gram positive employment and should be used in patients where risk of infection of bacterial resistance is high, consequences of failure of therapy are greatest, or for patients not responding to first-line therapy (DeRosiers, et al, 2011). Common side effectuate of this drug are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash and uticartia (Poole-Arcangelo Peterson, 2013 Rx Files, 2013). Higher rates of diarrhea and other gastrointestinal side make occur with amoxicillin-clavulanate than with amoxicillin alone (Burns et al., 2009). It is also considered a more costly sinusitis treatment (ARP, 2012 Rx Files, 2012). Amoxicillin-clavulanate was added as a treatment option for H.K (see appendix 1). The clinician selected the two times a day option (875 mg) because the clavulanic acid periodical dose is less, resulting in a decreased likelihood of the patient experiencing adverse effectuate compared with a more frequent dosing schedule option such as every 8 hours (Rx Files, 2012).As a result of activity against beta-lactamaseproducing H. influenza and S. pneumonae (Zhanel Lynch, 2009), cefprozil and cefuroxime axetil have a second line treatment habit in acute sinusitis (ARP, 2012). With the expanded spectrum of activity, ability to achieve adequate concentrations in t moments, suitability for twice-daily dosing, favorable toxicity profile, and proven tolerability of cephalsporins, they are a safe alternative for treatment (Poole-Arcangelo Peterson, 2013). However, they have a broader range of activity and are more costly than amoxicillin (Rx Files, 2012 ARP, 2012). Second line drugs cefuroxime axetil and cefprozil were added as treatment options for H.K (see appendix 1). The 250 mg dose was selec ted for both drugs due to ease of use (smaller pills, easier to swallow), patient related factors (H.K was not immunocompromised) and disease related factors (H.Ks sinusitis had no complications).In beta-lactam-allergic patients, a second line therapy such as trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP- SMX) may be substituted for penicillin (ARP, 2012). The TMP-SMX resistance reported from Canadian laboratories is approximately 14% (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Increased pnuemoncoccal and H. influenza resistance rates make TMP-SMX a less desirable agent, still it is one of the most cost-effective options for patients with financial constraints (not an issue with H.K) (ARP, 2012). The most common side personal effects of this drug are rash, fever and gastrointestinal symptoms (Poole-Arcangelo Peterson, 2013 Rx Files, 2012). Drugs containing sulfa (such as TMP-SMX) potentiate the effects of warfarin, phenotoin, hypoglycemic agents and methotrexate (Poole-Arcangelo Peterson, 2013). Since H.K is not taking these drugs, TMP-SMX was selected as a treatment option (see appendix 1). One double strength tablet was selected over two single strength tablets for simplicity of administration.The general approach to the non-pharmacological management of acute sinusitis requires utilizing adjunctive therapies. Decongestants, intra cadaverous corticosteroids (INCS), antihistamines, mucoltylics and analgesics are treatment options. A decongestant may be used to reduce mucosal edema and facilitate aeration and drainage (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Oral decongestants have been shown to improve nasal congestion and can be used until symptoms resolve. (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Topical decongestants are controversial and should not be used for longer than 72 hours due to the potential for rebound congestion (ARP, 2013). INCS reduce inflammation and edema of the nasal mucosa, nasal turbinates, and sinus ostia (Desrosiers et al., 2011). INCS are minimally absorbed and have a low incidence of systemic adverse effects (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Adverse effects include transient nasal irritation, epistaxis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, headache, and changes to taste, smell and voice (Rx Files, 2012).A Cochrane review evaluating three INCS drugs for acute sinusitis found special(a) but positive evidence for INCS as an supplemental to antibiotics (Zalmanovici Yaphe, 2009). Antihistamines are often used to relieve symptoms because of their drying effect, however there are no studies to support their use in the treatment of acute sinusitis (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Guaifenesin is a mucolytic that has been used to thin mucus and improve nasal drainage, however because it has not been evaluated in clinical trials, it was not recommended as an adjunct treatment for sinusitis (Rosenfeld et al, 2007). Selection of analgesics should be based on the severity of pain. Tylenol or an NSAID given alone or in crew with an opioid is appropriate for mild to moderate pain associated with sin usitis (Rosenfeld et al, 2007).Recent Canadian guidelines suggest that limited evidence exists living the beneficial effects of saline irrigation in patients with acute sinusitis (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Despite limited evidence, saline therapy, either as a spray or high-volume irrigation, has seen widespread use as adjunct therapy (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Although the utility of saline sprays remains unclear, the use of saline irrigation as ancillary therapy is based on evidence of moderate symptomatic benefit and favourable tolerability (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Some additional comfort measures for patients with symptoms of acute sinusitis include maintenance of adequate hydration and application of fervent facial packs. No high quality trials have demonstrated that these comfort measures are effective (Worrall, 2011).As viral infections predispose individuals to acute sinusitis, strategies (such as handwashing) that focus on patient education of reducing viral transmission help to reduce the incidence of bacterial sinusitis (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Educating patients about common predisposing bacterial sinusitis factors may be considered as a preventative strategy (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Prophylactic antibiotics are not effective in preventing viral episodes or the development of subsequent bacterial sinusitis, and are not recommended (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Also, there is no evidence that influenza or pneumococcus vaccinations reduce the risk of contracting acute sinusitis (Rosenfeld et al, 2007).Recent reviews have found limited evidence for alternative and complementary medicine (Scheid Hamm, 2004). Alternative practices that have failed to show efficacy include acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, aromatherapy, abrase and therapeutic touch (Desrosiers et al., 2011). Vitamin C preparations and atomic number 30 lozenges are also felt to be controversial (Scheid Hamm, 2004). Studies of zinc lozenges for the common cold have produced mi xed results (Desrosiers et al., 2011). One recent meta-analysis of echinacea preparations has shown some positive effects in reducing duration of respiratory tract symptoms (Barrett et al, 1999). However, the widespread use of echnichea in the treatment of acute sinusitis is not well supported (Desrosiers et al., 2011). A recent Cochrane review found that when antibiotics were given to patients, they increased recuperation time from sinusitis symptoms (Ahovuo-Saloranta, 2008). The choice of first-line treatment is based on the anticipated clinical response of a patient, as well as the microbiologic flora likely to be present.Also, when selecting an antibiotic regimen for H.K, the clinician considered the medication cost, medication guard duty profile, adverse effects, and local patterns of bacterial resistance in order to maximize therapy (Hickner et al., 2001). The recommended antibiotic regimen is peculiar(prenominal) for H.K, who did not have any intracranial/orbital complicat ions or a compromised immune function, and has normal renal function. In the absence of drug allergies and presence of resistant organisms, amoxicillin was selected for H.K as it is a first line therapy, is generally effective against susceptible and intermediate resistant pneumococci (Brophy et al, 2011), low cost (ARP, 2012), high patient tolerability, and comparatively narrow antimicrobial spectrum (Aring Chan, 2011). Factors suggesting greater risk of penicillin resistant streptococci include antibiotic use deep down the past 3 months, chronic symptoms present for longer than 4 weeks, and parents of children in daycare (H.K had none of these risk factors).When antibiotics are prescribed by the clinician, the duration of treatment should be 5 to10 days as recommended by product monographs (Desrosiers et al., 2011). For H.K, the clinician utilized product monographs and other evidence based guidelines for determining the appropriate duration of treatment (CPA, 2013 ARP, 2013). B ased on the information and discussion presented in this paper, amoxicillin 500 mg three times a day for 10 days (CPA, 2013) was selected as the most appropriate treatment for H.K (see appendix 2). H.K was instructed by the clinician to take his medication until finished, not share it, and to store at room temperature away from moisture, heat and light (Epocrates, 2013). He was taught about the drugs side effects and that overdose symptoms may include confusion, way changes, severe rash, decreased urination, or seizure (Epocrates, 2013).He was provided health teachings by the clinician, including seeking emergency medical help if exhibiting any signs of an allergic reaction (hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, etc.) or experiencing serious side effects (white patches/sores inside his mouth/lips, fever, swollen glands, rash, itching, joint pain, pale/yellowed skin or eyes, dark sloped urine, fever, confusion/weakness, severe tingling, numbness, pain, muscle weakness, easy bruising, unusual bleeding, purple/red pinpoint spots under his skin) (Epocrates, 2013). H.K was provided health teachings regarding reducing the risk of contracting viral infections through hand washing techniques. Complementary therapies, alternative medicines, comfort measures, saline prophylactic antibiotic usage and vaccines were not recommended to H.K. He was also instructed about the parting these treatments play in acute sinusitis treatment. Only evidenced-based adjunctive therapies as described in this paper have been selected for H.K, including INCS therapy (see appendix 3), analgesics (Advil cold and sinus) and oral decongestants (Advil cold and sinus).H.K agreed to this treatment plan. Based on H.Ks history and physical exam findings, a follow-up examination would be required if no improvement is seen within 72 hours of antibiotic administration, as this could indicate treatment failure (Derosier et al, 2011). The patient was advised to return in 72 hours if there were no improvements in symptoms. He did not return to the clinic for follow-up. If H.K had deteriorated at any time, the clinician would have reassessed for acute complications, other diagnoses and adherence to treatments (Derosier et al, 2011). If H.K experienced a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction to amoxicillin at any time, other pharmacological options would have been considered. A phone call was placed one week after H.Ks medical visit to conduct a post-visit evaluation, and he reported that his symptoms were nearly resolved (pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy evaluation).Since H.K demonstrated signs of clinical improvement, a follow-up visit or possible referral to an otolaryngologist was not required (Fryters Blondel-Hill, 2012). The original goals of care for H.K were met. He stated that he was able to manage his symptoms with the treatment plan, was grateful that no complications were experienced, and was more knowledgeable about the prescribed drugs and futu re prevention strategies. H.K was satisfied with his healthcare experience (self-report) and was able to verbalize non-pharmacological therapies and apply them to his situation. When faced with a similar patient in the future, the clinician will ensure that the I treat and prescribe framework is utilized, as it is a valuable tool for ensuring patient specific treatment. professional person feedback from the course instructor/preceptor will also be integrated into future treatment plans.

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Crevecoeur in America Essay Example for Free

Crevecoeur in the States Essay bullyrag St. prank Crvecoeur is certainly not one of the longest figures of American history, provided he can at the very(prenominal) least be credited with having been witness to a great deal of some of the key events that lead to the inception of the United States of America in the 18th century.1 Crvecoeur saw the burgeoning nation under many different angles during different periods of American history2. This coupled with the fact that as a foreigner who lived in the colonies he was able to step back and appraise American support and culture and be also able to see it from the inside. This essay will focus on the American life of Hector St. John de Crvecoeur and attempt a sketch of how his life took place and how the colonies and the newfound American nation affected him. Firstly we will examine Crvecoeurs life in the colonies, including his living conditions, regions he inhabited and his overall situation during his time there. Secondly, w e will review his experiences in the colonies and conjugation America. Thirdly we will attempt to see how, when and by whom was Crvecoeur influenced during his time in America and what effect this had on both the United States of American and Crvecoeur himself.Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crvecoeur or St. John de Crvecoeur as we would later know him would first set foot in North America in Canada in 1754. Fighting under the Montcalm during the French-Indian War, Crvecoeur left Canada for the English colonies where he worked as an itinerant merchant allowed him to envision many aspects and parts of North America. In 1759 he eventually settled down in Orange County in New York and became a citizen of the colony, changing his name to John Hector St. John.. Crvecoeur took up a life of farming and raised a family, while still keeping in cutaneous senses with the outside world albeit staying out of its affairs almost entirely. later the upheaval of the Revolutionary War and a five-year l ong return to France, Crvecoeur eventually returned to New York in 1783 in the capacity of First Consul of his Christian Majesty to the State of New York. In this lofty position Crvecoeur toiled to establish trading among the Americancolonies and the French crown. In addition he also informed France and through France, Europe of what the lives, batch and the continent of North America was truly like. Although Crvecoeurs sojourns in the colonies were no doubt a source of great pride and accomplishment, they were also a time of hardship, suspicion and uncertainty.St. John de Crvecoeurs experiences in North America and the colonies within were varied. In turn his life there was filled with successes. After being a competent soldier for France he became a farmer and raised a family that he loved and was proud of. He eventually reached a position of at least symbolic business office where he found himself in a position to both help his motherland as well up as foster greater unders tanding, appreciation and maybe even prosperity for a land and a nation that had been his home for most of his life. However, if one were to equate Crvecoeurs experiences on the continent to be purely idyllic one would be sorely mistaken. In addition to the hardships of clownish life he also had to experience suspicion and imprisonment during his time there.Crvecoeur, although naturalized as an American, was still very much a Frenchman. Although very much liberal for his times Crvecoeur still retained a healthy respect for religion and monarchy, twin pillars of the French elite. He was also enamored with English orderliness and government, considered far more liberal and egalitarian by the French philosophers still under the reign of an infinite monarchy. His first book was in fact dedicated to Abbot Raynal whose work Histoire philosophique et politique des tablissements des Europens dans les deux Indes (1770) excite him to think about America and his situation. Furthermore, Crv ecoeurs own experiences and his reading of instilled him with the idea that the American colonies, with their apparitional tolerance. Although ultimately addressed to the higher strata of society, designed as a sort of quaint picture of sylvan utopia, his works are ultimately a celebration and an accolade to the workingman and the lower classes of the time. Crvecoeur is even sometimes credited with being the inventor of what would become the American Dream.Colonial American shaped Crvecoeur. The hardships of the rural life began to change his view of the rural idyll that we first see in his writings. The dangers of that life and the austere and often unjust vagaries of the elements, neighbors and country life bore down on him. Although still somewhat in awe of some of the leaders that permitted the Revolution some of his writings tell a tale of disillusionment with great leaders and the hero worship that resulted with some of the heroes of the American Revolution, namely Washingt on. The Revolution further deflower Crvecoeurs utopian take on the colonies and also the English themselves.To say that Crvecoeur is an elicit character of American history is an understatement. Having been witness to three distinct phases of colonial America. These are the pre-revolutionary period, the actual American Revolution itself and its aftermath. These various periods and stages in his life affect him deeply and modified his writings and his views. In conclusion, Hector St. John de Crvecoeur embodies many things that characterized colonial America as both a land brimful with opportunity and a place and time steeped in brutality and harshness.BIBLIOGRAPHYPatchell, Thomas J. Hector St. John de Crvecoeur in Early American Nature Writers ed. by Daniel Patterson (London Greenwood Press 2008), 103Plotkin, A. Saint-John de Crevecoeur Rediscovered Critic or Paneygyrist? French diachronic Studies, Vol. 3, No. 3 (Spring, 1964) 403-404Plumstead, A. W. Crevecoeur A Man of Sorrows a nd the American Revolution The Massachusetts Review, Vol. 17, No. 2 (Summer, 1976) 287-288St. John de Crevecoeur, John Letters from an American Farmer, 1783, ed. Albert Stone (New York, NY Penguin American Library, 1981), 226-227St. John de Crevecoeur, John Quest-ce quun Amricain? (ed. Howard Rice) (Princeton Princeton University Press, 1943

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Tudor goverments Essay Example for Free

Tudor goverments EssayWhat caused Tudor poverty and what did Tudor goverments do to reduce the number of the brusqueIn Tudor England at the time of Edward V1 there was a huge diffrerence between the lives of poor deal and the rich. There were many reasons for this. The lords were changing from growing wheat to realm sheep. Needing fewer men for work. Henry V111 had closed down all the monestries and the monks had no jobs. Also the poor heap who relied the monks to feed them couldnt get food from the monestries any more. A lot of the lords had had private armies. The Tudors wanted to make the lords worn out and made them pay lots of money to the king so they couldnt have huge armies and that meant to alot of soilders were unemployed. Many volume who had not got jobs had to go round the country begging and robbing as there was no social sucurity similar we have.The poverty was a big problem for Henry V111 who was Edward V1s father Henry divided the poor into deserve and und eserving. People who Henry felt couldnt help being poor he helped. This included giving them license to beg. If they were caught begging and they didnhave a license they would be whipped. This would leave great scars, so if they if they were caught again they would have the lobe of thier head cut off, and the ear doesnt grow back so if they were caught they would be hung. In Edward V1s time the vagabonds would be mark on the tongue. These punishments didnt do anything to help the poor. In Elizabeths time minsters essay various ways, like the House of Correction, which was a bit like a prison in our days. This took some of the poor of the streets.We know the reasons why people became poor but the King or Queen didnt know. If they knew the real causes they might of done things to prevent poverty. In Elizabeths reign things got a bit better for some.For example a man called Robert Wheller who gave his attic to the poor and gave them devil shirts,waistcoats a hankerchief each and fr ee food. But most people were stiil poor and they had to begPeople tried to get licenses to beg by pretending to be the deserving poor. They put soapy water into their mouths and it would number like they had epilepsy. Some poor people were tricked into joining the army.Agents from the army would put a coin into a persons drink and when it touched their lips they would have to join the army. This at least stopped the poor being beggers.I would not like being a begger in those days because the poor couldnt afford to have a doctor and many were disabled. There was no one to turn to for help and you wouldnt of lived for very long. Other poor people might of attacked you. At the beginning of the Tudor time the goverment just punished you for being poor. Things got a bit better when people like Robert Wheller helped the poor.

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Economic Issues Simulation Paper Essay Example for Free

Economic Issues Simulation newsprint EssayThe Financing of wellness C atomic number 18 Economic Issues Simulation Paper Health accusation frame has evolved tre handsdously in the last few years, with many changes with the wellness c atomic number 18 laws including but not peculiar(a) to Universal Health trade, many individuals stupefy choices when it comes to their cover develop. According to healthc atomic number 18. gov, in January of 2015, an employer with 50 or more expert clock employees will have to make an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment if a full time employee gets a lower health coverage gift cost if insurance is purchase in a marketplace. However, employers are not subject to this law if the numbers of employees are lesser than 50 but are still expected to offer coverage for their employees. (healthcare. gov) Employers must make sure that when choosing coverage for their employees, these should be at heart their needs within health care requirements as well as inexpensive keeping in mind that lower cost may not necessarily mean better.With many varieties in health care political programs such as Preferred Provider (PPO), Point of Service (POS), and Exclusive Provider brass (EPO) the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is the most preferred and utilized group health insurance plan. As a HMO representative of beaver Insurance, health care coverage will be built, including the effectiveness utilization of the services by different enrollees. Castor Collins Health Plan Castro Collins Health Plan is a regional HMO that was founded in 1999.As a HMO, they provide health care services as well as health insurance to individuals in its statewide network of physicians and hospitals utilizing a capitation model to compensate their network of providers. Currently, there are 100,000 enrollees and these numbers are increasing. The responsibility of a wrong-doing President in Strategy and Financial Planning is to interact with new clien ts and formulating health plans that will accommodate their needs. With the help of colleagues such as the Chief Financial Officer Helen Fouerman, the Chief Medical Officer JonathanWikes, and the decision maker Vice President of Planning and Development, Adam Hunter, a plan will be put unitedly that will include pricing and setting insurance grants. In January of 2006, Castro Collins was approached and met with two groups of people for health insurance coverage. These groups are Constructit and E-editors, neither of them have group employers insurance. Constructit have 1000 people and they are willing to compensation a maximum of $4000 per person as an annual insurance premium, meanwhile E-editors will pay a maximum annual premium of $4500 per person with 1,600 people.Castor Collins offers three types of health plans Castor Standard, Castor Enhanced, and the customized plan called Castor Enhanced Minor. The standard plan does not cover pre-existing checkup conditions, the enh anced plan, however, cover pre-existing health check conditions and offers more services. Castor Enhanced Minor is a customized plan that is almost equivalent to Castor Enhanced with somewhat lesser services that requires high utilization. Demographicsand Health Care Risk Factors at that place are 550 men and 450 women employees in Constructit with ages 26 to 45 and 60 percent from this age group ranging from 26 to 42 are married. This means, spouses and children need to be considered in getting health plan. Also, large(p) physical activities are involve within thirty- two percent of the people at Constructit, while 25 percent of the people has moderate physical activity. The remainder which is 43 percent of the people involves activities that are inactive.There are no major health happens out of the thirty-eight percent an equivalent of 170 men and 210 women in the work force. Injuries, respiratory system diseases, digestive disorders, migraine and allergic conditions are the m ajor causes of absenteeism in Constructit. fleshiness related diseases such as hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases are moderately high for this workforce that consists of 36 percent of men and 43 percent of women. In E-editors, there are 750 men and 840 women with ages 35 to 54 and most of them are married.For the past ten years, ninety- fin percent in the workforce have largely been sedentary their job involves sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time. Only five percent are required moderate activity. Stress related injury (SRI) and problems with vision were acquired by at least 95 people who had this job for a while. There are no major medical health risks for the 170 men and 182 women (22%) from this group. Respiratory disorder is the 26 percent of the group problem because they are heavy smokers.There are 720 people who are obese in this group because of the heavy sedentary lifestyles, eating habits, and lack of exercise. This also means that there are increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterin and cardiovascular diseases. Plan Analysis Based on the plans, I would recommend Castor Standard to Constructit and not to provide insurance to E-editors. Since Castor Standard does not cover pre-existing conditions, the risks of providing this plan are low.The premium that Constructit will be responsible annually is $3,428, with Castor Collins Health Plan earning $3. 43 million. attached the health profile and the expected utilization of services for E-editors, I think that not providing insurance is the flop decision. There is a high risk of insuring this group and whatever Castor Collins earns from this group are inadequate to cover those risks. The goal is to maximize earnings. If E-editors are willing to pay a different premium they will be considered by providing an appropriate plan that minimized risks and increased earnings.Risk-averse consumers buy health insurance to avoid losing in come or wealth when they are unwell. In other words, consumers pay insurance premium to transfer their risks of medical expenses to the insurance company. The premium that Castor Collins receives is a source of revenue. It is compensation for bearing risk and for bearing expenses such as payment to health care providers. If Castor Collins know that a particular group of enrollees is more susceptible to a particular disorder, its risk for providing coverage for that disorder is higher.However, if, as in the case of Constructit and E-editors, a group of individuals is not willing to pay a higher premium to cover greater risks, Castor Collins may not be able to provide coverage for greater risks. Therefore, while selecting a plan and the services to provide under that plan, Castor Collins has to deliberate discordant considerations the premiums that enrollees are willing to pay, the risks of providing a particular plan or service, the expected utilization and hence, the costs, of p roviding variousservices in the plan, and the premium Castor Collins needs to charge to maintain profitability.

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Production Criticism of Oedipus the King Essay Example for Free

Production Criticism of Oedipus the King EssayThe directorial concept of the pushover started with an over each exhi smirch of melancholy and a purposeion that the story is indeed a tragedy. The stage, as the foundation of the entire scene, has been knowing to differentiate the levels of society, thus, it has different levels of platforms and steps, but leaving the join of the stage flattest, where most of the characters will be performing. The hooeys utilize for the platforms ar of different types. The higher steps leading to the turn outskirts of the stage look like they were made with prevalent flat rocks, much like the ones we see in the old Jerusalem. The steps were made simply for the excogitation of being pathways men can walk on. Nothing fashionable. The center of the stage has a different design, because I noticed that the flooring is much more modern than the flat rocks around it. The material of the floor of the center stage has a much smoother quality, altho ugh it was carved like bricks, like the ones on the streets of Paris, France. The floor carvings ar designed like segmented rings that only leads to one focal point, much like the bytes in a compact disc. The most prominent part of the stage is the palace of Oedipus, the King.It stands so proud with its walls extending all the way to the top that it scares you of its command of authority and power. It stood so high and proud that it looked like it reached the heavens and looks infinite. The material of it was the smoothest of all. It has the most modern design in the stage. The cement has a slate gray color miscellaneous with livid streaks that suggested it must be made of marblethe strongest among the rocks on stage. Thats how powerful Oedipus, as a king, is. He is believed to be the savior of Thebes when he defeated the Sphinx by answering the most difficult riddle.The dawdle is an obvious non-dramatic pageantry, because the elements of it were present and done in the stage. There is an icon or focal point, which usually is a religious artifact or a saint. (Theatrical Production, Encyclop? dia Britannica. ). There was a huge cross with a white cloth domicileing on its arm at the middle of the highest outstkirt platform. This is its focal point because it looks religious enough to suggest its the cross of Jesus Christ. Overall, the milieu of the stage is melancholic. The color of the stages floor to the in truth tall palace is in the neutral shade.Again, nothing special. This just suggests the hue of sorrow, which is the shade of gray. The sorrowful environment was coupled with the stage lights, which made the scene look softer and mellower. The lights come from under the outskirts platforms, which gave a lot of shadower on the stage. The second light will be coming from directly above the stage, which gives all minor bit of glow on the heads of the characters, but not enough light to brighten the faces of every actor. The execrable lighting made i t felt like the characters are speaking to me personally, in my deepest thoughts.It dawned to me that whenever I am grim or whenever I wanted to be alone, I tend to hate bright lights. Such is the tinge of someone in wakes, especially those wakes inside chapels. The serene, soothing look of a funeral scene in a chapel is the aimed environment here. The stress lights on the outskirts of the stage changes as the mood of the scene changes too. Even though the shadow was effective enough to suggest sorrow, the light blue hue of the background defined the mood. When the displeasing truth of Oedipus character was nearly revealed, the background light turned into a reddish hue, as if the cheerfulness was setting.It gave a red glow that suggested the horrible feeling of the moment. It also made the blood coming out from Oedipus eyes look thick and black, which made the suffering grievous enough to die. Sounds make the hearts mark rapidly and loses ones breath. From beginning until the end, the background music created the feeling that it is tragic. When Tiresius, the seer, showed up, there was annoying background music created by a type of violin, which made it felt like there was great sarcasm and perversity in the scene.The horting sound of the violin made my heart twist and my throat a bit choked because I felt the tension due to the sound. It is interesting though, how the director was able to coordinate all aspects of proceeds to make the playscript fit his directorial concept. Of course, the playscript was changed to make it more dramatic and the words charitable to the audience. The playscript was Bowdlerized, or words were changed to fit the lingo of the modern audience. (Dr. Eric W. Trumbull. ).Although there werent any imagine or colorful props on the stage, the characters are the ones that still mattered the most. Though the faces of the characters generally remained stiff throughout, their voices are full of color. Loudness and softness of the vo ices stated the mood. There was also a striking difference on the characters costumes, each has its own different era to represent a group will be habiliment costumes of Sophocles generation, another wearing the fashion of the early twentieth century, while another wearing the fashion of the latest trend.Still, the colors of the costumes were nothing fancier than red, white and gold. The colors of the cloths are in redundant solid colors too. The characters spotlight are their white costumes, or something white in their costumes. For example, the choruses were all dolled up in black except the ribbon on the neck, which is pure white. This gives the picture that their heads are floating and the rest of the body is invisible. The directors aim to present a non-dramatical pageant play that wont bore the modern audience so far caught my attention.He may have aimed to make the production profit a lot more by involving famous actors to play the role, as part of his trade strategy. (Dr . Eric W. Trumbull. ). The production is an art in itself, and Don Taylor wouldve still passed as very good internal representation director. The play is directed gearing away from the Shakespearean concept of production, which made it quite different to the taste of theatrical fans, and thus, worth watching and recommending.