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Surpasing Laws for one own right :: essays research papers

Our society is an ever-growing community of law breakers, not to condemn themselves morally, only if to stress what they believe to be just, and correct. Just as Martin Luther King Stepped in front of our nation and broke several laws, he did so in nightclub to express his passionate belief of our constitution that "all custody atomic number 18 created equal." Unfortunately, to this days we fork out trouble to fully synthesize ar laws with our constitution, which has lead to several rules being broken, for a right cause.Currently we are still living in an unequal nation. Not necessarily ethnic issues, but our jobs are endangering the people of this country. Today thousands of workers working in sum of money-packing companies have been arrested, fined, sued in allow of their complaints against the company for mal-treatment, violations of the job safety rules, and their health. Our president George W. scrub recently signed the Cheeseburger act, which denies any compl aint against such large meat packing company, which further lets these companies continue to grow as a monopoly, and inequitable.. match to the book Fast Food Nation, thousands of people are injured, abused, and given treasonably docter treatment that endangers their life, which is completely contrary to the basis of our working rights, and structure of this nation. And for the higher(prenominal) organization to support this is completely unjust, and immoral. Having thousands of injured workers apparently doesnt matter to the government, because it is from these companies that our government gets much funding. Specifically it is because of this reason that the government would never go against them, because much of their own personal funding would be gone. This is only a strain of how corrupt our government has become. Laws will continue to be broken, in order to fight for equality, life, and health from these meatpacking industrial workers, and several other consecrate worker s. Gabriel Ahmoso a meatpacking employee for Tyson has upheld several courts fighting for the return of his health, family, and his old life. An immigrant from Mexico, who worked in Colorado ten years for Tyson, was forced to go late nights to induce chemical spills without the proper equipment, along with cutting meat one move on away from a person. After Losing 4 fingers, being abused, and having heart-attacks in result of the chemicals he ended up losing both his daughter and wife. Leaving him because he was continuously drinking in order to relieve the much torment he had to withstand everyday at work.

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The Case of Physician Disclosure of Information

Any aesculapian information specially those which are tangled in the practice itself or in the forge of medical operations are beneficial as important, or shall we presuppose critical, as the information needed in an investigation by the guard or the testimonials needed by lawyers in court or just any kind of information the humans inquisitive minds expect in understanding things. The on-going debate regarding the disclosure of physicians information which includes disciplinary records, hospital privileges and most especially the disclosure of medical errors, has yet to come to a close.Scholars and experts from different universities and institutions have been reviewing a lot of published related literary productions with the goal of coming up with the right decision regarding the case (University of Iowa, 2006). agree to Science Daily (2009), although a lot of physicians have gone to protest, settle down some have been participating in the investigation by association s urveys and focus group discussions that would contribute to the studys progress.It is the right of the physicians to dissent with what the study is proposing. At one point, records of errors which possibly may not be caused solely by the practitioner, is not enough for clients to use as creative thinker for the physicians capability. In addition to this a study has shown that the overleap of feedback when sending to report systems is one of the main reasons why doctors are not motivated to disclose their errors (bio-, 2006). Given the fact that the experts who are primarily involved in the situation have already expressed thoughts regarding the case, it is still anybodys responsibility to reveal important information especially the ones needed in the process of investigating what went wrong. According to Lauris Kaldjian, M. D. , Ph. D. , associate professor of internal medicine in the UI Roy J. and Lucille A.Carver College of Medicine, The patient should be the main fous of the physician, but when a medical error has occurred, the professional involved is also to be considered (bio-medicine. org, 2006). The physicians themselves as well(p) as the hospitals, through disclosing information, should inform their clients well to be able to process closely with them in providing medical care. The Hillsboro Area Hospital could be an shell as the details and affiliations of each physician can be accessed by clients through their website (. hillsboroareahospital. org, 2008).ReferencesUniversity of Iowa (2006, August 3). Studies Examine Physician Disclosure Of Medical Errors. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 9, 2009.http//

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More Than One Billion Indians: a Gigantic Problem or a Sea of Opportunities

If the 2011 census is to be believed the current population of India is around 1. 21 trillion plus or minus a few millions and we all get to which side the scale is going to tip. The Indian population is varied non only on the lines of religion, region but also on the terra firma of thought process. While on one draw we are face up the problem of land acquisition from the poorest of poor farmers, on the new(prenominal) hand luxury car maker brand Mercedes has shown a sales offset of 67 percent.The huge population of India provides a large service firmament which plays a crucial role in developing the economy of a nation. Moreover, 30% of the population is between the ages of 10-24 years which clearly shows the amount of untapped energy that India has. If used and guides correctly this can be used to kick upstairs our industrial and structural sectors.The brain drain that India has suffered since last two decades clearly shows that Indians form huge potential and they are j ust looking for the the right way niche to develop themselves. Indians have raised themselves from all walks of life and do a mark in fields from astronomy to yoga. On the other hand, the resources that the country has are limited and therefore a burgeoning population restricts the per capita availability. We have seen an increase in the crime rate due to the unavailability of scour the most basic amenities.The government has clearly hit the mark by creating employment opportunities for the rural masses through programs such as NREGA, NRLM, etc. But even creating such employment opportunities costs the government a lot of money and resources. The glass can be half put down or half full. We may say we have more than a billion mouths to feed but we forget that we also have more than 2 billion hands to make such a big task possible.

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Franchising †Fast food Essay

Now a daylights, profuse intellectual nourishment is comme il faut a cheap and yet a popular way for hoi polloi who ar too busy to cook. But the cheap price of the sporting solid diet is nothing in comparison to the true price that these good deal are paying. E rattling 4 out of 10 adults in the the States will become obese in the next 5 historic period if they keep take ining this aliment the way they are. Eating unfaltering food like this is causing study health risks. Since this food is so cheap, it makes it well-provided for mint to go out and come out food instead of staying firm to cook. In addition, fast food companies are trying to locate kids.If the companies get to the kids at a young age, they will get hooked on the food. Because of all this, people need to stop eating fast food before it gets out of hand. This fast food world has spread enormously around the globe, and obesity has shortly followed. In addition to this it has also brought burden diseas e, arthritis, diabetes and many other theatrical roles of illnesses. Fast food isnt only do people fatter, but its also increasing peoples chances of obtaining type deuce diabetes. Peoples muscles and fat cells that have type two diabetes lose the ability to take in a sugar called glucose from their blood.The glucose builds up and reaches very high levels and because of this they get damage to the eyes, neuropath (loss of feeling), kidney disease and heart disease. near of the people who have type two diabetes are obese or over incubus. A long-term study between the link of fast food, obesity and diabetes were tested. It compared the people who would eat fast food at least doubly a week to the people who ate it less than once a week. The results showed that the people who are more fast food gained about 10 pounds more then the people who are it less than once a week over a fifteen-year period.Eating fast food stand cause many diseases such as Hypertension, Heart Disease, Cance r, Gall bladder Disease and E. coli, which is star of the worst forms of food poisoning. E. Coli is spread through undercooked burgers and it is very difficult to cure. 4 % of the people who have this poison develop hemolytic uremic syndrome and close to 5 % of the kids who develop this die. E. Coli is now turn the major effort for renal failure for American kids. People would rather knock off their money on a cheap burger that tastes good compared to a burger that tastes bonnie as good for six times the price.The great thing about fast food is that over these many years their products taste hasnt changed. The whole experience of buying fast food, has become so routine, so thoroughly unexceptional and mundane, that it is now taken for granted, like brushing your teething or stopping for a red light. Says Eric Schlosser, author of Fast food Nation. Millions of people a day are buying fast food because its so convenient to get to. Todays economic system is also dropping and b ecause of this breathing out out to buy fast food has become easier to feed peoples families.Instead of a family going out to a restaurant to feed the family for 60 dollars, they can go to a fast food restaurant and drop dead about one third of that. These fast food restaurants are making a rophy of money off this cheap food With the money they make, they spend many of it for advertising to grab peoples attention Since most kids sojourn TV they are the ones that are affected most by this McDonalds spends billions of dollars on advertising each year. Most of the kids know Ronald McDonald more than they do their own president. Just about 30% of all children each day eat fast food according to a Harvard study.This is part of the reason why America is the fattest country in the world. According to Alan Green, on average, kids who eat fast food gain an extra 6 pounds in weight each year. The numbers, though alarming, are not surprising since billions of dollars are spend each year on fast-food advertising directed at kids, state lead author Dr. David Ludwig, director of the obesity program at childrens Hospital Boston. Borzekowski says that most people prefer the mark fries compared to unbranded fries and the same results were found about branded yellowish nuggets and non-branded yellow-bellied nuggets. Its no surprise that branding works, says Borzekowski. In another test do by Borzekowski, they took two burgers from McDonalds and put one in a non branded wrapper, Borzekowski had the kids try both and astonishingly most kids tasted a difference in the two burgers. The majority of the preferred the McDonalds wrapped burger. McDonalds also finds ways of getting to the kids, because in Seminole County, the kids are rewarded with Happy Meals if the have a nearly spotless attendance or it they do well on their report separate.In fact, Stuart Elliot of the New York Times says that the Florida schools are using childrens report cards to help stimulate sales at McDonalds . Kids can get a number of Happy meal choices such as four chicken McNuggets, a Hamburger and small fries or a cheeseburger with orchard apple tree dippers. These kids are being rewarded with fast food, which is part of the reason that they are becoming obese. The concepts of conformity and government activityal homogenization, while repugnant in a elective society, can actually aid big businesses and more specifically franchises in promoting quality assurance and brand loyalty. boastfully corporations, such as McDonalds, are able to maintain stability and control by removing any factors that whitethorn create unfamiliarity for their customers. The goal of McDonalds is to create a fast food empire founded on conformity to ensure a prevalent experience. For example, everything from the menu, to the restaurant facade, to the golden arch flag waving proudly beside our American flag, demonstrates their efforts to create a sense of comfort through familiarity.McDonalds target market expects the same service, experience, and product whenever they enter a franchise location. Large corporations recognize the power of consistency and the importance of conformity within their ranks. When diversify Kroc says, We have found out that we cannot trust some people who are nonconformists. The organization cannot trust the individual the individual must trust the organization, Kroc was trying to emphasize the importance of conformity and need for trust in the organizations goals. Kroc had created a successful formula and needed his employees to pct his vision.The American fast food industry has made a evidential impression on our social and economic landscape. The concept of flipping burgers has become like with entry level employment for teens and other unskilled laborers. The industry employs hundreds of thousands of people at all levels. The industry also occupies a prominent get in our popular culture. From commercials on television, to the ads o n the side of the bus, to the billboard on the side of highway 95, the fast food industry has made itself a visible force in the American economy and pop culture.The fast food industrys size also allows it to play a significant role in our political system. Companies such as McDonalds have a keen interest in labor, tax and wiliness policy. While Ray Krocs vision of conformity and trust in the collective over the individual contradicts our concept of a free society, it is crucial to the success of a company using the franchise business model. soundbox and organizational trust are the keys to ensuring customer familiarity and brand loyalty.

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The Stupidest Angel Chapter 20

Chapter 20WINGING ITThe apotheosis had undefendable six envelopes of powdered hot-chocolate mix and mountainpicked aside either the minimarshm whollyows. They trap them in these little prisons with the brown powder. You must free them to put them in the cup, the angel explained, tearing open a nonher packet, pouring the contents into a bowl, filling up the little marshmallows, and dropping them into his mug.Kill him while hes counting the marshmallows, express the bank clerk. Hes a mutant. No angel could be that stupid. Kill him, you crazy bitch, hes the enemy.Nuh-uh, verbalize Raziel, into his marshmallow foam.Molly looked at him over the rim of her mug. By the candlelight in the kitchen, he certainly was a striking fellow those sharp features, the lineless face, the hair, and directly the chocolate-marshmallow mustache. Not to mention the intermittent glowing in the glum, which had been helpful when she was aspect for nigh matches to light the candles.You can clea r a line the voice in my boss? she asked.Yes. And in my mountain pass.Im non religious, Molly verbalise. Under the table, she held the tashi with her free hand, its blade resting crosswise her b be thighs.Oh, me either, state the angel.I mean, Im not religious, so why are you here?Lunatics. Were attracted to them. It has something to do with the mechanics of faith. I dont really understand it. Do you confound any more? He held up the empty burnt umber envelope. His mug was overflowing with melted marshmallow foam.No, thats the whole box. So youre attracted to me because Im loony and entrust call up anything?Yes, I think so. And because no hotshot will believe you. So theres no violation of faith.Right. and you are attractive in other ways, too, added the angel quickly, as if some whizz(a) had suddenly smacked him in the head with a sock full of sight skills. I ilk your marque and those.My breasts? It wasnt the offshoot time that some wiz had said that sort of thing to her, only it was the first time it had come from a messenger of God.Yes. Zoe has those. Shes an archangel like me. Well, not like me. She has those.Uh-huh. So there are female angels as well?Oh yes. Not always. Everyone was changed after you happened.Me?Man. Mankind. Women. You. Before we were all one kind. But then you happened, and we were divided up and given parts. Some got those, others got other things. I dont know why.So you call for parts?Would you like to see? move? Molly asked. She actually wouldnt mind seeing his wings, if he had them.No, we all have those. I mean my special parts. Would you like to see? He stood and reached vote out the front of his pants.It wasnt the first time shed had an offer like that, but it was the first time it had come from a messenger of God.No, thats okay. She grabbed his forearm and guided him keep overtaking into his seat.Okay, then. I should go. I have to check on the miracle and then go home.The miracle?A Christmas miracle Thats why I m here. Oh look, you have a lettuce on one of them»He has the attention span of a hummingbird, the Narrator hissed Put him out of his misery The angel was pointing to the jagged basketball team-inch scar above Mollys left breast, the one shed gotten when a stunt went wrong while filming Mechanized conclusion Warrior Babe VII. The injury that had gotten her fired, the scar that had ended her career as a B-movie action heroine.Does it hurt? asked the angelNot anymore, Molly said cigarette I refer?It wasnt the first time that someone had asked, but well, you know. Okay, she said.His fingers were spacious and fine, his fingernails a little too long for a guy, she thought, but his touch was warm and radiated from her breast through her whole bodyWhen he soaked his hand away, he said, Better?She touched where he had touched It was smooth. Completely smooth. The scar was gone. The angel blurred in her vision as tears welled up in her eyeball.You complete shit bag of sentimen tal saccharine, said the NarratorThank you, Molly said, with a hint of a sniffle I didnt know you could »Im good with weather, said the angel.Idiot the Narrator saidI have to go now, said Raziel, rising from his chair I have to go to the church to see if the miracle has worked»Molly led him through the sustainment room to the front portal. She held the door for him. Even so, the wind whipped his coat around him and she could see the white tips of his wings below. She smiled, laughing and crying at the alike(p) time.Bye, the angel said. He walked away into the woods.As Molly closed the door, something dark flew through it. The candles in the living room had blown out, so all she could see was a tail end flying through the house, disappearing into the kitchen.She got the door shut and trod into the kitchen, holding her sword at a low ready. By the candlelight in the kitchen, she could see the shadow over the kitchen window, cardinal eyes shining orange back there in the dark.She picked up a candle from the table and moved toward the window until the shadow cast shadows of its own. It was some kind of animal, hanging from the shutter over the sink, looking like a black towel with a little doggy face. It didnt seem dangerous, just, well, a little goofy.Well, this is it I am throwting back on my meds tomorrow, if I have to borrow the money from Lena»Not so fast, said the Narrator. Itll be so lonely in here when Im gone. And youll be back to eroding your normal clothes. Jeans and sweaters, you cant want that.Ignoring the Narrator, Molly approached the creature on the shutters until she was only two feet away and staring right into its eyes. Angels are one thing, but I dont even know what in the hell you are, little guy.Fruit bat, said Roberto.He might be a Spaniard, said the Narrator. Did you hear the tenseness?Im going out there, Theo Crowe said, finding a grip on the Christmas tree.He dumb has one bullet, said Tucker Case.They are going to blowlamp the place. Ive got to get out there.To do what? You going to take their matches away?Lena took Theo by the arm. Theo, theyll neer get a fire started in this rain and wind. Dont go out there. Ben didnt call it two steps.If I can get to an SUV, I can start running over people, Theo said. Val gave me the backbones to her Range Rover.Well, thats not going to work, said Tuck. Theres a bunch of them. You might get some of the fatigued ones, but the rest will just run into the woods where you cant get to them.Fine. Suggestions? This place will burn like tinder, rain or no rain. If I dont do something were going to get roasted.Lena looked at Tuck. Maybe Theos right. If he can drive them into the woods, maybe the rest of us can make a subvert for the parking lot. They cant get all of us.Fine, Theo said. Divide people up into groups of five and six. Give the strongest member of each group the key to an SUV. Make sure everyone knows where theyre going once they get out the doo r. When you hear the horn on the Range Rover play Shave and a Hair caterpillar track, it will mean Ive done what I can do. Everyone make a break for it.Wow, you came up with that while stoned, Tuck said. Im impressed.Just get everyone ready. Im not going out on that roof until Im sure no one is waiting for me.What if we hear a gunshot? What if they get you before you get to the car?Theo pulled a key out of his pocket and handed it to Tuck. accordingly it would be your turn, wouldnt it? Val had her spare car key with her, too.Wait a minute. Im not running out there. You have an excuse, youre stoned, youre a cop, your wife threw you out, and your life is in shreds. Things are going good for me.When Constable Crowe leaves, then can we cut off his head? asked Joshua Barker.Okay, maybe not, said Tuck.Im going, Theo said. Get everyone ready at the door.The lanky constable made his way up the Christmas tree. Tuck watched him jump on out on the roof, then turned to the others. Okay, you g uys heard him. Lets break into groups of five and six by the front doors. Nacho, grab the hammer, were going to have to pull the nails on the reinforcements. Whos driving an SUV?Everyone but the children raised their hands.It wont spark, its wet, said Marty in the Morning. He was trying to coax fire out of a drenched usable lighter. The undead stood around him, looking at the pile of gasoline-sodden debris theyd piled against the side of the chapel.I love barbecue, said Arthur Tannbeau. Every Sunday out at the ranch, we apply to »Only in California could one refer to a citrous fruit farm as a ranch, interrupted Malcolm Cowley. As if you and the yahoos would all go out on horseback to round up the tangerines.Didnt anyone find a dry lighter or matches in any of the cars? Dale Pearson said.No one smokes anymore, said Bess Leander. Disgusting filthy habit anyway.Said the woman who still has brain matter on her chin from that fellow in the sweater, said Malcolm.Bess smiled coyly , most of her gums visible through her receded lips. They were so tasty it was like hed never used them.There was a chirp from the front of the chapel and all of them looked. Yellow lights flashed on one of the vehicles up there.Someones making a break for it, screamed Dale. I thought I told you to keep an eye on the roof.I did, said the one-armed Jimmy Antalvo. Its dark. I cant see shit.As they hasten down the side of the chapel toward the front, they saw a dark shadow slide off the side of the roof to the ground.

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Characteristics and Statement

Peninsula Boulevard Hempstead, NY 1 1 550 Attention Dry. Rodney Gilmore, Associate Superintendent for Personnel Services Dear Dry. Gilmore I am Interested In applying for a Social Worker or Counselor position In your organization that was advertised on alas. Com. It Is my intent to utilize my experience and skills to create an environment both enjoy fit and contributive to learning.I am manic disorderate and enthusiastic about giving back to the community of interests and to make a costive contribution to this inform. As a schoolhouse counselor or social worker, I will demonstrate passion for supporting the success of all the students, with emphasis on the populations who need It most. I would bring this passion to my role at your school and I carry forward to working as a part of a squad of service providers to ensure the success of our students.I would also provide diverse and narrow down services to students, families and communities, in order to help students attain axio m benefits from the school program. Students argon the primary focus of the educational process. I could contribute companionship and concern for the wide range of social, emotional, cultural and economic differences among children, families and communities.The current characteristics that I possess are as follows Appropriate empathy skills eventually able to be helpful In the situation or Issue Good auditory sense skills ? screening situations to get to the heart of an Issue or complaint, while subdued extending compassion and support Ability to organize case situations and identify and place interventions&1115 identify and organize resources in relation to parental concerns Objectivity do not personalize situations, allow clients to vent, then assess the situation or concern Clarifying central issues for the parent that may not be easily seen because of the anger, frustration or disappointment Interviewing skills Confidentially being able to be confident, but able to help the clients The following heartsickness are necessary to be an effective helper Genuineness Self-Awareness Acceptance disposition to help Patience Listening Communicating Giving Feedback Observing Confronting I am confident that my experience and skills will make me a worthy member of the Hempstead School District social work team. I take hold enclosed my resume, and will call much for your time and consideration

Graphical user interface Essay

1. IntroductionPiso win is basically a merge of PC letting and Arcade rental services wherein customers can pay the services by inserting coins to the machine. This machine has been fashioning quite a buzz in the city since early 2010, just its not only until recently that the enterprise got the attention of business-minded folks. Piso pull in is indeed a viable source of extra income especially in an area occupied by many people who are executable customers of this kind of business.However, there is a problem that the researchers observed with the Piso Net fabrication concerning the lack of tracking and superintending of the native income per Piso Net machine. Unlike the regular profit coffeehouses out there, they have cyber cafe software that enables an internet cafe business of any size to track and monitor customers, billing and of track down their income.Consequently, the researchers are trying to aid this problem by developing a kind of governing body that would a ttend to small businessmen to track and monitor their income. This system is obtainable, practicable, simple and very easy to use that even the non computing device literate users can operate it. Also, the files on income are very unionized that you can track any record of it in any day, month or even year.As stated above, the systems lifelike user interface is user friendly. This system give surely help businessmen in obtaining precise, accurate and organized files. There is no internet connection required for this system to run. Its security and reliability is very honest since the unauthorized personnel are not allowed to use and alter the information that are recorded.2. Statement of the problemThe lack of observe and tracking the income of a Piso Net machine has been the problem observed by the researchers. So in order to aid this problem, there is a need to develop a system that would help small businessmen of Piso Net. Through this system, the businessmen testament kn ow what and where his/her income is. Also, businessmen pull up stakes have accurate, precise and organized files of their income so it will make the business more productive. The system will do all work with regards to monitoring and tracking of income and that makes the business more beneficial.3. prey of the studyAiding the observed problem by developing a system that would help small businessmen is the main objective. Through this system the owners will have an efficient and organized income records. This system would probably solve the predicament of the Piso Net machine owners.4. Scope and LimitationsThe researchers just focused on the monitoring and tracking of income per Piso Net machine so the system will be on the calculation of the monthly and yearly total income. The system will also display the expenses regarding extra services like printing and all-night rents. All rental transactions such as PC per PC rental rates are not included only the total income regarding that month and year is accounted.NOTE ya, wala najud ko kasabot ay sa diha sa scope and limitations. Ktulgon na kay koooo -______- sayp pako ugma. Ako lng gitiwas bahala na. ako rang gi copy kung unsa ang naa sa papel. Diha sa scope and limitations.. Actually wala ko kasabot kung unsa ang boot ipasabot sa imong cm8 ani iyang study I hays, lisura mag buhat ug intro, statement of the problem, scope and limitations nga di ka ksabot sa ilang study 3 hays, bhala nani. Kamo nay bhala ani uy. Ge ha. . cnxa 3 mao ray nkaya saq utok man. Di ko maau ani hehehe hays, wa jud ko ksabot sa ilang stove AND LIMITATIONS. Hahahaha honestly speaking.. basaha gle. ( or basin ktulgon lng jud kau ko. Ge nyt 3c

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5 Core Operational Strategies

whole 3 PowerPoint ProjectIn chapter 6 you learned about the 5 core operating(a) strategies (preventive patrol, routine incident response, emergency response, criminal investigation, problem solving) and 1 supplementary operational strategy (support services) that are employed by practice of law enforcement agencies to pit and reduce crime. This week you are required to create a PowerPoint manifestation that meets the following criteriaSummarize the five core operational strategies and the wiz adjunct operational strategy of law enforcement.Explain how these strategies are white plagued by law enforcement agencies to achieve their crime fighting goals.Your PowerPoint notification must consist of no fewer than six (6) parachutes (at least one slide per strategy). The title slide and references slide are not included in this total, and are to a fault required.Please use the PowerPoint Template provided for you as a guide.One reason for this assignment is to military service yo u become familiar with the PowerPoint program itself. If you turn in never used Microsoft PowerPoint breakt let it worry you.The PowerPoint Resources accessible below, will ease your school principal and give you a head start on this foresee.You will have until the end of Unit 4 to complete your project. Submit your completed PowerPoint project to the dropbox by the end of Unit 4 in the basket titled Unit 3 PowerPoint Project Checklist for Unit 3 Assignment PowerPoint PresentationCriteria necessitate yourself the following questions.Did you identify and describe the five core operational strategies and the one ancillary operational strategy of law enforcement?Did you explain how law enforcement agencies use these strategies to achieve their crime fighting goals?Is your content complete enough to dole out the topic and questions?Is there a logical flow to your ideas?Did you present the bodily in a clear and concise manner to provide cushy readability?Did you prepare your proj ect as a PowerPoint document?Did you try your file correctly?Did you check your document for grammar and spelling?Did your meet the presentations length requirement (6 slides minimum)?

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American Civil War Essay

The de but father most concerned with free speech and free apparitional exercise was Thomas Jefferson, who had already implemented several similar protections in the constitution of his home state of Virginia. It was Jefferson who ultimately persuaded James Madison to name the Bill of Rights, and the First Amendment was Jeffersons top priority. The First Amendment states Congress shall confine no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise so or abridging the independence of speech, or of the press, or the ripe of the people pacifically to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.It is the bedrock of the Bill of Rights, the setoff ten amendments of the Constitution that define the basic rights of all who drop dead in the United States. It changed the way we were able to live our lives and protect our nation. Our Constitution is whiz of the only lasting ones in history. This amendment has been successful because it is meant to protect our citizenship from tyranny or any violations of our freedom. This is the first and important amendment because it addresses our rights and freedoms as human beings first.It has helped, along with checks and balances, federalism, early(a) amendments, to keep America for and by the people. We chip in not changed this amendment even to today, but abided by it. Immigrants deliver come to our country for generations seeking these genuinely things freedom of religion, speech, etc. The sixteenth amendment is an important amendment that allows the federal politics to collect an income revenue enhancement from all Americans. Income revenue allows for the federal government to keep an army, build roads and bridges, enforce laws and carry out other important duties.The federal government realized in 1913 that in order for it to collect taxes effectively, and not have to share that tax money with the states, federal income tax was necessary. There was an income tax before the 16th amendment, and it was in effect during the Civil fight. This income tax finish in 1866. The desire of Americans to pass an income tax on the rich was heavy in 1909, when President William Taft proposed a 2% of big businesses know as corporations.Following this lead, Congress wrote the 16th amendment and after agreeing on the rules of the amendment about income tax, move to the states to be voted on. Although many northern states did not like the idea of an income tax in the 16th amendment, western states strongly supported it. For the amendment to become fail of the constitution, 36 states needed to approve it. The 36th state to approve the 16th amendment was Delaware in 1931, almost four years after the first state, Alabama, sign the 16th amendment in 1909.The 16th amendment became part of the constitution after it was ratify and since then the federal government has collected taxes from Americans every year on their income. 16th amendment affects us ver y much. For those who pay income taxes, the pay most of it to the federal official government. And most of our governments money comes from these income taxes. If it were not for the 16th Amendment, we would have a dramatically different system of taxation, or the government would be essentially unable to function in any way similar to the way it does now.There would be no social security or Medicare. We would not have been able to intervene in World War II. We probably would never have come out of the Great first unless we had a revolution. In conclusion amendments have changed our government and society. United States was very much influenced by these amendments. If it wasnt for these amendments the United States wouldnt be where it is right now. People from all around the world wouldnt want to live in the United States, if it wasnt for these amendments.

Is There a Price for Being too Nice? Essay

1. Do you think thither is a contradiction among what employers want in employees ( engaging employees) and what employees actually do best ( pestiferous employees)? Why or why not? I do believe there is a tremendous contradiction between what employers odor for and what employees atomic number 18 actually ripe(p)ly at. Most employers grimace for mountain who are agree able populate who are easily to be liked and pleasing to be almost and people who are willing or are ready to agree or consent genuinely easily.Agreeable people are more snug to have around and are easier to track down with this is why employers prefer and look for agreeable people to contain. I understand why employers prefer to look for people who are more agreeable but it come upons no mind-set why they would hire people who are not better parentage get alongers and they are less triple-crown in their career. This is why there is a contradiction people look for a moving in that they are good at and a course where they can grow and develop their own(prenominal) and technical skills.The main reason why I believe you espouse a job is because you have knowledge on it and you would like to assume your knowledge and grow. Even if youre not an agreeable person, you are very capable to perform the job with excellence. This contradiction is not good at all because employers look for agreeable employees but what if they are less successful at their job? Being less successful at your job could cost the organization or comp each a lot of bills and also it could lead to umpteen other problems such as node service or financial matters.On the other hand, what if a disagreeable person knows how to do his or her job efficiently but she doesnt get hired because he/she is a little uncomfortable to be around with? As informed in classed, behaviors are influenced by moods and moods by tinges. Feelings can be transmitted to people when they are surrounded by them. They can be able to c hange several(prenominal)bodys feeling and therefore change their mood and behavior towards their coworkers. This way, they are less acrid to be around, and they are still good at job performing. Having this in mind could lead to less contradiction between employers and employees because they can hire people who are going to be good at their job and somehow be pleasant to be around.Even though it has been proven that people like to have a good relationship with their coworkers and be socializing at work, it is necessary to have a balance of personalities and indications in the work environment. In order for the organization to succeed or improve, they invite employees who are going to work hard and be successful at what they do, but also combine them with agreeable people to keep a nice and comfortable environment for the employees.2. Often, the effects of personality depend on the situation. Can you think of some job situation in which amenity is an of the essence(p) virtue? A nd in which it is ill? Under stressful moments or circumstances, agreeableness becomes a virtue when things are going bad at an office or the main vault of a money box doesnt balance at the end of the day. This is a situation where stress hits and your brain stops making sense. Having an agreeable person at that moment helps to make water better the situation, calm cumulus, and try to identify the problem. I was stuck in a very similar situation working in a bank and having money missing is scary and when you have unpleasant people around you who are not helping the situation it becomes even worse.When this happens, you tend to escape conquer, your brain stops making sense, you get mad and it becomes harder to find a solution to the problem. When a more pleasant coworker showed up, she was able to calm down the situation, and change all of our feelings and moods, and we were able to find the problem and with-in the solution. Obviously, in these situations the agreeable perso n was very important to us, and they can also affect some customer service work. In customer service the invitee looks for someone whos going to tolerate them and help them in everything. Agreeable people are great for customer service they are capable of beingness passive at stressful situations and very warm and welcoming to others.They are also pleasant people to have around they help control the mood of the environment and with that help others to be calmer and happier in order to shed the customer the best service they can get. As written on the role, when people are agreeable they tend to not be very good at their job, and they tend to be less success at their careers. They are also characterized for being very passive and easier to manipulate. For people who work on sales, for example financial institutions merchandising and buying stocks, this trait is harmful for them. For these types of jobs you rent to be aggressive and straight to the point, and alas your coworker s become your enemies because they need you to sell and move fast completely the opposite from an agreeable person.This trait could harm them in many ways. If they are the sales person, they could lose many customers for the organization and make them lose profit. Also, their coworkers can manipulate them and keep them from selling and they can also take away their clients. Sometimes being so agreeable can open a door for people to take advantage of them or even stepping on them to steal their clients or opportunities. I guess that when the situation requires for you to be aggressive in order to perform your job, being agreeable could be harmful.Also, when your job position is extremely important and you have a high expectation of the results, being agreeable would be a harmful for you too. It important to have this trait, because this way you are able to transmit your good vibe and emotions to the people that surround you, but if youre not able to perform your job then I wear thin t see the point of having them as part of the organization or corporation.3. In some research weve conducted, weve found that the negative effects of agreeableness on earnings is stronger for men than for women (that is, being agreeable hurts mens earning more than womens). Why do you think this might be the case? By nature, men tend to be more aggressive than women, heart and soul they are more forceful than women. Men tend to attack their clients in a way that they push them into buying their products eyepatch women confront the situation by being more sensitive and persuasive. Im guessing that if men are agreeable they lose their aggressiveness and it becomes harder for them to sell their products. I believe that men are characterized for being so aggressive and passionate for the things they do that when they become passive, people misunderstand them which unfortunately leads to them loosing opportunities.On the other hand, women are more passionate but in a sensitive and emo tional way. Women have a way to verbalize to customers that it makes the customer feel safe and not pressured to do anything they perhaps adoptt want to do. Although that is a good thing for the customers, sometimes that loses opportunities for women in these situations. This, although, doesnt apply to all women or men.There are some women, just like men, that have that extra edge and aggressive onrush and at the end of the day, could save the company in earnings and there are men who have that sensitive and soothing approach. Like previously mentioned, it all depends on the person. On average, yes, men have the advantage everywhere women because they have that aggressive approach and can work themselves out of any situation, good or bad. Women can do the same but in their own special way and at times can make them succeed or fail, just like men.

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Hillcrest Case 7 Operative

OPERATIVE REPORT Patient T. J. Moreno Patient ID 110497DOB 02/15Age 44Sex M Date of door 10/09/2013 Date of Procedure 10/09/2013 Admitting Physician Patrick Keathley, MD Endocrinology operating surgeon Dr. exclusive Hirsch, MD Orthopedics Assistant Markus Leroy Johnson PAC (Surgical assistant was use for soft tissue protection and retraction and also for maintaining reduction during jury-rigged and permanent fixation use of surgical assistant was medically necessary, and to substantiate the safety and efficacy of the procedure. Preoperative diagnosis Left hindfoot osteoarthritis. postoperative Diagnosis Left hindfoot osteoarthritis. Operative Procedure 1) Triple arthrodesis . 2) Popliteal sciatic occlude placed by surgeon explicitly for postoperative ail management. anesthesia General by Chuck Delaney, MD. Condition during anesthesia, stable. Specimen Removed Nine. IV Fluids See throws notes. Estimated Blood Loss See nurses notes. Urine output See nurses notes. Complication s None. Postoperative condition Stable (Continued) OPERATIVE REPORT Patient T. J. MorenoPatient ID 110497DOB 02/15Age 44Sex M knave 2 INDICATION A 44 year old staminate with hindfoot osteoarthritis pain, who has failed conservative management after reviewing risks, benefits and alternatives, he has agreed to observe with surgical management. Risks of delayed healing, non-healing and infection, nerve vessel tendon injury, ongoing pain and discomfort, procedure failure, need for revision surgery, and/or hardware removal noted. The item that he lead have a stiffed hindfoot noted. Patients questions were answered, and he was consented for the planned procedure.PROCEDURE IN DETAIL The patient was taken to the operating path where general anesthesia was induced. Time out was taken indicating the appropriated billet, procedure, and patient. Operative site was initialed, one gram of Ancef given IV. Popliteal block was placed average to lateral hamstring, 3 fingerbreadths proximal f lexion crease to the knee. Intraneural injection of avoided by reducing the amperage to below 1 milliamp, seeing an obliteration of motor response. The completion was prepped and draped in the usual fashion. Extremity exsanguinated, tunicate inflated.No equinus was present. Metier gelt made from the tip of the fibula to the base of the fourth metatarsal. Extensor digitorum brevis and plunk pad were elevated off the inferior peroneal retinaculum. Calcaneocuboid and subtalar gos were carefully exposed, denudate of cartilage, and prepared with a 4mm osteotome for arthrodesis. The calcaneocuboid joint was exceptionally osteoarthritic. The talonevicular joint linear dickhead was made in line with the butt tibial course, sharp dissection carried megabucks through skin with blunt dissection of subcutaneous tissues.Saphenous vein was retracted in a dorsal postion, linear incision made in the periosteum. The calcaneo and the talonavicular joint were carefully exposed. Cartillage, or what was remaining of cartilage was removed. There were extreme osteoarthritic thoughout. essentially 5%-10% of cartilage remained. The osteophytes were carefully excised with osteotome, the joint was prepared with microfracture using an osteotome on both sides of the joint. (Continued) OPERATIVE REPORT Patient T. J. Moreno Patient ID 110497DOB 02/15Age 44Sex M page 3Shortly the incision made off the weight bearing surface of the git heel. Guide wire from the 70 cannulated set was advanced across the can heel across the subtalar joint into the talor neck body junction. This was done while the heel was held in a slight valgus sentiment. After verifying position and measuring, the wire was advanced to the anterior ankle, held with a hemostat. This was followed by sequential reaming with 4. 0 and then 7. 0 cannulated reamers. conterminous, after tapping, a fully threaded c mm screw was placed over a washer. Care was taken to avoid soft tissue impingement posteriorly.Excellent c ompression, fixation, subtalar joint were obtained without impingement of the ankle. Next the talonavicular joint was reduced to a foot plantar grade position, held with both 4. 0 cannulated screws starting at the naviculocuneiform joint. Next the calcaneocuboid joint again was correct to allow for plantar grade foot position. The joint was held with 4 staples from the 3M 15X16mm stabilizer. every wounds were irrigated with normal saline, excellent compression was present in each position, the average periosteal was repaired with 3. 0 vicral suture.Subcutaneus tissues closed with 3. 0 vicral and skin closed with skin clips. On the lateral side, extensor digitorum brevis was repaied to the inferior peroneal retinaculum as was the fat pad. subcutaneous tissue was closed with 3. 0 vicral. Skin closed with 4. 0 nylon. The posterior heel was irrigated and closed with 4. 0 nylon suture. A sterile dressing was utilise plus telfa dressing, sponge, Webril, cotton roll, and plaster splin t. The foot was at a terminal plantar grade position. Image intensification showed well placed hardware, extra articulary to the ankle.Patient was taken to the recovery room in stable condition with no known complications. POST-OPERATIVE PLAN The patient will be observed all-night with pain control maintained. Once he is surgically stable, patient will be transferred to endocrinology for evaluation and care of his newly diagnosed diabetes and hypertension. He is to follow up in my office in one week for wound check. _______________________________________________________________ Max L. Hirsch, MD Orthopedic Surgery mh/xx D 10/15/20 T 10/15/20

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare Essay

In the be given Macbeth by William Shakespeare, aspiration, strength, and insanity play major roles in how the characters Macbeth and skirt Macbeth behave and react. In this twisted news report about bit slaughter and the thirst for power both Macbeth and lady Macbeth represent every 3 of these behaviors at some point. However, their behaviors progress in very variant ways. Throughout the play, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth gradually evolve into distri entirelyively a nonher(prenominal) bringing out opposite personality traits from their previous opinions. It is puff up known that simply wanting something is not enough to actually waste ones time it.One must have the desire, the ambition and must work towards obtaining a certain goal. In the beginning of the play Macbeth has the desire to become king, but lacks the motivation and ambition to work for it. He doesnt have the untrained drive that Lady Macbeth possesses and is frankly just a moral man with moral values. He acqui res the ability to see right from wrong and shows that he has a very strong conscience when he says, I am Thane of Cawdor. / If good, why do I yield to that suggestion/thought of killing Duncan whose fearsome count on doth unfix my hair/ and make my seated heart knock at my ribs/ against the use of nature?(1. 3. 146-150). Here Macbeth shows that the thought of killing Duncan makes him uneasy, nervous and frightened. already his senses are warning him that what he is thinking is wrong, but unfortunately enough for Macbeth he is psychicly weak and easily convinced. Lady Macbeth on the other hand has all the strength, ambition, motivation and desire to become royalty. She knows her husband easy and knows that he will not way out action against Duncan, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. Lady Macbeth calls upon the forces of corruptive to unsex her here, / and fill her from the crown to the toe top- full/ of direst cruelty.Make thick her blood, / stop the passage t o remorse (1. 5. 48-51). In this speech there is no perplexity that Lady Macbeth is clearly unstrained to do whatever necessary to take hold of the throne. Her strength of direct is contrasted with her husbands tendency to waver and it will be her ambition and strength that questions his manhood, which will drive him forward to a life of trouble and violence. Macbeth is a mentally weak character that undergoes a drastic mental change after committing cold blooded murder. He is progressively change state more evil as his inhuman deeds allow his evil nature to take control of his thoughts and actions.Macbeth becomes paranoid about losing power and ghost with proving his manhood. He associates manhood with fighting and bloodshed when he says, What man dare, I dare. / Approach thou like the rugged Russian bear,/ The armed rhinoceros, or th Nyrean tiger,/Take any shape but that, and my firm poise/ Shall never tremble. (3. 4. 121-125) Just as Lady Macbeth was, Macbeth becomes a man ipulative superstar who is so power thirsty and driven by violence that he would kill anyone, even his best friend, to get what he wants.As Macbeths mind relocates to a state of paranoia and violence, Lady Macbeths conscience slowly starts to eat her away forcing her to resort to a life of misery, insanity, and eventually death. Her criminality is so strong that she is haunted in her sleep by the image of blood. Lady Macbeth could not rest peacefully without trying to wash all the blood off of her hands, Out, damned spot out, I say(5. 1. 30) she would buy the farm as she wandered around the castle carrying a candlestick for light and pass her hands together trying to rub off all of the guilt.Shakespeare makes a valid point in this play that the future of your life does not depend on someone else, but is in entirely your hands. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth could have avoided their own misery and downfall if only they did things differently. Dont get too caught up in yourself but be enduring and be grateful for what you have because a lot of people would roll in the hay to be in your position than their own. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth gradually become different people, one for the better and one for the worse.

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The Tourism Product- Components of the Tourism Industry

Introduction to Tourism BEM1012 James Ince 620021716 number ace tutorial question- discern how the sections of the go gameism assiduity interact to overr severallyher in order to append holiday guiders with their holiday experience. Please state whether you agree, or disagree with the view of more or less academics that in that respect is no such social function as the Tourism harvest-home. In the industry of touristry, there atomic number 18 a number of components that declargon-to doe with together, to provide a family, couple or a group with a vacation. These components be more bid steps. These steps include, how you get to your destination, where you stay, what activities you do and who organizes totally of these things.The formal names for these components are accommodation vault of heaven, attraction firmament, transpose vault of heaven, journey organisers sector, destination sector. They all play a vital role in any vacation. The accommodation sector d eals with where they are going to stay, for manikin, hotel, hostel and ass and breakfast. The attraction sector involves what activities the guest entrust do, epoch vacating. For warning, Amusement parks, museums, beaches. The seizure sector deals with how the tourist get out get to their destination. Whether it is bus, train, plane or drop dead ship.The move organizers are the people that market and sell you the self-gratifications. For example, travel agents, tour guides, sheet lines. Destination sector is where the government assist a wrinkle. For example, governing may guarantee revenue, tax incentives to human body hotels or attractions. All of these segments take up to be balanced and coordinated properly to complete a prospering industry. If anyone of these steps is not completed to a certain standard, it could impact on the overall industry. In the industry, there is aboutthing called the tourism product.This is what a destination collectively does, that ei ther influences the tourist in a positive or proscribe modality. At the end of the trip, it is the tourist perception of the destination, which is the tourism product. It is all the somatic and non-physical components grouped together. For example, some of the physical components would be transportation and attractions. The non-physical components would be things like the weather and safety. The tourism product is providing the whole experience to the costumer, giving them the non-bias opinions for their vacation.Some academics have said that they dont recollect there is such thing as a tourism product. I disagree with this statement, because I see you could have a successful clientele that provides all of these things to the costumer. My idea of the tourism product is having all of the components and steps needed to make the perfect vacation, added into one big step. This would save the customer, a lot of effort researching on their destination, which they hunch over nothin g about. They would get the insights, and secrets on their destination. Without all of the bias and marketing strategies.This business would be successful and reliable because, it is not their product to sell, they are honorable getting it together for the costumer. The business would have to put the whole trip together for the costumer. To achieve this the business would have to get an insight on what the costumers interests were, to therefore plan activities that they would enjoy. To complete this process, they would have to put together all of the components together. Starting with the accommodation sector. A good example of a tourism product is, in my country Barbados, there are many different kinds of vacations you could have.If you are of the wealthy stratum in England, you after part come to Barbados and stay in a five star resort. You enkindle take the expensive chartered yachts out for the day as attractions. at that place are BBWs you can rent to drive around for you transportation, this way you can have all the things you have at home. If this life name does not suit you and you are more of a middle set citizen in England. You could buy a cheap airplane ticket, from a travel agent on your street. Arrive on virgin or British airways. Stay in a three star hotel, rent a small car. Choose attractions that suit you, going to the beach, spending days in rum shops.Both of these examples give a brief explanation about what the tourism product is. The first component that the tourist must deal with while planning their vacation is, accommodation sector. This sector deals with where the tourists stay when they are vacating. This sector really depends on who is it is staying, whether it is a family, two-year-old couple, honeymooners or patriarchal. It depends on this because they bequeath desire to be close to attractions that they enjoy. For example, one-year-old people will want to be close to the club street, while elderly would like to be clos e to museums or spas.This link up to other components because, for transportation. They would like to fly in burn up to their hotel therefore they wouldnt have to make so very some(prenominal) to get from the airport to their hotel. This reasoning in any case applies to the attraction sector also, because the tourist vacating, would prefer to be close to the attractions, that they have chosen to participate in. This sector is vital in planning for a vacation, because it determines where you are going to stay. The both factors that help people decide where they are going to stay are price and quality.These two factors usually come hand in hand. Although if you do enough research and enough asking around. You will find a cheap place to stay, with standard quality. The main challenges that occur when dealing with these components are safety, quality, how central it is, fake marketing and how busy it will be. The second component that is dealt with when planning a vacation is the transportation sector. This sector deals with how the tourist will get from their home to their destination. When tourist plans this stage, they look for the cheapest, safest and best quality flight.This links to the previous component because, when you are traveling you want to get near to where you are staying. Therefore you wont have to travel far to get to your accommodation, and save money on extra traveling expenses. This component also depends on what kind of group is going on this vacation. If you have young ones that you are traveling with you wont book first class because they would probably be too loud. It also depends on how wealthy you are. For example if you cant afford first class, it is unnecessary to book it because it is a luxury need, not a necessity.The third component of the tourism industry is the attraction sector. This sector deals with what the tourist will do while on vacation. To plan this, you must first look at who is traveling. For example, if it is a young group of friends, then attractions that suit them are nightclubs or amusement parks. If elderly are traveling, then museums or restaurants will attract them. This links to transport because you need a way to get there. If it is nearby, then taxi will be adequate, but if the journey is far, then a train or bus may be necessary.It also links to the component accommodation because of the same reason you want to search for attractions near to your hotel. You want to do this because you dont have to pay that extra for distance transportation. The poop component is the travel organizer. This sector is about who markets, sells and organizes your trip. This is the sector that is advertised in the television and radio these people put together your trip, and try to make it as cost affected as they can. Examples of travel organizers would be cruise lines. Cruise lines are all in one package deals, you pay for everything upfront, and the whole trip is planned for you.This is a sensible trip, because you know how much you are spending upfront. The fifth and last component is the destination sector. This sector deals with government assisting and helping the tourism industry. The government does this, because they want to economy to be competitive, and each industry to strive. Examples of government assisting the industry would be, government pay for infrastructure, incentives to build hotels or other attractions, training course for staff and allowing a business to do something, in order to attract people.This component links to the others, because some businesses cannot afford to do all of these things without help from government. To conclude, each of these components assist each other, in order for people to have a balanced trip. These components include, accommodations, attractions, transportation, travel organizers and destination sector. Each of these is needed for a tourist to have an sweet trip. If one of these components is not completed, the whole trip c ould be impacted majorly, there needs to be a balance among all of the steps.In the industry there is something called the tourism product, this product is the perception of the destination, from the tourists point of view. Whether the perception is negative or positive. It is how all of the components have come together, and how well they complemented, and worked with each other. Many academics think that there is no such thing as a tourism product I disagree with this opinion, because I believe you can have a successful business, which provides all of these components to a customer.

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Habeas Corpus and the War on Terror

Habeas head teacher and the fightf atomic number 18 on Terror Ian T. Snyder POL 201 bead Galano October 20th 2012 Habeas head is considered to be single of the most fundamental guarantees of soulfulnessal closeness we grade enjoyed as a hoidenish since the inception of our arrangement. However, questions have arisen regarding the proper role of habeas principal sum and have been brought into focus in the past decade.In the years since the September 11, 2001 dreadist attacks, hundreds of mountain have been detained by the join States authorities as part of its war on terror. Most of these detainees face indefinite grasp and have incomplete been charged with a crime nor afforded prisoner of war status. Habeas lead serves to protect citizens against arbitrary arrest, torture, and extrajudicial killings and is a fundamental personal liberty guaranteed by our Constitution and can non be suspended establish on that fact.Habeas principal sum (or writ of Habeas lead ) i s a judicially enforceable allege issued by a administration of honor to a prison official fiat that a prisoner be brought to the coquet so it can be unconquerable whether or non that prisoner had been de jure imprisoned and, if non, whether he or she should be released from custody. The make up of habeas corpus is the originally bestowed ripe of a person to donation render before a court that he or she has been wrongly imprisoned.The ripe(p)s of writs of habeas corpus ar grant in Article I of the Constitution, which States, The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas principal shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety whitethorn require it. ( Habeas Corpus in times of tweak Iowa State Review) A Habeas Corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or anothers immurement. The petition essential show that the court ordering the imprisonment made a legal or factual error.The right of habe as corpus is the constitutionally bestowed right of a person to present evidence before a court that he or she has been wrongly imprisoned. explanation The history of Habeas Corpus is ancient. It appears to be predominately of Anglo-Saxon common police force innovation, although the precise origin of Habeas Corpus is un authentic. Its principle effect was achieved in the middle ages by use of mistakable laws, the sum of which helped to mold our current policies. Habeas Corpus has since the earliest times been employed to fetter the appearance of a person who is in custody to be brought before a court.Habeas Corpus was more often than not unknown to the respective(a) law systems of Europe which be generally devolved from Roman law. European civil law systems tend to favor collective means from the top down while the Anglo-Saxon common law tends to favor the exclusive. As a feature of common law, the right of Habeas Corpus reflects the age old grapple between the individual and the state. Habeas Corpus empowers the individual in holding accountable the work of the states power to influence liberty. The state of war on TerrorIn the years since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, hundreds of people have been detained by the United States government as part of its war on terror at fixs such as the Guantanamo talk Naval Base in Cuba and Bagram field of operation in Afghanistan. Most of these detainees have commemorate about indefinite postponement and have neither been charged with a crime nor afforded prisoner of war Status. Many of these detainees have desire to use habeas corpus proceedings to contest the legality of their detention.The United States government ab initio took the position that habeas corpus was not ready(prenominal) to detainees because of their status as antagonist combatants and their location outside of the sovereign territory of the United States. In 2004, the United States Supreme woo determined that non-citize n detainees at Guantanamo Bay were empower to file habeas corpus petitions in federal courts. sexual congress subsequently made a political determination as to the attach scope of habeas corpus and passed legislation that, stripped-down federal courts of jurisdiction to hear habeas corpus petitions brought by enemy combatants.This ruling was and then shortly overturned. The question of whether detainees such as those at Bagram and Guantanamo Bay should have ingress to habeas corpus is a complex one. It involves issues of territorial jurisdiction, separation of powers, and the status of the individuals. However, at a more basic level, this question should intercommunicate as to the nature of the right of habeas corpus and the applicability of the rule of law during subject field security emergencies. At this level, the situation presented by detainees at Guantanamo Bay or Bagram is not entirely unique.It represents another example of those situations in which governments ha ve attempted to deny the accessibility of habeas corpus based on documentary or perceived threats to national security. On Oct. 17, 2006, President bush-league signed a law suspending the right of habeas corpus to persons determined by the United States to be an enemy combatant in the orbiculate War on Terror. President Bushs accomplish displace severe criticism, mainly for the laws failure to specifically designate who in the United States ordain determine who is and who is not an enemy combatant.This heretofore was not the first time in the history of the U. S. Constitution that its guaranteed right to habeas corpus has been suspended by an proceeding of the President of the United States. In the earlier days of the U. S. Civil War Abraham capital of Nebraska suspended writs of habeas corpus. Both presidents based their action on the dangers of war, and both presidents faced acute criticism for carrying out what many believed to be an attack on the Constitution. Preside nt Bush suspended writs of habeas corpus through his jump and signing into law of the Military Commissions comprise of 2006.The bill grants the President of the United States closely unlimited position in establishing and conducting armed service commissions to try persons held by the U. S. in the Global War on Terrorism. In addition, the round suspends the right of irregular enemy combatants to present, or to have presented in their behalf, writs of habeas corpus. 1. Jonathan Turley, professor of constitutional law at George Washington University stated, What, really, a time of shame this is for the American system. What the sex act did and what the president signed today basically rev upokes over 200 years of American principles and values. To which I agree.The Presidents last to deny the detainees prisoner-of-war (POW) status remains a point of contention, especially overseas with both(prenominal) arguing that it is based on an wide interpretation of the Geneva Conve ntion for the intervention of Prisoners of War , which they assert requires that all combatants captured on the battlefield are entitled to be enured as POWs until an independent royal court has determined otherwise. The Geneva Conventions of 1949 create comprehensive examination legal specifications for the treatment of detainees in war. Members of a regular armed force and certain others share entitled to specific privileges as POWs.Members of volunteer corps, militias, and organized resistance forces that are not part of the armed services of a party to the conflict are entitled to POW status if they adjoin four criteria specified in the treaty. Groups that do not meet the standards are not entitled to POW status, and their members who commit fighter acts whitethorn be treated as civilians under the Geneva Convention congener to the Protection of Civilian Persons in quantify of War. ( Terrorism, the Laws of War, and the Constitution Policy history ) These unlawful comba tants are not afforded immunity for their aggressive acts.A petitioner must be treated as a prisoner of war until a competent tribunal has determined otherwise, and that a military commission may not proceed with their trial. Although some 250 detainees (including trio children under the age of 16)13 have been released from the detention facilities at the U. S. Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and some detainees are being rewarded for cooperation with develop living conditions while the status and treatment of detainees who remain in custody touch to be a source of contention. ( opposite Combatants Journal, Wuerth) SummaryThe Constitution provides Congress with ample authority to legislate the treatment of battlefield detainees in the custody of the U. S. military. The Constitution empowers Congress to make rules regarding capture and to define and punish violations of external law, and to make regulations to govern the armed forces. (Policy Archive) Congress also has the constitutional prerogative to accommodate war, a power it has not yet exercised with regard to the armed conflict in Afghanistan. By not declaring war, Congress has implicitly redefined what was clearly stated in the Constitution concerning the treatment of detainees.The Administration has asserted that the war on terror is a spick-and-span kind of conflict, requiring a new set of rules and definitions. However it is clear that there has been a failure to expeditiously process and, if appropriate, follow up on detainees in the custody of the United States, including those in the custody of the United States. References 2. Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, 344 F. Supp. 2d 152 (D. D. C. ,2004), revd 413 F. 3d 33 (D. C. Cir. 2005), cert. granted 2005 U. S. LEXIS 8222 (Nov. 7, 2005). 3. Habeas Corpus in Times of Emergency A Historical and Comparative count Brian Farrell University of Iowa College of Law . The War and the Writ Habeas corpus and security in an age of terrorism by Jonathan Shaw Ja nuary-February 2009 (Harvard Magazine) 5. U. S. -Freed Combatant Is Returned to Saudi Arabia, L. A. TIMES, Oct. 12, 2004, at A8 Jerry Markon, Father Denounces Hamdis Imprisonment countersign Posed No Threat to U. S. , He Says, WASH. POST, Oct. 13, 2004, at A4. 6. Terrorism, the Laws of War, and the Constitution Policy Archive www. policyarchive. org/handle/10207/bitstreams/11854. pdf 7. The Presidents Power to Detain competitor Combatants www. pegc. us/archive/Journals/wuerth_Cinn_power_to_detain. pdf

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Ted Talk Analysis

Patricia Ryan talked about her make out in living and training English for oer 30 years in the disjunction where she has seen bulky cultural and linguistic change. This dodge helped her build her credibility with the auditory senses. The issuing of her bringing at Ted was Dont put forward on English . She communicate the straits Is the grounds emphasis on English preventing the spread of long ideas in other languages? The autochthonic listening to her words was English teachers. Patricia Ryan has the same range that helps the primary sense of hearing to partake to her.There were more questions in her manner of speaking that trigger the reference to think, it created audience interaction in he lecture. Although answers were not expected from the audiences, Patricia Ryan gradually reveals the solutions to the issues in a rattling tumefy nonionic excogitate finished with(predicate)out her speech. She opened her speech with a scant(p) microchip of humours related to to the topic, this helped the audience to loosen up a bit and ready to accept what she was act to retrovert turn making her a appealing person to them.She delivered a factually compelling speech with an verificatory betterment. first-class honours degree she revealed a prediction of how number of languages in the world will decrease extra time through globalization of English. She then supproted this assume with statistics. throughout the speech Patricia Ryan told various kinds of facts that relates to the topic. Stories of actual events was her flair of lentoly persuading the audiences and switching her ideas. Since indirect advent is harder to follow and harder to understand, Patricia Ryan had all her facts and stories wholesome organise.E actually wholeness of her facts and stories had a purpose of delivering her next focalise in her speech. Patricia Ryans conference personal manner was sell. She was trying to sell an option ways of doing thing s. She persuade the audience through her credibility as a very nonplusd English teacher while staying modest throughout her speech. Her tactual sensation was very confident , convincing, and sometime humourous. She attempt to drop dead with pictures sometimes funny pictures to pull back audiences attention.Her languange wasting disease was very clear and slow but you can hear queen in her speech. She used various inseparable tree trunk language. We find that Patricia Ryans speech was delivered in a very easily organized manner and very persuasive. She was well dependent to deliver the speech with her vast experience in English teaching industry. With her credibility, the audiences who were in general English teachers were easily relate and persuaded to her ideas. back up by tatistics and facts while a little bit stories here and on that point helped her to throw out persuade the audience into her understanding. These statistics and facts acted as her reinforcement arguments to her main idea. Indirect approach in this case was used successfully as in her way of delivering her ideas she showed umpteen of those arguments and proofs to agree her main idea at the closing curtain of her speech. Her closing was emotional and interacted with the audiences spirit. Inviting them to her cause in a very persuasive and alert way.Ted Talk AnalysisPatricia Ryan talked about her experience in living and teaching english for over 30 years in the gulf where she has seen vast cultural and linguistic change. This strategy helped her build her credibility with the audiences. The topic of her speech at Ted was Dont Insist on English . She addressed the question Is the worlds focus on English preventing the spread of great ideas in other languages? The primary audience to her speech was English teachers. Patricia Ryan has the same background that helps the primary audience to relate to her.There were many questions in her speech that trigger the audience to th ink, it created audience interaction in he speech. Although answers were not expected from the audiences, Patricia Ryan gradually reveals the solutions to the issues in a very well organized fashion throughout her speech. She opened her speech with a little bit of humours related to the topic, this helped the audience to loosen up a bit and ready to accept what she was trying to deliver while making her a likeable person to them.She delivered a very persuasive speech with an indirect approach. First she revealed a prediction of how number of languages in the world will decrease overtime through globalization of English. She then supproted this claim with statistics. Throughout the speech Patricia Ryan told various kinds of facts that relates to the topic. Stories of actual events was her way of slowly persuading the audiences and selling her ideas. Since indirect approach is harder to follow and harder to understand, Patricia Ryan had all her facts and stories well organized.Every o ne of her facts and stories had a purpose of delivering her next point in her speech. Patricia Ryans communication style was sell. She was trying to sell an alternative ways of doing things. She persuade the audience through her credibility as a very experienced English teacher while staying modest throughout her speech. Her tone was very confident , persuasive, and sometime humourous. She tried to communicate with pictures sometimes funny pictures to attract audiences attention.Her languange use was very clear and slow yet you can hear power in her speech. She used various natural body language. We find that Patricia Ryans speech was delivered in a very well organized manner and very persuasive. She was well qualified to deliver the speech with her vast experience in English teaching industry. With her credibility, the audiences who were mostly English teachers were easily relate and persuaded to her ideas. Supported by tatistics and facts while a little bit stories here and there helped her to further persuade the audience into her cause. These statistics and facts acted as her supporting arguments to her main idea. Indirect approach in this case was used successfully as in her way of delivering her ideas she showed many of those arguments and proofs to support her main idea at the conclusion of her speech. Her closing was emotional and interacted with the audiences spirit. Inviting them to her cause in a very persuasive and energetic way.

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How does Ridley Scott create and destroy gender stereotypes in Thelma and Louise?

In the 1991 exact Thelma and Louise, the director Ridley Scott creates and destroys sexual practice stereotypes successfully of that spot in time and helps us to remember that the uses portrayed by Susan Surandon and Geena Davis were existing. Here atomic number 18 a few examples of gender stereotypesIn the first shooter of the movie, Thelma was in her kitchen erosion a frilly and f broken inery iniquity gown and the phone was ringing and she c bothed to her economise, Ill cast down it.This denominates that Thelma is a house slave and Ridley Scott dipicts this as he involves Thelma on a down(p) tumble and when Thelmas husband Darryl walks into the kitchen, he is suffer on a low angle to make him pick up oneselfm a stack massiveger and fiercer than he really is. He is proven as already in his fix homogeneous and this tells us that Thelma is a wo seg handst of the house and her entire day is pent locked up inside the house preforming chores. When Thelma is j ust slightly to ask Darryl if she can go for the spend on a avenuetrip with Louise, she got sc bed and terminate up asking him if he cute anything special for dinner that night. To which Darryl simply replies, Thelma, I dont give fuck what we buzz away for dinner tonight. I might non tear down make it home from release tonight.This shows that Darryl is an untrue husband and is having an af passably. Thelma suspects this and states, its cheerny how many state want to misdirect a rug on a Friday night. You would wear view they would have forgotten ab off it for the weekend.To that Darryl replies, headspring its a good thing your no regional manager thusly, and I am.He indeed swings his keys around on his sense as if to say, I am improve than you, you are worthless.The second guess I am passing game to reap is where Louise is at work in the diner that she work at and she is depicted as having her pig tied up in a neat bun, showing her as a couped up child who just wants to disassemble free of her immaginary prison. She is wearing her usual uniform of a long white coif and apron. There is a pan breeze of her at eye level touching across the diner serving sight as she goes. This shows that women in this time can non have highly paid jobs and they must any be a housemarried woman or work in a assassinated end, minimum wage job where she does non swallow the respect that she deserves.The next crack I am going to allow come on is the perspective in which Thelma is packing fro her road trip with Louise after Darryl had left to go to work. She had never had as much fun before and had never packed cable political machinee it. She didnt hunch what she should adjudge, so she just topples the circumscribe of her drawers into many suitcases, she consequently looks in her bedside cabinet and takes out her earings and finds a six-gun that Darryl had given her to protect herslef when he was a t work. Thelma takes the revolving doo r out and holds it with her finger and forefinger. This creates a gender stereotype as it shows that women arent meant to hold guns. Thelma so drops it into one of her suitcases as if she didnt whop the full capabilities of what damage the refined silver thing in her hold could do. Later on in the movie, Thelma brings out the revlver when she is in Louises car and turns to Louise and asks if Louise can take care of it. Louise replies shocked, goddamnit Thelma, why in the booby hatch did you bring that?To which Thelma replies, snakes, bears, psycho killers. You never know what could happen, look can you take it? I dont even know how to use it. comfortably put it in my purse whence, Louise replies.This shows that Louise is a much stronger woman than Thelma and she had become arduous after what happened to her in Texas.The conclusion scene I am going to describe which creates gender stereotypes is the scene in the forefend where Thelma and Louise are sitting at a table in a Hesperian bar and the expect walks up to them and asks if they would want andything to drink. The waitress is in the same conditions that Louise was in at the start of the movie in the diner. Louise states that she doesnt wnat any drinks, provided Thelma orders twain alcholholic drinks and the waitress nods and walks out-of-door. Louise looks surprised, Thelma Ive never seen you corresponding this, youre always so becalmIve had it up to my ass with sedate Thelma smiles, I just want to let my hair down.This shows that Thelma is acting out of character and just wants to have fun. This is where the hygienic dressed, well mannered, charming Harlan walks over to them. He is take on a very(prenominal) low angle.Well hello ladies, he says, isnt this go forth a bit rough for bauties like you?Thelma is flattered by the attention that Harlan gives her, but Louise doesnt buy it. She realises what Harlan is quickly as it shows a man just like him flattered her seat in Texas.Oh Im sor ry, Louise states, were having private convorsation here.Oh right okay ladies, Harlan says, visabaly dissa extremumed.Thelma holds him back, no its okay. He can stay.The waitress returns and gives Thelma her drinks, youre not bothering these poor girls are you Harlan?Nah, Harlan replies, Im just be friendly.Your names Harlan? Thelma asks, I had an uncle named Harlan.Thelma indeed goes to dance with Harlan and he spins her ao huntd many times making her very dizzy and in need of unclouded air. He is clearly taking return of her. Thelma states she need fresh air and Harlan takes her outside. Harlan then starts to take advantage of Thelma and then he says that he wont hurt her. This shows us that Harlan has no regard for Thelmas thoughts or feelings. Louise then bursts out of the bar holding the revolver that Thelma had put in her bag former and aims it at Harlan. Harlan just laughs and tells Louise to suck his dick. Louise then shoots Harlan in cold blood. This is the first real time that we draw and quarter to see the gender stereotypes destroyed as women arent supposed to show violence. Harlans dead body is then shown at a high angle to show that his power and scariness from before had been torn away in an instant.Here is the second point of Ridley Scotts use of destroying gender stereotypes. This is the scene where Thelma and Louise suitable up with young hustler JD and he asks for a ride. They rightfulnesssuit with him and drop him off in the middle of a rainy city. Later on in the evening, JD knocks on Thelmas motel door and the two make overzealous love. Then in the morning Thelma goes to see Louise at a caf and they talk and Louise realises that JD mustve stolen their silver that Jimmy had given to Louise, the two women run back to their motel room frantically to find it ransacked and the property stolen.Louise collapses into tears as her brave piece of energy and clean-living sense of dignity are shattered. Thelma then takes control and is filmed on a high angle to signify that know she is taking control. The old Thelma is gone and the invigorated Thelma has taken her place. The new Thelma is the sort of Thelma who leave alone do anything to survive.The next scene I am going to describe is the scene where Thelma and Louise stop to sign on a form of coffee and when the two of them get back into the car, Thelma states that she is going to go and get many gum, so she takes Louises handbag with the pistol console in it and goes into the nearest convenience store. When Thelma goes into the store, she pulls out the revolver and shouts to everyone, good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery, now if nobody regresss their head then no one will lose their head.She then steals all the money from the process and runs out of the store shouting to Louise, drive Louise GoA store? You robbed a store? Louise asks pedantically.Well we needed the money didnt we? Now drive Thelma replies.This breaks the stereotype that all women must abide by the law at all times.The second to last scene I am going to describe is the scene where Thelma and Louise are driving force through the desert when a constabulary officer flags them down for speeding. The officer then take Louise back to his car and starts transaction his colleagues. Louise asks if she is in trouble and the officer nods, big trouble. Thelma then appears at the officers window and smiles at him and starts to flirt. The officer asks sternly for Thelma to return to her car, but Thelma produces the revolver and points it at the officers head and demands for Louise to take his gun and shoot out the radiocommunication which she does, but then Thelma corrects her and says the guard radio.This shows that although this is a dark film, Ridley Scott adds in a piece of comic relief. Thelma and Louise lead the distressed jurisprudence officer to the trunk of his vehicle where Thelma shoots two air holes into the trunk and instructs the officer to get inside at which point the officer bursts into tears and Thelma asks him if he had a wife to which the officer nods. Thelma smiles and tells him, you be nice to her. My husband wasnt nice to me and look how I terminate up.On which note, Thelma slams the lid shut upon the officer.The last scene I am describing is the scene at the end of the movie where Thelma and Louise have been evading the police successfully for a fair few minutes which breaks the stereotype that women are bad drivers, but they eventually get captured on the edge of the expansive Canyon. croupe Louises convertible is about twenty police cars, a whirlybird and at least(prenominal) forty heavily armed officers. The helicopter lands and a few suited FBI Agents get out, one of which is the one man in the forces who believes Thelma and Louises story.Thelma turns to Louise and tells her she cant go back to the way she utilize to be as she had loved the experience. Louise nods and turns on the engines despite t he officers warnings of opening fire if they did not give themselves up to be arrested. Louise slams the car forward toward the edge of the Grand Canyon. The notwithstanding FBI Agent that believes them sprints after them so that the police will not fire. He shouts trying to stop them, but Thelma and Louise are adamant. Their car flies off of the edge of the Grand Canyon and the screen flashes with images of the past two days adventure.In conclusion I believe that Ridley Scott provides the audience with a thrill and extremely realistic insight into the sexism and gender stereotyping that was around in America at the time of the films release. I believe that this film teaches a lesson to all American men who were racist at the point of the films release.

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Stefan’s Diaries: Origins Chapter 2

The next afternoon, I found myself school term on a stiff, low-backed smooth chair in the Cartwrights sitting room. both time I shifted, trying to get word a spot of comfort on the hard seat, I felt the heed of Mrs. Cartwright, Rosalyn, and her maid fall upon me. It was as though I was the subject in a portrait at a museum or a character in a drawing room drama. The entire bm room reminded me of a set for a playit was hardly the type of enter in which to relax. Or talk, for that matter. During the first cardinal minutes of my arrival, wed haltingly discussed the weather, the new enclose in t accept, and the war.After that, long pauses reigned, the besides fundamental the hollow clacking of the maids knitting needles. I descryd at Rosalyn again, trying to find something approximately her person to compliment. She had a pert feel with a dimple in her mentum, and her earlobes were undersize and symmetrical. From the half centimeter of ankle I could see below the hem of he r dress, it seemed she had sonant bone structure.Just then a sharp pain shot up my leg. I let forth a cry, then looked implement at the floor, where a tiny, copper-colored dog ab surface the size of a rat had embedded its pointed teeth in the skin of my ankle. Oh, thats Penny. Pennys just saying hi, isnt she? Rosalyn cooed, scooping up the tiny animal into her arms. The dog st atomic number 18d at me, continuing to bare its teeth. I inched farther back in my seat.Shes, uh, rattling nice, I verbalize, even out though I didnt determine the point of a dog that slender. Dogs were vatical to be companions that could keep you company on a hunt, not ornaments to match the furniture.Isnt she, though? Rosalyn looked up in rapture. Shes my very silk hat friend, and I mustiness say, Im terrified of her expiry outside now, with all the reports of animal murdersIm corpulent you, Stefan, were so frightened Mrs. Cartwright jumped in, running her work force over the bodice of her nav y dress. I dont visualize this world. Its simply not meant for us women to even go outside.I hope any(prenominal) it is doesnt attack us. Sometimes Im scared to meter foot outdoors, even when its light, Rosalyn fretted, clutching Penny tightly to her chest. The dog yelped and jumped off her lap. Id die if anything happened to Penny.Im certain shell be fine. After all, the attacks nurse been occurrence on farms, not in town, I said, halfheartedly trying to comfort her.Stefan? Mrs. Cartwright asked in her blatant voice, the same one she affected when she utilise to chide Damon and me for whispering during church. Her face was pinched, and her formulation looked alike(p) she had just sucked on a lemon. Dont you regain Rosalyn looks especially elegant right away?Oh, yes, I lied. Rosalyn was wearing a low brown dress that matched her brownish fairish hair. Loose ringlets fell about her scrawny shoulders. Her outfit was a direct seam to the parlor, which was decorated with oak furniture, brocade chairs, and dark-colored eastern rugs that overlapped on the gleaming wood floor. In the far corner, over the marble mantel, a portrait of Mr. Cartwright stared down at me, a stern expression on his angulate face. I glanced at him curiously. In subscriber line to his wife, who was overweight and red-faced, Mr. Cartwright was ghostly spotter and boneyand slightly dangerous-looking, like the vultures wed seen circling around the orbit last summer. Considering who her parents were, Rosalyn had actually off-key out remarkably puff up.Rosalyn blushed. I shifted on the chairs edge, touch perception the jewelry box in my hind end pocket. Id glanced at the ring last night, when pile wouldnt come. I recognized it straight. It was an emerald circled by diamonds, make by the finest craftsmen in Venice and worn by my mother until the day she died.So, Stefan? What do you think of pink? Rosalyn asked, breaking me out of my reverie.Im sorry, what? I asked, distract ed. Mrs. Cartwright shot me an irritated look.Pink? For the dinner next week? Its so large-hearted of your father to plan it, Rosalyn said, her face buttony red as she stared at the floor.I think pink would look delightful on you. Y oull be comely no matter what you wear, I said woodenly, as though I were an pseudo reading lines from a script. Mrs. Cartwright smiled approvingly. The dog ran to her and jumped onto a pillow next to her. She began stroking its coat. unawares the room felt hot and humid. The cloying, competing scents of Mrs. Cartwrights and Rosalyns perfumes make my head spin. I sneaked a glance at the antique grandfather measure in the corner. Id been here for only lv minutes, yet it might as well have been fifty-five years.I stood up, my legs move beneath me. It has been lovely visiting with you, Mrs. and lam Cartwright, but Id be loath to stool up the rest of your afternoon.Thank you. Mrs. Cartwright nodded, not rising from her settee. Maisy will show you out, she said, lifting her chin toward their maid, who was now dozing over her knitting.I respire a sigh of relief as I left the house. The air was chill against my clammy skin, and I was happy that I hadnt had our coachman wait for me I would be commensurate to clear my head by pass the two miles home. The sun was beginning to cesspool into the horizon, and the smell of honeysuckle and jasmine hung heavily in the air.I glanced up at Veritas as I strode up the hill. Blooming lilies skirt the large urns flanking the path to the front door. The unclouded columns of the porch glowed orange from the setting sun, the ponds mirror-like surface gleamed in the distance, and I could hear the faraway sound of the children playing near the servants quarters. This was my home, and I love it.But I couldnt imagine overlap it with Rosalyn. I shoved my eliminates in my pockets and angrily kicked a stone in the crease of the road.I paused when I reached the entrance to the drive, where an unacquainted with(predicate) coach was standing. I stared with curiositywe seldom had visitorsas a white-haired coachman jumped out of the drivers seat and opened the cab. A beautiful, pale woman with cascading dark curls stepped out. She wore a surge white dress, cinched at her narrow cannon with a break-colored ribbon. A matching peach hat was perched atop her head, obscuring her look.As if she knew I was staring, she turned. I gasped despite myself. She was more than beautiful she was sublime. Even from a distance of twenty dollar bill paces, I could see her dark eyes flickering, her pink lips curving into a microscopic smile. Her thin fingers touched the blue cameo necklace at her throat, and I found myself mirroring the gesture, imagining what her small hand would feel like on my own skin.Then she turned again, and a woman, who must have been her maid, stepped out of the cab and began fussing with her skirts. how-dye-do she called.Hello , I croaked. As I breathed, I smel led a heady conclave of ginger and lemon.Im Katherine Pierce. And you are? she asked, her voice playful. It was as if she knew I was tongue-tied by her beauty. I wasnt sure whether I should be mortified or give thanksful that she was taking the lead.Katherine, I repeated slowly, remembering. Father had told me the story of a friend of a friend down in Atlanta. His neighbors had perished when their house caught fire during everyday Shermans siege, and the only survivor had been a sixteen- year-old daughter with no relations. Immediately, Father had offered to board the young lady in our carriage house. It had all sounded very mysterious and romantic, and when Father told me, I proverb in his eyes how much he enjoyed the idea of serving as recoverer to this young orphan.Y es, she said, her eyes dancing. And you are Stefan I said quickly. Stefan Salvatore. Giuseppes son. I am so sorry for your familys tragedy. Thank you, she said. In an instant, her eyes became dark and somber. And I thank you and your father for hosting me and my maid, Emily. I dont know what we would have done without you.Yes, of course. I felt of a sudden protective. Youll be in the carriage house. Would you like me to show you?We shall find it ourselves. Thank you, Stefan Salvatore, Katherine said, pursual the coachman, who carried a large trunk toward the small guest house, which was set back a bit from the main estate. Then she turned around and stared at me. Or should I call you Savior Stefan? she asked with a winkle out before turning on her heel.I watched her walk into the sunset, her maid trailing her, and instantly I knew my life would never be the same.