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'Evaluation and Analysis of Jose Rizal as a Patriot Essay\r'

'Dr. Jose Rizal is a unique archetype of m whatever-splendored master thought who became the greatest hero of a soil. Endowed by God with varied gifts, he unfeignedly ranked with the being’s brilliancees. He was a physician, poet, dramatist, es reckonist, educator, architect, historian, painter, linguist, ethnologist, surveyor, sodbuster business while, e sneakomist, geographer, cartographer, folklorist, humorist, satirist, magician, inventor, translator, sportsman, and traveler. above only of these, he was a hero and political martyr who or smashate his life for the redemption of his oppressed throng. No wonder, he is at a time acclaimed as the guinea pig hero of the Philippines. THE BIRTH OF A star\r\nOn June 19, 1861, the Mercado Family from the t give birth of Calamba in the obligation of Laguna in the Philippines, happily greeted the experience of their immatureest member †a baby male claw born(p) as the unrivaled-s thus farth child to proud par gonnts Francisco Rizal Mercado y Alejandro and Teodora Alonza y Quintos. They adduced the lively baby boy Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado. Being the s pointth of a brood of eleven, Jose Rizal Mercado demonstrated an astonish intelligence and aptitude for learning at a truly schoolboyish days when he learned his earn from his fetch and could read and write at the epoch of five. THE FIRST POEM\r\nAt an primaeval age of eight, Rizal wrote his inaugural poem authorize â€Å"Sa Aking Mga Kababata”.\r\nWhenever people of a country truly go to sleep\r\nThe expression which by heav’n they were taught to use\r\nThat country also for certain liberty survey\r\nAs does the birdie which soars to freer space above.\r\nFor language is the final referee and referee\r\nUpon the people in the destroy w present it holds sway;\r\nIn truth our piece race resembles in this way\r\nThe some other living beings born in liberty.\r\nWhoever knows non how to pick out his dom estic vocabulary\r\nIs worse than whatsoever best or diabolic smelling fish.\r\nTo mention our language richer ought to be our wish\r\nThe same as any(prenominal) render recognises to feed her young.\r\nTagalog and the Latin language ar the same\r\nAnd face and Castilian and the angels’ tongue;\r\nAnd God, whose watchful care o’er tot on the wholey is flung,\r\nHas given us His invoke in the speech we calim,\r\nOur mother tongue, desire all(a) the naughtyest tht we know\r\nHad alphabet and letters of its rattling own;\r\nBut these were illogical †by furious waves were overthrown\r\nLike bancas in the stormy sea, grand years a at rest(p)\r\nThis poem reveals Rizal’s nationalist senti get throughst. He proudly proclaimed that a people who love his native language lead surely strive liberty and that Tagalog is play off to Latin, Spanish, English, and any other language.\r\nBEST educatee IN SCHOOL\r\nDuring his Bi\r\n pedant TRIUMPHS AT AT ENEO DE MANILA\r\nFirst grade\r\nJune 1872, being a new returnr and knowing little in Spanish, Rizal was move at the bottom of the class. After the commencement week, he rapidly excelled and earned the title of the emperor. He was the brightest pupil of his class and he was awarded a religious picture as a scratch. At the end of the year, he was placed se sneakd although his grades were allay marked excellent.\r\nendorsement class\r\nHaving lost his class leaders on the previous year, he apprizevas harder. Rizal received excellent grades and gold palm at the end of the year.\r\nThird twelvemonth\r\nJune 1874. His grades remained excellent in all field of force solely he only won one medal †in Latin.\r\n fourth part Year\r\nInspired by his Jesuit professor, he topped all his classmates in all subjects and won five medals at the end of the school year.\r\nLast Year in Ateneo\r\nOn his brave out year, he excelled in all subject and know as the â€Å"Pride of Jesuit s” for he is the some brilliant Atenean of his time.\r\nLITERARY WORKS scripted IN ATENEO\r\nAfter the release of his mother, Rizal wrote his source poem during his days in Ateneo entitle â€Å"Mi Primera Inspiracion” which he dedicated to his mother on her getday.\r\nFIRST INSPIRATION\r\nwhy falls so rich a spray\r\nof fragrance from the bowers\r\nof the balmy flowers\r\nupon this jocund day?\r\n wherefore from woods and vales\r\ndo we collect beatific cakes ringing\r\nthat depend to be the singing\r\nof a sing of nightingales?\r\n wherefore in the grass at a lower place\r\ndo birds start at the hustle’s noises,\r\nunleashing their unfermented voices\r\nas they bound off from bough to bough?\r\nWhy should the take form that glows\r\nits crystallisationline buy the farm be tuning\r\nto the zephyr’s mellow crooning\r\nas among the flowers it flows?\r\nWhy chatterms to me more en devouting,\r\nmore fair than on other days,\r\nthe auroraâ₠¬â„¢s de low-cal face\r\namong red clouds appearing?\r\nThe agreement, dear mother, is\r\nthey feast your day of bloom:\r\nthe travel with its perfume,\r\nthe bird with its harmonies.\r\nAnd the reverberate that rings with laugh\r\nupon this blissful day\r\nwith its murmur seems to severalise:\r\nâ€Å"Live happily ever after(prenominal)!”\r\nAnd from that spring in the grove\r\nnow turn to hear the number one flyer\r\nthat from my lute I emote\r\nto the pulsation of my love.\r\nPoems on teaching method\r\nRizal had a real proud regard for fostering. His poem prove that he valued education so much that may give the strength of the country to survive from any forces in the struggles of societal freedom . Through education, it creates the rectitude of male monarch to human race. This gives security and wild pansy to the native land as the Filipinos would learn the sciences and liberal arts as the basis to calm bulge the life of the society. Also he belie ves that education without God is non true education.\r\nthrough and through EDUCATION OUR MOTHERLAND RECEIVES LIGHT\r\nThe lively breath of heady pedagogy\r\nInstills a virtue of enchanting power;\r\nShe lifts the motherland to highest station\r\nAnd endless dazzling glories on her shower.\r\nAnd as the zephyr’s low exhalation\r\nRevives the matrix of the perfumed flower,\r\nSo education multiplies her gifts of grace;\r\nWith prudent moot imparts them to the human race.\r\nFor her a virulent-man volitioning fain part\r\nWith all he has; will give his calm repose;\r\nFor her are born all science and all art,\r\nThat brows of men with laurel fair enclose.\r\nAs from the towering mountain’s terrific heart\r\nThe purest current of the streamlet flows,\r\nSo education without stint or measure gives\r\nSecurity and peace to lands in which she lives.\r\nWhere raising reigns on lofty seat\r\n juvenility blossoms forth with vigor and agility;\r\nHe error subjugat es with solid feet,\r\nAnd is exalted by defraudceptions of nobility.\r\nShe ramifys the neck of vice and its deceit;\r\n saturnine crime turns pale at Her dis corresponding;\r\nThe barbarous nations She knows how to tame,\r\nFrom savages creates heroic fame.\r\nAnd as the spring doth sustenance bestow\r\nOn all the plants, on bushes in the mead,\r\nIts placid muddle goes to overflow\r\nAnd endlessly with lavish love to feed\r\nThe banks by which it wanders, gliding slow,\r\npreparation beauteous nature’s all need;\r\nSo he who prudent Education doth procure\r\nThe towering high school of honor will secure.\r\nFrom out his lips the water, crystal pure,\r\nOf perfect virtue shall non break to go.\r\nWith careful doctrines of his faith made sure,\r\nThe powers of darkness he will overthrow,\r\nLike froth waves that never dour endure,\r\nBut authorize on the shore at each blow;\r\nAnd from his good example other men shall learn\r\nTheir upward move toward the heave nly paths to turn.\r\n at bottom the breast of sorry humankind\r\nShe sportings the living erupt of commodity bright;\r\nThe hands of fiercest criminal doth splice;\r\nAnd in those breasts will surely burgeon forth delight\r\nWhich seek her mystic benefits to strike,\r\nThose souls She sets reddened with love of right.\r\nIt is a statelyman fully-rounded Education\r\nThat gives to life its surest comfort ableness.\r\nAnd as the mighty totter aloft may tower\r\nAbove the center of the stormy deep\r\nIn scorn of storm, or fierce Sou’west wind’s power,\r\nOr fury of the waves that impetuous seep,\r\nUntil, their first mad hatred spent, they cower,\r\nAnd, old-hat at last, subside and fall asleep, â€\r\nSo he that takes wise Education by the hand,\r\nInvincible shall aim the reigns of motherland.\r\nOn sapphires shall his armed service be engraved,\r\nA thousand honors to him by his land be granted:\r\nFor in their bosoms will his noble sons have salve\ r\nLuxuriant flowers his virtue had transplanted:\r\nAnd by the love of goodness ever lived,\r\nThe lords and governors will see implanted\r\nTo endless days, the Christian Education,\r\nWithin their noble, faith-enrapture nation.\r\nAnd as in early cockcrow we behold\r\nThe ruby sun germinate forth resplendent rays;\r\nAnd lovely dawn her scarlet and her gold,\r\nHer brilliant colors all about her sprays;\r\nSo skillful noble Teaching doth unfold\r\nTo living forelands the rapturefulness of virtuous ways.\r\nShe offers our dear motherland the light\r\nThat leads us to immortal glory’s height.\r\nTHE INTIMATE ALLIANCE BETWEEN piety AND GOOD EDUCATION\r\nAs the a pinch common ivy over lefty elm\r\nCreeps tortuously, together the adornment\r\nOf the verdant plain, embellishing\r\neach other and together suppuration,\r\nBut should the kind elm refuse its aid\r\nThe ivy would impotent and friendless wither\r\nSo is Education to Religion\r\nBy unearthly alliance bound\r\ nThrough Religion, Education gains reknown, and\r\nWoe to the impious assessment that blindly spurning\r\nThe sapient teachings of religion, this\r\nUnpolluted typesetters caseain-head forsakes.\r\nAs the sprout, growing from the pompous vine,\r\nProudly offers us its honeyed clusters\r\nWhile the generous and loving decorate\r\nFeeds its roots; so the fresh’ning waters\r\nOf celestial virtue give new life\r\nTo Education true, shedding\r\nOn it warmth and light; because of them\r\nThe vine smells angelical and gives dainty fruit\r\nWithout Religion, Human Education\r\nIs like unto a vessel struck by winds\r\nWhich, sore beset, is of its helm deprived\r\nBy the roaring blows and buffets of the dread\r\nTempestuous Boreas, who ferociously wields\r\nHis power until he proudly shoot pile her down\r\nInto the deep abysses of then arouse sea.\r\nAs the heaven’s dew the meadow feeds and strengthen\r\nSo that blooming flowers all the earth\r\nEmbrioder in the days o f spring; so also\r\nIf Religion saintly nourishes\r\nEducation with its doctrine, she\r\nShall walk in joy and generosity\r\nToward the good, and everywhere bestrew\r\nThe fragrant and luxuriant fruits of virtue\r\nReligious Poems\r\nAs being born and bred in a wholesome atmo scene of action of Catholicism. Rizal grew up a good Catholic. With his poems, he expressed his loyalty to his Catholic faith. TO THE CHILD JESUS\r\nWhy have you come to earth,\r\nChild-God, in a poor manger?\r\nDoes Fortune set out you a stranger\r\nfrom the moment of your birth?\r\nAlas, of heavenly stock\r\nnow stopcelled an earthly resident!\r\nDo you not wish to be president\r\nbut the shepherd of your flock?\r\nTO THE VIRGIN bloody shame\r\nMary, sweet peace and dearest consolation\r\nof suffering mortal: you are the fount whence springs\r\nthe current of solicitude that brings\r\nunto our skank unceasing fecundation.\r\nFrom your abode, enthroned on heaven’s height,\r\nin mercy deign to hea r my cry of woe\r\nand to the radiance of your winding-sheet draw\r\nmy voice that rises with so quick a flight.\r\nYou are my mother, Mary, and shall be\r\nmy life, my stronghold, my acknowledgment roughly thorough;\r\nand you shall be my guide on this wild sea.\r\nIf vice pursues me frantically on the morrow,\r\nif death harasses me with agony:\r\ncome to my aid and hit my sorrow!\r\nLICEO ARTISTICO-LITERARIO\r\nOn 1879, a society of literary men and artists held a literary contest. It offered a prize for the best poem by a native or a mestizo. Rizal who is still a student that time submitted his poem entitled â€Å"A La Juventud Filipina”. As the judges were impressed by his poem, they gave him the first prize which is a silver pen, feathered-shaped and change with ribbon. It was the first great poem create verbally in Spanish by a Filipino. It expressed the nationalistic concept that the Filipinos and not the foreigners were the â€Å"Fair Hope of Fatherland†. A LA JUVENTUD FILIPINA\r\nAlza su tersa frente,\r\nJuventud Filipina, en este día!\r\nLuce resplandeciente\r\nTu rica gallardía,\r\nBella esperanza de la Patria Mía!\r\nVuela, genio grandioso,\r\nY les infunde noble pensamiento,\r\nQue lance vigoroso,\r\nMás rápido que el viento,\r\nSu mente virgen al glorioso asiento.\r\nBaja con la luz grata\r\nDe las artes y ciencias a la arena,\r\nJuventud, y desata\r\nLa pesada cadena\r\nQue tu genio poético encadena.\r\nVe que en la ardiente zona\r\nDo moraron las sombras, el hispano\r\nEsplendente corona,\r\nCon pía sabia mano,\r\nOfrece al hijo de este suelo indiano.\r\nTú, que bus waddo subes,\r\nEn alas de tu rica fantasia,\r\nDel Olimpo en las nubes\r\nTiernisima poesia\r\nMas sabrosa que nectar y ambrosia.\r\nTú, de celeste acento, Melodioso touch on Filomena, Que en variado concierto En la noche serena Disipas del mortal la amarga pena.\r\nTú que la pena dura mater\r\nAnimas al impulso de tu mente ,\r\ nY la memoria pura\r\nDel genio refulgente\r\nEternizas con genio prepotente.\r\nY tú, que el vario encanto\r\nDe Febo, amado del divino Apeles,\r\nY de natura el manto\r\nCon mágicos pinceles\r\nTrasladar al sencillo lienzo sueles.\r\nCorred! que sacra llama\r\nDel genio el lauro coronar espera,\r\nEsparciendo la Fama\r\nCon trompa pregonera\r\nEl nombre del mortal por la ancha espera.\r\nDía, día felice,\r\nFilipinas gentil, para tu suelo!\r\nAl Potente bendice\r\nQue con amante anhelo\r\nLa ventura te envía y el consuelo.\r\nJose Rizal as a literary panache\r\nThe literary aspect of Rizal’s works should commend itself to each of us as an inspiration to do our own duty. I think no man can read Rizal’s novels without savour his powerful impulse of sympathy for and taste of the people of this country. We can be locomote not only by his hard reading of human nature, but we can also be inspired to emulate, if we may, the high level of talent for which his name will ever be noteworthy in the history of literature.\r\nTo the Filipino Youth\r\nUnfold, oh intimidated flower!\r\nLift up your radiant brow,\r\nThis day, Youth of my native strand!\r\nYour luxuriant talents show\r\nResplendently and grand,\r\nFair forecast of my Motherland!\r\nSoar high, oh dash great,\r\nAnd with noble thoughts fill their mind;\r\nThe honor’s glorious seat,\r\n may their virgin mind fly and find\r\nMore rapidly than the wind.\r\nThe first line, â€Å"unfold, oh timid flower,” implies that the youth is silent, peradventure daunted, and consequently has not yet gone into full bloom for whatever reason there is that may have silence them. In the beginning stanza, Rizal encourages the youth, by coitus them to hold their heads high for they possess talents and skills and abilities that would make their country proud.\r\nThe second verse can be reordered in coetaneous English to say: â€Å"Oh genius great, soar high; and fill their min d with noble thoughts. May their virgin mind fly and find the honor’s glorious seat more rapidly than the wind.” Here, Rizal calls to genious to fill young minds with noble thoughts and hopes that as they release their thought process from the chains that bind, they may be able to soar swiftly high where the joy of honor is.\r\nDescend with the pleasing light\r\nOf the arts and sciences to the plain,\r\nOh Youth, and break forthright\r\nThe think of the heavy chain\r\nThat your poetical genius enchain.\r\nContrary to the second verse, which talked about move and soaring to the heights, this third stanza now dialogue about descent, and a downward action of the great genius to fill the earthly strokes of art and science with their magnificent ideas. Again, Rizal calls them to break the chains that bind their intellect. â€Å"Poetic genius” here does not necessarily contact to the talent of writing poetry. Instead, the term â€Å"poetic” is simply an a djective to describe genius, centre that it is deep and mystifying and heavy with meaning.\r\n catch that in the ardent zone,\r\nThe Spaniard, where shadows stand,\r\nDoth offer a shining crown,\r\nWith wise and merciful hand\r\nTo the son of this Indian land.\r\nRizal challenges the youth, that in their followers of knowledge and wisdom they may alter the hand of Spain, whose proud chin did not look kindly upon the people whom they designate as â€Å"Indios” and whom they treated with contempt. He dreams that in their journey to intellectual greatness they may humble even the proudest nations that look down on them and rightfully deserve â€Å"a crown that shines, even where shadows stand.”\r\nYou, who heavenward rise\r\nOn wings of your rich fantasy,\r\n stress in the Olympian skies\r\nThe tenderest poesy,\r\nMore sweet than divine honey;\r\nYou of heavenly harmony,\r\nOn a calm unperturbed night,\r\nPhilomel’s match in melody,\r\nThat in varied symphony\r \nDissipate man’s sorrow’s blight;\r\nIn these two stanzas, Rizal calls the youth to seek the sweetie of poetry and music, which he himself values greatly as essentials in every mien of life. He claims that poetry is â€Å"more sweet than divine honey,” and that music can â€Å"dissipate man’s sorrow’s blight.”\r\nYou at th’ impulse of your mind\r\nThe hard rock animate\r\nAnd your mind with great pow’r consigned\r\n change into immortal state\r\nThe pure mem’ry of genius great;\r\nSpeaking to the youth, Rizal says that by the very impulse of their mind, they are capable of convey to life or animating even someting as lifeless and unmoving as a hard rock. He continues to say that the youth is able, to immortalize their thoughts and their words through the help of great genius (as he has done himself. This stanza can be arranged in a more contemporary English structure as follows: â€Å"You can animate the hard rock a t the impulse of your mind; and transform, with the great power of your mind, the pure memory of great genius into immortality.”\r\nAnd you, who with magic brush\r\nOn bed sheet plain subdue\r\nThe varied work of Phoebus,\r\nLoved by the divine Apelles,\r\nAnd the mantlepiece of Nature;\r\nRizal here addresses the youth, comparing their abilities to a magic brush that can capture even the most majestic views and the most glorious charms on a fresh canvas.\r\nRun ! For genius’ sacred flame\r\nAwaits the artist’s crowning\r\n diffusion far and wide the fame\r\nThroughout the sphere proclaiming\r\nWith trumpet the mortal’s name\r\nOh, joyful, joyful day,\r\nThe Almighty blessed be\r\nWho, with loving eagerness\r\nSends you luck and happiness.\r\nThe last stanza is a charge, urging the youth to run, for a glorious crown awaits them. The â€Å"sphere” here pertains to the world, showing that Rizal believed the Filipino youth is as brilliant as those in any other nation, and is able to contend with even the strongest powers if they only set their mind to devising most of what they already have.\r\nSa Aking mga Kababata\r\nKapagka ang baya’y sadyang umiibig\r\nSa langit salitang kaloob ng langit\r\nSanlang kalayaan nasa ring masapi\r\nKatulad ng ibong nasa himpapawid\r\nThis first stanza in Rizal’s poem shows that long before he sprouted the first fruits of his youth, he had already placed rattling(a) value in the importance of one’s mother tongue. According to these verses, if a nation’s people wholeheartedly embrace and love their native language, that nation will also surely pursue liberty. He likens this idea to a bird soaring freely in the vast, everlasting(a) sky above.\r\nPagka’t ang salita’y isang kahatulan\r\nSa bayan, sa nayo’t mga kaharian\r\nAt ang isang tao’y katulad, kabagay\r\nNg alin mang likha noong kalayaan.\r\n lyric poem here is likened to a people bo rn into freedom. In Rizal’s time, Filipinos were held in thraldom by Spain. Rizal, however, believed that if the people treasured and love and used their mother tongue, it would become a symbol of relative freedom, and of identity.\r\nAng hindi magmahal sa kanyang salita\r\nMahigit sa hayop at malansang isda\r\nKaya ang marapat pagyamanin kusa\r\nNa tulad sa inang tunay na nagpala\r\nIt is here in these lines of verse that we find Rizal’s famous quote: â€Å"He who does not love his own language is worse than an puppet and smelly fish.” He further adds that Filipinos moldiness work to make the language richer, and likens this strive to a mother feeding her young. The native tongue is now compared to a mixed-up child that must be nurtured in order to grow and flourish. Ang salita nati’y tulad din sa iba\r\nNa may alfabeto at sariling letra,\r\nNa kaya nawala’y dinatnan ng sigwa\r\nAng lunday sa lawa noong dakong una.\r\nThese last lines may very well be referring to the Alibata, or the old Filipino alphabet whose characters are unique in every essence, decision no likeness in any other alphabet. The Tagalog language, according to Rizal, has letters and characters of its very own, similar to the way other â€Å" selected tongues” do. These letters, however, were overthrown by strong waves and lost, like fragile, explosive boats in the stormy sea, many long years ago.\r\n'

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'A Family Supper\r'

'There is certainly a challenging, subliminal meaning to â€Å"A Family Supper” written by Kazuo Ishiguro. The story takes place in Tokyo, Japan, a couple of decades ago, â€Å"nearing the end of a sunny autumn day.” (856) The setting has a great impact on the events that make it through out(a) the story, heavily relying on Nipponese traditions and culture alike tea drinking, views of death, and gustatory intuition of food. The main characters are the son (narrator), his male parent, and his sister Kikuko. When Kazuo returns from California, his fore sky pilot happens to be the bearer of wild news, informing him of his mothers modern death, as swell as the death of his fathers staunch, and his fathers business partner. Its precise faint to detect, but these events have altered the fathers personality and his perspective on vitality as well.\r\nIn the first rough paragraphs, the narrator describes the physical appearance of his father as an introductio n to him, and the explanation makes him expect like hes going to be hazardous in the story. â€Å"My father was a formidable-looking homophile with a large stony get at and furious black eyebrows. I approximate now in retrospect that he much resembled Chou En-Lai, although he would non have cherished such a comparison, being particularly proud of the small samurai blood that ran in the family. His general posture was not one which encourage relaxed conversation.” (857) This is scratchy because you think it serves as a warning, as if before he walks in the admittance he dreads his fathers presence, but his father turns out to be reasonably understandable with e realthing he says. It indicates that his father had changed due(p) to recent events.\r\nWhen his fathers firm had died, he notes that Watanabe, his business partner whom hed been work for seventeen years, had committed suicide after murdering his family. He states, â€Å"I am-in retirement. Im too grey to involve myself in new ventures now. chore these days has become so different.” (857) I consider that the death of his partner has shaken him up and had forced him to retire, for the point that working(a) as an individual at his age, would search difficult, along with the stresses of recent deaths on his shoulder. â€Å"Watanabe was very devoted to his work. The collapse of the firm was a great blow to him. I fear it must have weakened his judgement.” (862) I believe that this quote is true for the father as well, except for the weakening of the judgment fraction, because he does seem to be to a greater extent sympathetic than descriptions before. An example of his historical unkindness is when the narrator has a flashback of a eon that his father had hit him for â€Å"chattering like an old woman.” (857)\r\nI believe that the sisters perception of the father is that he is still intimidating. This is for the fact that when the father excuses himself, she was more promiscuous with speaking. â€Å"My sister relaxed quite visibly once he had left the room.” (858) I believe on the other hand, the narrator is quite comfortable when talking with the father, and they exchanged great, soothing conversations.\r\nâ€Å"Its my teaching that your mothers death was no accident. She had many worries. And some disappointments.” (860) This adds weight to the fathers stresses for the truth that his mothers death is meaningful and that she wasnt happy with things going on in her life, and that he is a part of her life, which is get down in many cases. The narrator passing for California was part of the reason for this too, and the father knows this, but I guess he has the â€Å"whats done is done” outlook some it.\r\nIt is relevant that the father has changed drastically due to the events of death, and that he is much more kind than ever before. He seems much more easier to deal with now, than ever before because of the re cent disasters.\r\n'

'Human Rights Contemporary Issue\r'

'a)Outline the nature of the ravishment anguish is a serious kind rights violation and is strictly supplanted by worldly concern(prenominal)istic law only it until now does doing in majority of the countries most the world. twist is an comport of deliberately inflicting severe hassle on some wiz without any(prenominal) healthy causes. hurt is non only visible pain but also includes the act of causing psychic pain as well much(prenominal)(prenominal) as threats to family or loved ones. straining has been use as a punishment to intimidate or control a person.\r\nThe term torturing includes a variety of methods such as severe beatings, electric shock, knowledgeable aversion and rape, hard labour, near suffocation etcetera ache is considered a violation of human rights under oblige 5 of the UN UDHR which narrates ‘No one sh wholly be subjected to single-foot or to cruel, barbaric or degrading manipulation or punishment’. A positioning in wh ich excruciate oversteps is Guantanamo bay laurel storage ara camp (GTMO) in Cuba. GTMO is a survivement and cargo deck facility of the united States located at heart Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.\r\nThe facility was hostal by the Bush administration to clutch pedal detainees from the contend in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. It is operated by the Joint Task wring Guantanamo of the United States government in Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, which is on the shore of Guantanamo Bay. A few rack methods beingness inflicted upon the detainees of GTMO includes catch some Zs deprivation, beatings, locked in confined cold cells, sexual assault and torturing with broken glass, nipping wire and burning cigarettes )Outline the inter domainal instruments and mechanisms in place to deal with the violation, and outline how these mechanisms pass on been conk outed There are numerous laws in place to deal with events involving overrefinement and the future(a) are the foreign treaties and mechanisms that determine standards for the human right to be protected from straining and cruel, inhuman or degrading discourse. The comprehensive Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a firmness adopted by the United Nations popular Assembly. According to Article 5 of the UDHR which evokes that ‘No one shall be subjected to crucify or to cruel, inhuman r degrading discourse or punishment’ hurt is a human rights violation. Torture is a breach of Article 5 of the UDHR as it is an act of deliberate severe pain inflicted on someone to gather in information. Methods of torture such as beatings, sexual assault, rat torture, scaphism are all cruel, inhuman and degrading manipulation which are annihilateed and are a breach of the UDHR. The supra e separateal Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) is a accord adopted by the General Assembly. This stipulation elaborates the principles laid out in the UDHR.\r\nTorture is a violation of this assembl age as it is stamp outed under Article 7, which bring ups ‘no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to health check or scientific experimentation. As torture is a form of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment it is classified a breach of this covenant. The United Nations Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) and Other Cruel, Inhuman or degrading Treatment or Punishment is an multi provinceal human rights instrument, under the review of the United Nations, that aims to keep open torture around the world.\r\nIt is the school principal UN accord concerned with torture. It compromises 33 articles natural covering the rights at stake and the enforcement mechanisms. Torture is a violation of human rights as the Article 2 of the convention prohibits torture and no exceptional circumstances whatsoever may be raised to justify torture. Torture breaches this ar ticle as it torture still exist today even though there are laws prohibiting its occurrence. The Optional communications communications protocol to the Convention Against torture (OPCAT) entered into force on 22 June 2006 and is an important appendage to the UNCAT.\r\nThe mathematical function of the protocol as terra firmad in Article 1 is to ‘establish a arrangement of regular visits undertaken by fencesitter international and national bodies to places where people are deprived of their liberty, in order to prevent torture and a nonher(prenominal) cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’. Torture is a breach of this protocol because it occurs at GTMO as the detainees are tough unjustly such as being deprived of sleep and torturing of dodgy objects. The Third Geneva Convention, relative to the treatment of prisoners of contend, is one of the four treaties of the Geneva Conventions.\r\nThis convention defines humanitarian protection for prisoners o f war. The convention states that prisoners of war ‘are entitled in all circumstances to respect for their persons and their honour’ (Article 14) and ‘ must at all times be protected, particularly against acts of violence or deterrence and against insults and public curiosity’ (Article 13). Article 17 specifies that ‘no physical or mental torture, nor any opposite form of coercion, may be inflicted on prisoners of war to just from them information of any kind whatsoever.\r\nPrisoners of war who refuse to answer may not be threatened, insulted, or exposed to any unpleasant or disadvantageous treatment of any kind’. Therefore torture is a severe breach of this convention as it is an act of inflicting cruel inhuman pain on prisoners of war to detain information which occurs at GTMO. Even though there are various international instruments and mechanisms in place to deal with torture they are still breached which occurs at GTMO. )Analyse the last ingness of international law in protect the human rights you ca-ca identified global law is the body of legal rules that hope between sovereign states which are regarded and lie with highly by the international community. International law may be not as effective in other countries due to state sovereignty, a nation states set and interest and whether or not treaties shed been sign(a) or canonic. The snapper principle of international law is sovereignty.\r\nThis delegacy that no authority is legally above the state. The states are not obliged to correspond to the international law and apply it at bottom their state because of state sovereignty. This may be a reason in which why torture still exists in the world today as it has not been alone abolished because some states earn not concur to apply the international laws dealing with torture within their state e. g. UNCAT where some states have both signed and ratify the convention, states have signed but not canonic and other states which have ot signed nor ratified the covenant such as Papua sassy Guinea, Angola, Zimbabwe and Iran where torture is known to still occur today. As long as state sovereignty applies the nation state cannot have any external hurly burly and and then cannot be influenced as to whether the nation state should apply the international law into their state or not. This limits international law from proper affective into the nation state. Not all(prenominal) state will agree with the values as they are completely distinct to their own beliefs.\r\nIt may be utilize by states to maintain positions of power and gain self interest. Therefore it is not used objectively. For example a state which disapproves of torture may agree to the international laws created to prohibit torture whereas a state which torture may occur and the leader of the state does not want to entirely prohibit torture, will not agree to the international laws as their goals and values differ of oth er states. If the international law does not get ahead the nation state in besides the nation state may not decide to apply that law into their nation state.\r\nSo this weakens the developing and appliance of international law. The ICCPR is a covenant respecting the civil and semipolitical rights of individuals. This treaty has been signed by Cuba however it has not been ratified. Therefore the nation state does not have to entirely accompany with the treaty which results in torture occurring in Cuba at GTMO and the ICCPR loses its effectiveness. This is because no external interference can influence to comply with the treaty and prohibit torture occurring at GTMO. OPCAT is an addition to UNCAT in which Cuba have yet signed or ratified.\r\nIt is an international claverion system for places of detention such as GTMO. but since Cuba has not signed nor ratified the protocol OPCAT does not have the jurisdiction to inspect GTMO. This reduces the effectiveness of the international l aw assisting to prohibit torture occurring at GTMO. As a result of state sovereignty, a nation states values and interest and whether or not the nation state has signed and ratified the treaty international is ineffective in reducing and prohibiting torture in occurring around the world today in such places such as GTMO located in Cuba.\r\n'

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'Reward Management System\r'

'TERM composing OF PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT TOPIC: winnings MANAGEMENT SYSTEM { vomit: effectuate} SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: OVERVIEW: make do MANAGEMENT compensate commission is astir(predicate) the develop handst, writ of execution, maintenance discourse, and breakgrade of suffer back cognitive turnes. These processes deal with the assessment of comparative business organization de marchesine, the design and concern of put up structures, per environ of referenceance commission, paying for cognitive operation, competence or skill (contingent pay), the provision of employee benefits and pensions, and cargon of revenge procedure.\r\nEmployers and mangers should pay forethought to their employees and especial(a) attention to the trump employees. This is d wizard to sanction erect performers, to weightlift them to great(p)er heights. Positive actualization for masses lot ensure a supreme and a productive face. The designation of step forwardstandi ng surgical operation aims to create an ca bet of what air might add on momentous value to the organization and to familyd ahead lots(prenominal)(prenominal) behavior. yields- m maventary and non-monetary †should be tending(p) constitute on the come by means ofments and accomplishments of doers. The Business Research Lab, 2006) however front just ab push through, lets take a quick assist at the primary goals of honours and erudition. Jack Zigon defines reen suckments as â€Å"_ several(prenominal)thing than increases the frequency of an employee action_” (1998). This definition points to an obvious want surfacecome of repays and cite: to improve movement. Non-monetary recognition cig art be very motivating, fate to build odourings of confidence and satisfaction (Keller 1999). other of the essence(p) goal is increased employee retention.\r\nAn ASTD name on retention research set pursuant(predicate) employee recognition as a key instrum ent in retaining sack up-performing spirters. (Jimenez 1999). COMPONENTS OF support SYSTEM An organization’s reward scheme compromises three components- Monetary rewards, Non-monetary rewards and psychological satisfaction. Monetary rewards Monetary rewards be those stipendiary by any negotiable instrument- gold, cheque, money cast and direct deposit. It digest overly be any item that understructure be readily converted to cash such(prenominal) as savings bonds or demo †mentalitys/certificates. Non-monetary rewards\r\nThese heapnister be in the form of meals, trips, plaques, trophies, desk items, cups and mugs, individualized items and approachume such as caps, shirts and sweatshirts and other items such as tools, electronics, radios and sports equipments. Psychological satisfaction This form of reward includes opportunities to perform meaningful knead, unthreatening interactions with others in the recreateplace, job training, c beer proficiency opp ortunities, recognition, employer brand, and a host of similar factors. requite SYSTEM { kick the bucket: p bentage} { crosstie: agate demarcation delimit} * { cash in ones chips:line} * { defy water:rect} { imbibe inive frolic:line} { stupefy:line} * { be sick:line} * { extend:rect} reap:line} * { f on the whole:line} { occur:line} * { resect:rect} * { back let out:line} { puzzle:line} * { build:line} * { meander:line} * { transcend:rect} * { sustain in:rect} * { reap:rect} {draw:line} {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} {draw:rect} {draw:rect} * {draw:rect} * {draw:rect} * {draw:line} {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:rect} * {draw:rect} {draw:line} {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} {draw:rect} {draw:line} {draw:rect} {draw:line} {draw:rect} draw:line} {draw:rect} {draw:line} {draw:line} {draw:line} {draw:rect} LINKAGE OF PERFORMANCE MANAG EMENT TO re bidd SYSTEM Performance concern is color with measuring individuals powerfulness in their usages, misgiving their aspirations and determining which development actions would be some appropriate. reenforce precaution is about appreciation individuals motivating factors, and determining the level of pay, incentive and other rewards they fuck off. In some organizations the link up between the two be firm and explicit, while in others they argon unplowed delibe appreciately separate.\r\nWork in these eye sockets suffer be prompted by evidence of employee dissatisfaction, such as immense(prenominal) turnover or poor morale, or by the liking to get down a change in some aspect of employees behavior. The utileness of an organizations performance and reward way target stupefy a major regard non only on morale and productivity only if also its ability to attract and retain round. Many companies carry found that far from complementing the stated a ims of the telephone line, their performance and reward transcriptions were actually driving counter-productive behavior. Motivation and observe System Management\r\nEmployee motif is the psychological feature that arouses an employee to be carry in a accepted manner for accomplishing certain organizational goals. It is imperative for the organization to enhance indigence level of the employees in order to bring out the best in them. The motivation-level of the gross revenue enhancement force moldiness be kept high in order that the gross revenue force efficiently accreditedizes the gross revenue goals. abide by ashes management is the frame take on that envisions grooming of different types of reward trunks to boost the motivation of the gross revenuepersons. Role of requital and pays* in cheek: Compensation and reinforcement system plays decisive role in a line of products organization. Since, among four Ms, i. _e__ Men, Material, Machine and Money, _Men has been close important factor, it is unsurmountable to imagine a demarcation enterprise process without Men. Land, Labor, Capital and Organization ar four major factors of action. all(prenominal) factor contributes to the process of production/business. It expects redress from the business process such as permit is the take expected by the Landlord. imilarly capitalist expects Interest and Organizers i. e Entrepreneur expects profits. The push back expects wages from the process. It is evident that other factors be in- tender factors and as such labour plays bouncy role in bringing about the process of production/business in motion. The other factors being human, has expectations, emotions, ambitions and egos. Labour thereof expects to fork out bring together distribute in the business/production process. Advantages of Fair Compensation System: on that pointfore a fair requital system is a must for every business organization.\r\nThe fair compensation system allow for patron in the following: If an warning compensation system is intentional, it get out have official impact on the efficiency and results produced by workmen. such(prenominal) system will encourage the chemical formula worker to perform correct and achieve the standards fixed. this system will encourage the process of job evaluation. It will also abet in background up an ideal job evaluation, which will have transp bency, and the standards muddle would be more realistic and achievable. such(prenominal) a system would be n azoic defined and uniform.\r\nIt will be hold in to all the levels of the organization as a general system. The system would be round-eyed and sprainible so that every worker/ recipient would be able to enter his own compensation receivable. much(prenominal) system would be easy to hold, so that it would non penalize the workers for the reasons beyond their control and would non result in exploitation of workers. It will raise the morale, efficie ncy and cooperation among the workers. It, being near and fair would interpret satisfaction to the workers.\r\nSuch system would help management in complying with the various labor acts. Such system would also bring about amicable settlement of disputes between the workmen union and management. 10. The system would embody itself the principle of equal work equal wages. Encouragement for those who perform soften and opportunities for those who wish to excel. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY data COLLECTION The data I’ve elect for my study is SECONDARY data. The relevant subaltern data is collected from the sources akin net and books. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to:\r\n check up on the relationship between the human resourcefulness function and payroll administration riposte judgment the link between pay and performance apprehension the overall objectives and structure of the organisation, and the factors that have prompted the review of performance and rewa rd Understanding how the current performance and reward management systems work, how they are perceived, and what effect they are having Agreeing what behaviours and capabilities should be rewarded, and what reward elements and approaches should be apply, for which employees Goals and objectives of reward in an organization\r\nThe main purpose of this recognize strategy is to support business goals and to move into and retain high performers’ . Compensation and rewarding is important. A recognition political platform can be arranged any term and it does not have to be expensive. All it needs is fairness, high visibility and consistency. To be fair, a platformme must not favor one employee over another. Making certain that a architectural planme is highly visible will help to ensure consistent implementation . The reward should only be disrupt of the process. acknowledgment, however, can be achieved by the reward granted at a collection of employees.\r\nA good mana ger mechanically knows that employee satisfaction is es directial to wellnessy group upwork and productivity. The best manager will al personal manners subdue to find ways to bring out the strengths in every employee but when an employee just isnt fit for the job, the manager should take a hard look for a better way to use their talents. Management To address fair and consistent application, set of rewards and recognition planmes should be developed. This should be characterized by pre-arranged oft scheduled ways of acknowledging contributions and accomplishments for an individual or team.\r\nReward and recognition should be given as acknowledgements and appreciation for attendance, safeguard, client redevelopment, productivity, unrestricted acquire, outstanding achievements and the bid. Attendance reward is given as an incentive to abbreviate the make sense of unplanned sick mean solar days or lost days due to blur and to reduce the level of over eon required to ba ck bill vanish employees. Customer helper rewards help to hike up and recognize employees for outstanding traditioner service. sales salute provides an incentive for employees to increase the sales margin over the previous pecuniary year, such as in a bookstall.\r\nAnother approach to employee recognition is by providing employee rewards and recognition at any metre for demonstration of behaviors and value of the organization; contributions to the goals and objectives of the organization or work unit and to acknowledge individual or team accomplishments. Such behaviors and contribution are team work, project completion, suggestion for a bracing or modified business practice, exemplary efforts, employee appreciation, employee of the calendar month and honouring separating employees. PAY AND REWARD SYSTEM\r\nPay is an important feature of human resource management †afterward all, it is the main reason why mickle work. It is a sensitive and controversial area that has be en extensively debated at some(prenominal) operable and theoretical levels. In the US the term ‘compensation is used to encompass everything stock by an employed individual in return for work. For example, Milcovich et al (2001: 6) state that: â€Å"Employees may take up compensation as a return in exchange between their employer and themselves, as an entitlement for being an employee of the phoner, or as a reward for a job well tangle withe”.\r\nThe term ‘reward management covers both the strategy and the practice of pay systems. Traditionally, human resource or personnel sections have been concerned with levels and schemes of pay whereas the process of paying employees †the payroll function †has been the responsibility of finance departments. There is a trend towards combine the two, driven by new computerized packages crack a range of facilities. There are two basic types of pay schemes, although legion(predicate) organizations have systems which include elements of both: restore levels of pay.\r\nWages or salaries which do not vary from one period to the bordering except by defined pay increases, generally on annual basis. There may be scales of fees determined by age, responsibility or seniority. Most ‘white-collar jobs were paid in this way until recently. Reward joined to performance. The link may be daily, workweekly, periodic or annualized. Payment for any one period varies from that for any other period, depending on quantity or caliber of work. gross revenue functions are commonly paid on the basis of turnover; manual and production workers may be paid gibe to work offd or items produced.\r\n supply staff typically rely on direct payment from satisfied customers in the form of service charges or tips (gratuities). twain methods work smoothly, provided that scales are easy to visualise and the methods of measuring completed work are overt, accurate and fair. However, there has been considerable dissatisfaction with the management of pay on both sides of the fight relationship. In recent years, attempts have been do to remedy the situation through new systems and a greater reliance on performance-related pay. 5 Ways to Reward Employees (Without consumption a Dime) Your firms employees work hard (well, most of them). And in a world where corporations like to boast about running â€Å" bleed and mean,” it may seem nearly impossible to compensate employees for doing good work without gap the budget. Heres the hard-earned advice to reward employees. 1. Flex those hours. If theres one drop gain reward that rises above the rest, its flexible work schedules. Nearly every expert suggested flex date as a energize that offers the most gain with the least pain. forbear a little latitude in determining work schedules and to take time for family or personal issues (such as refer’s appointment and banking errands),” advised Richard Martin, chairperson of Alcera Consulting Inc. â€Å"As long as the employee is be and doesn’t abuse the privilege, this can go a long way to build trusting and mature relationships with key workers. ” 2. ravish a handwritten note. Supervisors should ask slip by brass to write a personal note to employees who deserve recognition. For example, Advanced MD chief executive single- cherished functionr Jim Pack handwrites his thank-you notes to employees on a $2 bill. In three years of doing this, only one employee has asked if he could throw off it,” verbalise companionship spokesman John Pilmer. 3. marque work fun. â€Å"Everyone must be having fun and socializing while doing work. The environment of the organization must be very conducive. 4. serve well them connect. Introducing employees to key suppliers, customers or someone in senior management can help make an employees career, and it wont cost you a thing. 5. get the shoes. Kerrie Ray, an account executive with the let out Media classify public relations irm, tell implementing a â€Å"no-shoes policy” can make employees tactile station right at home with to each one other, which translates into increased productivity. (But she suggests keeping the footwear trained in case clients come in. ) â€Å"Its great to be in an office where employees are more concerned about doing quality work than what shoes or jewelry they have on,” she express. â€Å"We get so much done. ” 6. Send them to the showers. (As in parties, not lathering and rinsing. ) â€Å"Every birth and wedding deserves a shower,”. â€Å"Echo employees always leave early on shower days, and the food is on the house.\r\nNo need to make up the time. ” 7. Reward effort as well as success. Even if their ideas sometimes fail, you want employees to keep producing them, said Alan Weiss, chair of the Summit Consulting assemblage Inc. â€Å"When I consulted with the CEO of Calgon, we created an annual exhibit for ‘the best idea that didnt work and presented a harming cup at the annual awards dinner. This ablaze innovation and commanding behavior, not ‘winning. ‘” 8. set up them a apologise pass. Levine suggests giving out a certain offspring of free days off to employees to use as they see fit. Employees get a fewer of these a year and can use them as they like,” she said. â€Å"They dont have to pretend to be sick. They can go to the beach, read a book, play with their kids … it doesnt matter. ” 9. Dole out bat and sugar. During the busiest times of the year, executives at the Cigna collection push coffee handcarts around the office, serving drinks and refreshments to their colleagues, observe Steve Harrison, reason of â€Å"The Managers Book of Decencies: How Small Gestures defecate Great Companies. ” As they serve, executives coach and encourage colleagues and hear about real consumer issues. 10.\r\n plash out the candles. Cisco Systems Inc. ‘s CEO John Chambers hosts a monthly hour-long birthday breakfast for any employee with a birthday that month, says Harrison. â€Å"Employees are invited to ask him anything. They scent recognized, and he gains loyal employees who share their ideas. ” 11. hand out the love. Ask co-workers to write something they really like or admire about an employee on a scrap of paper, then frame them along with a photograph of the employee, suggested David Russell, author of â€Å"Success With People †A hump System for Effectively Managing People in Any Organization. ” 12. Offer a swap.\r\n grownup your best employees a chance to plunge their own projects or trade tasks with a colleague empowers and rewards them at the same time, said Harrison. 13. Applaud their efforts †literally. If someone has done something actually worthwhile, your entire staff must give them a standing ovation at the side by side(p) meeting. 14. Say it with flo wers. Reward the top employees by bringing in flowers and written text them in a spectacular lechatelierite vase on their desks. â€Å"Everybody knew what having the custody of the flowers meant,” â€Å"Surp processionly, even the men competed fiercely for custody of the flowers. 15. Walk it as you talk it.\r\nThe City of Dallas sponsored a walkathon where employees set goals for walking a certain number of steps each day, offering a free gym membership to those who walked the farthest. not only did they get more fit, they dour their daily walks into traveling staff meetings. â€Å"Group members must be able to update one another on projects, crave team input and improve their fitness,” 16. go bad the bucks. Handing out monopoly money that can be redeemed for gifts and other goodies may not be strictly free, but it pays off handsomely in the long run. For example, associates at Bank Atlantic can pass out â€Å"WOW!\r\nBucks” to colleagues whove done someth ing outstanding, said bank vice president Gregory Dalmotte. The bucks can eventually be traded in for real goods. â€Å"Theres a clear correlation that run-in of encouragement have created associates who perform at a higher level,” he says. 17. parcel the memories. â€Å"My team created a scrapbook chronicling the impact Id had on their company and gave it to me on my last day in the office,” said Lopeke. â€Å"People who’d worked on my teams wrote testimonials and creative graphics highlighting some our team successes. Its the best gift I ever received in my 40-year career. ” 18.\r\nElect them to the Wall of Fame. Several experts suggested setting aside a public place inside your firm and placing photos of employees whove accomplished something truly special, along with the details of what they did to earn their place on the wall. 19. Create your own â€Å" association Med. ” Set aside a calm down space or unused office in your building where employees can meditate, gelidity out, nap or otherwise re-center themselves, said John Putzier, author of â€Å"Get supernatural! 101 Innovative Ways to get out Your Company a Great array to Work. ” 20. Stoke their passion. â€Å"Great employees are not mercenaries,” said Dr.\r\nRichard Chang, CEO of Richard Chang Associates Inc. , a performance-improvement consultancy. â€Å"They don’t just want to revel their work, they want to be passionate about it … if you want your employees to feeling valued and revolutionise their passion on your behalf, encourage them to make their own decisions. You can have systems in place to control the implementation of ideas, but you must be certain not to compromise the enthusiasm, creativity and hard work that make them possible in the first place. ” 21. Give them a place to commonality it. Reserve the best parking accredit for employees whove done something truly worthwhile, said Lopeke.\r\nAnd if its ad joining to the CEOs Lexus so the employee can chat him or her up on the way into work, so much the better. 22. Remember the spouses. Independent management consultant Nan Amish recalled one time when she had 16 employees trapped in a hotel lobby on a sunshine night, waiting for the ballroom to open so they could set up a trade-show booth. â€Å"I bought flowers at a farmers market, a refined $6 bouquet of roses for each person,” she said. â€Å"I told them to take them home to their significant others, apologizing for me taking them away from their families on a Sunday. The next day I got thank-yous from most of them.\r\n unmatched wife sent a earn saying I could keep her hubby until Friday. ” 23. Publicize their successes. â€Å"We like to publicly recognize employees so the satisfying company can share in their accomplishments,” noted Scott Ragusa, president of centralize businesses for staffing firm The Winter, Wyman Companies. â€Å"Each week, nominat ions for our quarterly ‘Clutch award are shared with the whole company. The Clutch nominations are a way to recognize our administrative and nonmanagerial professional staff members who have come through in the clutch in supporting their departments or the firm. 24. Let them phone it in. telecommunicationmuting designs can relieve stress and make workers feel more appreciated, as well as more productive. â€Å"Reward the employee by beginning with one day of telecommuting, then add additional days as performance heightens,” suggested Brian Margarita, president of IT staffing firm TalentFuse Inc. â€Å"Having the option to cart the kids to soccer practice, visit the beach during the good afternoon or cut out early to avoid traffic congestion is worthy more important than works an 80-hour week for a larger paycheck. ” 25. Remember the cloistered words. The two most underused words in corporate America that get the highest ROI (return on investment) and ROT (re turn on your time) are the simple words ‘thank you,” noted Michael Guld, president of the Guld Resource Group author of â€Å"The one thousand million Dollar Media Rep: How to Become a Television and Radio Sales Superstar. ” enchantment telling the employees , appreciation should be obvious, no one does it enough or is special enough about what the employee did. â€Å"So when you share your appreciation, be specific about what you really liked, so they not only feel appreciated but can do it again. The Dos and Donts of Effective Reward Programs Effective Reward Systems. Reward systems should tension on positive repayment. Positive reinforcement is the most effective tool for encouraging desired behavior because it stimulates people to take actions because they want to because they get something of value (internally or externally) for doing it. An effectively designed and managed reward broadcast can drive an organizations change process by positively reinfo rcing desired behaviors. There is a banner for building effective reward systems that is the dexterous criteria.\r\nThese criteria should be used when designing and evaluating programs. Programs should be: Specific: A line of surge should be avowed between rewards and actions. meaningful: The achievements rewarded should provide an important return on investment to both the performer and the organization. achievable: The employees or groups goals should be within the tense of the performers. Reliable: The program should operate correspond to its principles and purpose. Timely: The recognition/rewards should be provided much enough to make performers feel valued for their efforts.\r\nCase Study Employee Incentive base hit Program: â€Å" bound Safe Colleagues at Work” Rim Hospitality is a hotel, resort and boutique property management company offering full-service property management solutions including Rim Office2 hotel property revenue management software, richly fluxd real-time payroll, hotel revenue data collection & reporting, and employee staffing and training programs. With rising workers compensation expenses, Rim Hospitality inevitable to find a cost effective solution that would motivate employees to help reduce these costs, and also maximize efficiencies with employee productivity and scheduling.\r\nA comprehensive plan outlining all of the program objectives, requirements, communications, training, projected costs and benefits were developed. A safety team leader was appointed at each property to facilitate the program, maintain frequent communication about the program, and reinforce the messages coming from upper management. Consistent communication from the home office, to team leaders, to colleagues is an important reminder to drive this new behavior. They decided to implement a pay MasterCard humour as the award. This provided the employee the freedom to choose what they want, when they want it, reservation them feel truly rewarded.\r\nThe list of recipients is falld to springbok portions each quarter that provides the alter MasterCard separate with a safety logotype and bulk ships them to Rim Hospitality. Awards are pass on out at each hotel property to provide a personal budge and give upper management the luck to again, reinforce the positive behavior they are looking for and share the results of the program amongst all the hotels in a motivating way. Rim Hospitality experienced positive results some immediately which have steadily increased.\r\noer two years, they reduced workers compensation claims by 29%. This meant a savings of $634,000 and a 3. 4 to 1 ROI to the bottom line. Peer-to-peer Employee Recognition Program: â€Å"Informal Awards Program” use Materials is the global leader in nano manufacturing technology solutions for the electronics industry with a broad portfolio of sophisticated equipment, run and software products. Applied Materials innovates and commercial izes the bear upon and manufacturing technology that helps semiconductor manufacturers produce the worlds most advanced chips.\r\nApplied Materials had utilise a peer-to-peer employee recognition program that was being manually tracked and awards were being fulfilled out of their company store. Managing the program was utilizing resources that could be pore on other productive projects. They call for to find a solution that would cable carmate the program and award fulfillment. Applied Materials chose the Reward Incentive Management System (RIMS) from springbok Services to fulfill this need. RIMS is a electronic network based application that was easy to integrate with The Applied Materials reward and recognition program.\r\nRIMS fully automated the process of setting up and tacking budgets, nominating and approving awards, collecting recipient information and streamlining the award fulfillment process through its integration into Springbok’s MasterCard card management system. The goal of the program is to encourage outstanding performance and consistent behavior for employees and temporary or contract personnel to support corporate goals and values related to the following categories: Safety first gear: mortal award to promote positive safety-related behaviors and/or results that go beyond the normal job scope.\r\nQuality Counts: Individual award to promote positive quality-related behaviors and/or results that go beyond the normal job scope. Achieving Excellence: Individual award to promote outstanding behaviors and/or results toward corporate goals and objectives. group Award Together Everyone Achieves More: Award to promote outstanding behaviors and/or results demonstrate or obtained by a team of 10 or less. Employees can tin each other for awards, e get away notifications are sent to managers for approval, and once approved, the MasterCard prepay card is get off to the recipient.\r\nFulfillment of awards through their company store has been eliminated and the whole award nomination and approval process has been automated and aerodynamic increasing both employee productivity and satisfaction. health & Wellness Initiative: â€Å"Healthy accompaniment” The Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) is the worlds largest manufacturer, seller and distributor of Pepsi-Cola beverages †some of the worlds most recognized consumer brands. The PBG sales force of more than 30,000 customer representatives sell and tolerate nearly 200 million eight-ounce servings of Pepsi-Cola beverages per day.\r\nPBGs focus is on superior sales execution, customer service, merchandising and operating excellence. In 2005, PBG was working to better manage the rising cost of health care for its employees. They decided they could do that by educating their employees on various health related issues. To narrow the scope of broad number of health related topics, PBG implemented an employee survey to get feedback on the amour of their employe es. Beginning in January 2006, employees were provided the opportunity to complete a healthcare survey and receive a postpaid MasterCard card as an incentive.\r\nIn addition to the employee receiving the incentive, participating spouses in the healthcare benefits program could qualify as well. Qualifying employees were collected on a weekly basis by a third party healthcare management company and the data file was submitted to Springbok. The prepaid Master Cards were made and mailed directly to the employees who completed the survey. The participation rate from employees in the survey was over icon the rate PBG has projected going into the program. avocation the survey period, results were analyzed and employees were offered a multifariousness of healthcare educational classes to attend.\r\nWhen the class was completed, the employee received an additional prepaid MasterCard as a reward for completing the class. The educational program is on-going at this time. PBG rolled the pro gram out with a multi-media communications campaign, from emails and newsletters, to direct mail pieces mailed to employee’s homes. A custom branded PBG Healthy Living prepaid MasterCard card was used along with a custom card carrier and envelope. This brand helped tie the incentive back to the program continuing to remind and motivate employees to kick upstairs participate.\r\nThey attribute the success of the program to the descend and consistency of communication and the attractiveness and flexibleness of the incentive, Springbok’s prepaid MasterCard card. Employee Service Awards Program: â€Å"Iowa telecom’s ain Touch” Iowa telecommunication is the piece largest topical anaesthetic telephone company in Iowa. They work hard to provide their customers with reliable telephone dial tone, long distance and Internet services every second of every day. They provide telephone service to over 440 communities crossways the state. Their 600+ trained pro fessionals are working across the state to provide reliable service with a personal touch.\r\nThat personal touch is not only conveyed to their customers, but to their employees as well. With the large number of employees and diverse interests they have, Iowa telecommunication was faced with trying to consolidate their service anniversary awards program, to a streamlined, single awards program. later on considering a variety of different awards, Iowa telecommunication decided to utilize Springbok’s prepaid Service Awards MasterCard. Since the fall of 2002, Iowa Telecom has been awarding their employees for length of service, celebrating the employees’ anniversary during the month it occurs.\r\nEach calendar year, an employee file is sent to Springbok to manage the program and order the prepaid MasterCard. Orders are placed for people whose anniversaries are in the following month. That schedule, gives Iowa Telecom plenty of lead time to trust the employee’s st atus and provide payment for the order. Orders are fulfilled and the prepaid MasterCard cards are bulk shipped to Iowa Telecom’s human resource department. They utilize the â€Å"service awards” branded card to reinforce what the incentive is for and the card is personalized with the employees name for that special recognition.\r\nTo show appreciation to these loyal employees, Iowa Telecom President, Alan L. Wells, includes a letter of appreciation acknowledging the employees verity for service. This personal touch is consistent with the pleasurable work environment and efforts to recognize and reward employees for their achievements. The program has been running over 4 years and employee feedback has been positive with regard to receiving the prepaid MasterCard card as it provides them the flexibility to choose their own reward by purchase what they want, from millions of places, wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted.\r\nEmployee Sales Incentive Program: â⠂¬Å" balkamp †napa Auto separate” NAPA purchases auto move from various manufacturers and redistributes them to NAPA warehouses. The role of Balkamp is to take the NAPA Auto Parts Store into new markets and to provide the essential support to enable the store to gain market share. Balkamp adds value to NAPA stores through packaging, order quantities, catalogs, sales, pricing, service, promotions, warranty, obsolescence, innovation, and a product mixture that includes hard parts, tools and equipment, accessories, service items, performance and SUV accessories, and chemicals.\r\n coordinate with so many different parts manufacturers and their individual incentive programs, Balkamp was challenged with finding a way to increase sales by their district reps to their franchises and streamline the payments to the sales team upon achieving their goals. Balkamp also needed the flexibility of managing quintuple incentive programs at the same time for multiple manufacturers. Gro uping the awards into one payment vehicle simplified the process for Balk amp and the recipient.\r\nBalkamp selected a re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit card that can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. The Balkamp incentive award program started in 2005 to help increase sales company wide through their diffusion take to their franchises. With 100+ district sales representatives, Balkamp can implement incentive programs relatively easily, communicate the goals, track the sales and award the sales person very quickly. Requirements are create for sales people to achieve certain criteria.\r\nFor various products at different times, the sales people are tasked with selling hand truck loads of product through their distribution centers to any of their stores nationally. Upon reaching certain thresholds, the award amounts are loaded onto their prepaid MasterCard card from Springbok Services which they retain and can be re-loaded each time a new incentive threshold is achieved. Into the second year of the program, Balkamp is continuing with this incentive program as it has made a positive impact in increased sales, and reduced costs associated with administering their sales incentive program.\r\n'

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'Research and Development of Anti-Retroviral Drugs Essay\r'

'‘ contend the reasons wherefore the research and development of anti-retroviral medicates (ARVs) has squeeze differently on populate throe from human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome in demonstr equal to(p) and developing cosmea’\r\nHIV/AIDS still does non start out a know cure, unless if has a handling that slows d birth the affects of HIV/AIDS which is called ARV (anti-retroviral medicine) The ARV drug is a genuinely â€Å"exclusive” drug because as it is very expensive, around $ cd a month if non more than than depending on which stage you ar in, and that is a great dilemma because many quite a little groundworknot afford to pay that amount of coin so they ar not able to arrive the treatment. If mint in the number one human beings countries cannot give birth the drug, how do tidy sum in the tercet populace receive the drug? In third world countries the drugs argon prone to them for free, alone on th e 47% ready offs the full treatment. The drugs argon given to them by of the drug fraternity itself of early(a) companies that barter for the ARVs from the company and send it to the govern where it is needed, for example Africa. Africa is the location where the most HIV/AIDS grimaces ar, and is to a fault the one urinate the least amount of treatment.\r\nThe reason for this is because the ARV drug company asks to nail their coin gumption for all the research they prescribe in, so giving the ARVs for free would be arrange a great loss economically for them. The introductory aspect of this sheer is the social part. basis is a big problem because as buildings rim a lot to design they atomic number 18 not able to put up many, and you must besides shoot hold trained people able to establish there, which are hard to find in Africa. There are very a few(prenominal) amount of places where you can go originate tested but they occupy a limited amount of treatments and supplies. This is a huge problem because if people go to get better they choose to wait or not get better at all due to the lack of resources. I would solve this final payment by having not many small structures but some(prenominal) big structures so the supplies start a greater chance to arrive and more money is used wiser and more efficiently. some other social aspect of this problem is the discipline. In Africa the education is something that not everyone gets, so they are not aware about how they get the disease, how they can prevent it or what are the affects.\r\nA reason for why in Africa they do not receive the education is because there are a very few amount of teachers, and the teachers that they rich person whitethorn also be contaminated and are not able to execute their problem correctly. HIV/AIDS affects everyone in their fellowship because the disease spreads fast in their case (the people in Africa). This is due to their intimate behavior. Their culture does not have monogamousness or a custom of exactly one sexual partner, but they have many different sexual partners, and that is why HIV/AIDS spreads so rapidly in Africa. They also do not use protection because it is not operable to most people and so chances are higher to get HIV/AIDS. some other pagan aspect is that there is a lot of prejudice against testing. Many people do not want to get tested for HIV/AIDS because one, they are scared the test might come back imperative, second if it does result positive how will they tell their family/friends and thirdly how will they get the treatment they need to get.\r\nIf the people get tested and do want to not tell anyone, because of various reasons, and as a result the problem amplifies and does not get solved. other problem for the cultural aspect is get the people to betroth responsibility and try to change. Of coarse it is easier to cut down the problem and pretend it is not there, but that would not be serving the so cial occasion, it would be making it worse. How to solve these problems would be, in my opinion, have protection available to them, encourage testing, lull the people that there will be a treatment for them, make them perceive the severity of this issue and that if we do not take action it may get a lot worse, have sitting/groups for them to talk about their worries, experience ect. stock-still before doing this we must solve the bigger problem, how do we give them the treatment for free. Another aspect of the issue is the ethical/ honorable part.\r\nThe richer countries to some extent have an arrangement to service the pitifuler countries, but the third world countries should not relay or take advantage because also the richer countries have their own problems to solve. For insists America is going though a very tough crisis but at the same time they are helping the less fortunate get better. The poorer countries should also take action and do something to help themselves, be cause they should be putting the money where it actually needs to go to, the people. This leads us to some other aspect of the issue, the political portion. Politics have caused a lot of mayhems in the world because they sometimes do not have they priorities sorted out.\r\nFor example in Africa rather of investing their money in this issue of HIV/AIDS and the treatments, they have decided to invest their money on weapons and in their natural recourses such as oil. It is very hard to run a third world country but it should not be an excuse. To solve these concerns although it is a tall(prenominal) task but one elan to solve them, in my opinion, is to have people from the first world talk and question about what they can do unneurotic (with the people of the third world) instead of except have the first world do everything on their own. The last aspect of this issue is the economic part. Africa is already a poor continent, having a poor economy is not helping either. They do not have enough money to circulate and this lolly Africa growing, having sick people also shekels the economy from growing because it is another matter they have to face.\r\nChild labor increases due to the fact that the adults are sick and are unable to work and the poor people have no way in getting better because there aren’t enough doctors. In conclusion a way to resolve the problem in the distribution of the ARVs is to have several multi-national pharmaceutic companies sponsor the ARVs, so other briny(a) companies do not have to buy the drug and then distribute them, but by sponsoring the drug, the ARV drug company this instant gives the drug to the third world countries without loosing it’s money.\r\nThe multi-national pharmaceutical companies get advertisement and so they also gaining not loosing their money. As you can see this is a win, win situation. The main issue here is that the ARV drug company does not want to loose the money that they put in researc h so they make the drug excessively pricey because to produce the drug is a coast next to nothing. Once the people receive the treatment, they should help educate not only the modify people but also the people that haven’t been affected yet. I believe by doing this, the transmittal of the HIV/AIDS with decrease importantly and things will start to get better. I do believe that this problem is solvable.\r\n'

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'Advertisements Effects on Women\r'

'In our culture, our standards for how wo custody must look and act be important to us. So important that they’ve suit damaging to our well-being. Women pass water no direction of escaping being judged on what they wear or how they do their hair. There is no â€Å" mend” female, free of standards, unlike a male. Nowadays, media and hasten up language consider enticed our ideals for grammatical gender conventions, mostly unconsciously. Pressure on females to fit into these conventions is higher(prenominal) than ever.Mediaâ€ads, television, movies, magazines, and celebritiesâ€is well-nigh frailg we cannot escape. It surrounds us almost every keen of every day. Involuntarily, the average American sees â€Å"3000 ads in a day, and spends 2 years of their flavour watching television commercials (Kibourne). ” The disadvantages of female conventions bring in become bigger than ever before, and nourish come to driving women to extremes. sidesplitt ing Us quietly 4 by blue jean Kilbourne is a remarkably eye-opening documentary roughly how media affects our values, concepts, and ideals. As I’ve already state of matterd, we cannot secede away from advertisement. around populate cerebrate they’re not influenced by ads, but everyone is influenced by ads, whether they like it or not. Media delivers us ideals of what we should be, what everyone should tense up to be. They do more than try to fail us products. What we to a fault don’t realize is most of the images we’re federal sullenicial through advertising be an fantastic ideal. Com typeseter retouching, also known as Photoshop, is more customary than ever in advertising, and the women on ad’s we’re comparing ourselves to, atomic number 18 computer created. cipher looks like that, but we offer to par ourselves to them.In doing so, it creates an absurd amount of imperativeness on women. Our self-esteem is affected great ly. Advertisements drive women to extremes, often(prenominal) as flexible surgery and consume disorders. Plastic surgery is more popular than ever, and 91% of it is performed on women (Kilbourne). Breast implants are one of the most everyday plastic surgeries, but when done, most women lose savour and sensation in their breasts. When we lose disembodied spiriting, the social occasion is less intimately our pleasure, and more around other people’s enjoyment with a cleaning woman’s body.Advertisements certify us that aging equals terror. Botox is injected into the subject to remove any signs of emotion a woman could have. Ads also show us that women should be ashamed of what they eat, that most food for thought is a â€Å"guilty pleasure. ” Our culture, that’s dissemination to different parts of the world, has the capability to crystalize woman everywhere to feel hard about them selves. When a woman’s self confidence is brought do wn, they give themselves a â€Å" hastenover” to try to look more suited and feel better about themselves.A agitate of wardrobe, makeup, or hair can financial aid a woman feel a lot better. In doing so, a woman also engages to â€Å"mark” her self and how people see her. This brings me to Deborah Tannens essay: There is No Un tag Woman. Tannen defines the term â€Å"marked” as â€Å"the way language alters the base nub of a word by adding a linguistic particle (Tannen 68). ” Some examples are learn, being the unstarred word, and learnt, being marked and defining a more particular proposition word. Marked words also lift â€Å"female” words, as opposed to unstarred words conveying â€Å"male. Just as akin, females have to make decisions about garb and their appearance, whereas males do not; females are marked, males are unmarked. As Tannen states in the title, in that respect is no unmarked woman. A woman has a widespread choice of deci sions to make on her appearance so that she makes a arguing about herself. The range of decisions for males to study from is much narrower. Tannen examines that â€Å"men can choose styles that are marked, but they don’t have to… (Tannen 68). ” Women can’t still choose a formal title without perspicaciousness; â€Å"Mrs. ” and â€Å"Ms. ” communicate a relationship status.Tannen even goes as far as to state that writing the article on unmarked women may mark her as a feminist, not as a writer. She states â€Å" provided mentioning women and men marked me as a feminist for some (Tannen 70). ” Between these two writers, they cover a lot of common ground. A marked woman, also a woman greatly affected by advertisements, succumbs to consumerism. Feminine qualities are devalued by advertisements; therefore being marked is also devalued. Men are portrayed in advertisements to not have any womanish qualities, thus expressing disapproval for all things effeminate.Consequently, men devalue women, and feminine qualities are consistently being devalued. Human qualities are shared out into two separate parts and labeled, â€Å" manly” and â€Å"feminine. ” An unmarked man conveys being â€Å" virile” while marked women are â€Å"feminine” and therefore not taken as seriously as men. Kilbourne states â€Å"men essentially don’t live in a world in which their bodies are routinely scrutinized, criticized, and judged, whereas woman and girls do (Kilbourne). ” The disadvantages of gender conventions heavily outweigh the benefits. In fact, I couldn’t find any valid benefits.Advertisements put pressure on women to choose to dress in a current way, or do their hair this way. They put pressure on women to be cherished and beautiful. The idea that there is no marked woman is because we have such a vast variety of choices in how we look. Our ideals are inclined greatly thanks to advertising. Most marked choices that women make are because of ideals that advertisements use up us. These gender conventions testament never cease, and they’ll continue to perpetuate. Why? Well, because advertisers make a amplification off of making us feel terrible about ourselves.As I verbalise before, when we feel our self-esteem is low, we try to â€Å"make over” ourselves. The only way to â€Å"make over” your self is through acquire products. Females try to fit the ideal that’s fed to us. Females do indeed feel a lot of pressure to be desired. After watching Killing Us Softly 4, I take where this pressure comes from. No one seems to entail that advertising really affects us in any way, when you already know it greatly does. The amounts of decisions we have to make about how we look are overwhelming.I imagine that Kilbournes documentary is tremendously relieving because she’s opening people’s eyeball to the fact that the m edia does in fact influence us. Even though Tannen tells us that there’s no escaping these judgments based off our decisions, Kilbourne lifts a weight off our shoulders by telling us that these standards are ridiculously unrealistic. More women than ever have disorders and issues because of the necessary to basically look unreal, and I entail that we need to start educating our youth about advertising and its harmful effects.During adolescence, we’re greatly influenced by everything around us, and I think it’d be beneficial to show children in middle school documentaries similar to Jean Kilbourne’s series of Killing Us Softly. People need to understand the images ads show us are wrong. Women will always feel pressure to be accept satisfactory to everyone, but the pressures ads are boastful women nowadays are misleading. I believe that the fashion manufacture, with its ever increasingly thin models, and the advertisement industry, devaluing women and creating mpractical ideals, both have some small, but significant, changes to make. I also believe that people should be educated in advertising as it becomes harder to avoid, to understand the industry the way Kilbourne does. People should be able to have thoughts and ideals of their own.Works Cited Killing Us Softly 4. Dir. Sut Jhally. Media Education Foundation, 2010. DVD. Tannen, Deborah. â€Å"There is No overlooked Woman. ” ENG 701 Fall 2010 Course Packet. Ed. Alessandro Braidotti. Temple University, 2010. 68-70. Print.\r\n'