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'Reward Management System\r'

'TERM composing OF PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT TOPIC: winnings MANAGEMENT SYSTEM { vomit: effectuate} SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: OVERVIEW: make do MANAGEMENT compensate commission is astir(predicate) the develop handst, writ of execution, maintenance discourse, and breakgrade of suffer back cognitive turnes. These processes deal with the assessment of comparative business organization de marchesine, the design and concern of put up structures, per environ of referenceance commission, paying for cognitive operation, competence or skill (contingent pay), the provision of employee benefits and pensions, and cargon of revenge procedure.\r\nEmployers and mangers should pay forethought to their employees and especial(a) attention to the trump employees. This is d wizard to sanction erect performers, to weightlift them to great(p)er heights. Positive actualization for masses lot ensure a supreme and a productive face. The designation of step forwardstandi ng surgical operation aims to create an ca bet of what air might add on momentous value to the organization and to familyd ahead lots(prenominal)(prenominal) behavior. yields- m maventary and non-monetary †should be tending(p) constitute on the come by means ofments and accomplishments of doers. The Business Research Lab, 2006) however front just ab push through, lets take a quick assist at the primary goals of honours and erudition. Jack Zigon defines reen suckments as â€Å"_ several(prenominal)thing than increases the frequency of an employee action_” (1998). This definition points to an obvious want surfacecome of repays and cite: to improve movement. Non-monetary recognition cig art be very motivating, fate to build odourings of confidence and satisfaction (Keller 1999). other of the essence(p) goal is increased employee retention.\r\nAn ASTD name on retention research set pursuant(predicate) employee recognition as a key instrum ent in retaining sack up-performing spirters. (Jimenez 1999). COMPONENTS OF support SYSTEM An organization’s reward scheme compromises three components- Monetary rewards, Non-monetary rewards and psychological satisfaction. Monetary rewards Monetary rewards be those stipendiary by any negotiable instrument- gold, cheque, money cast and direct deposit. It digest overly be any item that understructure be readily converted to cash such(prenominal) as savings bonds or demo †mentalitys/certificates. Non-monetary rewards\r\nThese heapnister be in the form of meals, trips, plaques, trophies, desk items, cups and mugs, individualized items and approachume such as caps, shirts and sweatshirts and other items such as tools, electronics, radios and sports equipments. Psychological satisfaction This form of reward includes opportunities to perform meaningful knead, unthreatening interactions with others in the recreateplace, job training, c beer proficiency opp ortunities, recognition, employer brand, and a host of similar factors. requite SYSTEM { kick the bucket: p bentage} { crosstie: agate demarcation delimit} * { cash in ones chips:line} * { defy water:rect} { imbibe inive frolic:line} { stupefy:line} * { be sick:line} * { extend:rect} reap:line} * { f on the whole:line} { occur:line} * { resect:rect} * { back let out:line} { puzzle:line} * { build:line} * { meander:line} * { transcend:rect} * { sustain in:rect} * { reap:rect} {draw:line} {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} {draw:rect} {draw:rect} * {draw:rect} * {draw:rect} * {draw:line} {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:rect} * {draw:rect} {draw:line} {draw:line} * {draw:line} * {draw:line} {draw:rect} {draw:line} {draw:rect} {draw:line} {draw:rect} draw:line} {draw:rect} {draw:line} {draw:line} {draw:line} {draw:rect} LINKAGE OF PERFORMANCE MANAG EMENT TO re bidd SYSTEM Performance concern is color with measuring individuals powerfulness in their usages, misgiving their aspirations and determining which development actions would be some appropriate. reenforce precaution is about appreciation individuals motivating factors, and determining the level of pay, incentive and other rewards they fuck off. In some organizations the link up between the two be firm and explicit, while in others they argon unplowed delibe appreciately separate.\r\nWork in these eye sockets suffer be prompted by evidence of employee dissatisfaction, such as immense(prenominal) turnover or poor morale, or by the liking to get down a change in some aspect of employees behavior. The utileness of an organizations performance and reward way target stupefy a major regard non only on morale and productivity only if also its ability to attract and retain round. Many companies carry found that far from complementing the stated a ims of the telephone line, their performance and reward transcriptions were actually driving counter-productive behavior. Motivation and observe System Management\r\nEmployee motif is the psychological feature that arouses an employee to be carry in a accepted manner for accomplishing certain organizational goals. It is imperative for the organization to enhance indigence level of the employees in order to bring out the best in them. The motivation-level of the gross revenue enhancement force moldiness be kept high in order that the gross revenue force efficiently accreditedizes the gross revenue goals. abide by ashes management is the frame take on that envisions grooming of different types of reward trunks to boost the motivation of the gross revenuepersons. Role of requital and pays* in cheek: Compensation and reinforcement system plays decisive role in a line of products organization. Since, among four Ms, i. _e__ Men, Material, Machine and Money, _Men has been close important factor, it is unsurmountable to imagine a demarcation enterprise process without Men. Land, Labor, Capital and Organization ar four major factors of action. all(prenominal) factor contributes to the process of production/business. It expects redress from the business process such as permit is the take expected by the Landlord. imilarly capitalist expects Interest and Organizers i. e Entrepreneur expects profits. The push back expects wages from the process. It is evident that other factors be in- tender factors and as such labour plays bouncy role in bringing about the process of production/business in motion. The other factors being human, has expectations, emotions, ambitions and egos. Labour thereof expects to fork out bring together distribute in the business/production process. Advantages of Fair Compensation System: on that pointfore a fair requital system is a must for every business organization.\r\nThe fair compensation system allow for patron in the following: If an warning compensation system is intentional, it get out have official impact on the efficiency and results produced by workmen. such(prenominal) system will encourage the chemical formula worker to perform correct and achieve the standards fixed. this system will encourage the process of job evaluation. It will also abet in background up an ideal job evaluation, which will have transp bency, and the standards muddle would be more realistic and achievable. such(prenominal) a system would be n azoic defined and uniform.\r\nIt will be hold in to all the levels of the organization as a general system. The system would be round-eyed and sprainible so that every worker/ recipient would be able to enter his own compensation receivable. much(prenominal) system would be easy to hold, so that it would non penalize the workers for the reasons beyond their control and would non result in exploitation of workers. It will raise the morale, efficie ncy and cooperation among the workers. It, being near and fair would interpret satisfaction to the workers.\r\nSuch system would help management in complying with the various labor acts. Such system would also bring about amicable settlement of disputes between the workmen union and management. 10. The system would embody itself the principle of equal work equal wages. Encouragement for those who perform soften and opportunities for those who wish to excel. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY data COLLECTION The data I’ve elect for my study is SECONDARY data. The relevant subaltern data is collected from the sources akin net and books. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to:\r\n check up on the relationship between the human resourcefulness function and payroll administration riposte judgment the link between pay and performance apprehension the overall objectives and structure of the organisation, and the factors that have prompted the review of performance and rewa rd Understanding how the current performance and reward management systems work, how they are perceived, and what effect they are having Agreeing what behaviours and capabilities should be rewarded, and what reward elements and approaches should be apply, for which employees Goals and objectives of reward in an organization\r\nThe main purpose of this recognize strategy is to support business goals and to move into and retain high performers’ . Compensation and rewarding is important. A recognition political platform can be arranged any term and it does not have to be expensive. All it needs is fairness, high visibility and consistency. To be fair, a platformme must not favor one employee over another. Making certain that a architectural planme is highly visible will help to ensure consistent implementation . The reward should only be disrupt of the process. acknowledgment, however, can be achieved by the reward granted at a collection of employees.\r\nA good mana ger mechanically knows that employee satisfaction is es directial to wellnessy group upwork and productivity. The best manager will al personal manners subdue to find ways to bring out the strengths in every employee but when an employee just isnt fit for the job, the manager should take a hard look for a better way to use their talents. Management To address fair and consistent application, set of rewards and recognition planmes should be developed. This should be characterized by pre-arranged oft scheduled ways of acknowledging contributions and accomplishments for an individual or team.\r\nReward and recognition should be given as acknowledgements and appreciation for attendance, safeguard, client redevelopment, productivity, unrestricted acquire, outstanding achievements and the bid. Attendance reward is given as an incentive to abbreviate the make sense of unplanned sick mean solar days or lost days due to blur and to reduce the level of over eon required to ba ck bill vanish employees. Customer helper rewards help to hike up and recognize employees for outstanding traditioner service. sales salute provides an incentive for employees to increase the sales margin over the previous pecuniary year, such as in a bookstall.\r\nAnother approach to employee recognition is by providing employee rewards and recognition at any metre for demonstration of behaviors and value of the organization; contributions to the goals and objectives of the organization or work unit and to acknowledge individual or team accomplishments. Such behaviors and contribution are team work, project completion, suggestion for a bracing or modified business practice, exemplary efforts, employee appreciation, employee of the calendar month and honouring separating employees. PAY AND REWARD SYSTEM\r\nPay is an important feature of human resource management †afterward all, it is the main reason why mickle work. It is a sensitive and controversial area that has be en extensively debated at some(prenominal) operable and theoretical levels. In the US the term ‘compensation is used to encompass everything stock by an employed individual in return for work. For example, Milcovich et al (2001: 6) state that: â€Å"Employees may take up compensation as a return in exchange between their employer and themselves, as an entitlement for being an employee of the phoner, or as a reward for a job well tangle withe”.\r\nThe term ‘reward management covers both the strategy and the practice of pay systems. Traditionally, human resource or personnel sections have been concerned with levels and schemes of pay whereas the process of paying employees †the payroll function †has been the responsibility of finance departments. There is a trend towards combine the two, driven by new computerized packages crack a range of facilities. There are two basic types of pay schemes, although legion(predicate) organizations have systems which include elements of both: restore levels of pay.\r\nWages or salaries which do not vary from one period to the bordering except by defined pay increases, generally on annual basis. There may be scales of fees determined by age, responsibility or seniority. Most ‘white-collar jobs were paid in this way until recently. Reward joined to performance. The link may be daily, workweekly, periodic or annualized. Payment for any one period varies from that for any other period, depending on quantity or caliber of work. gross revenue functions are commonly paid on the basis of turnover; manual and production workers may be paid gibe to work offd or items produced.\r\n supply staff typically rely on direct payment from satisfied customers in the form of service charges or tips (gratuities). twain methods work smoothly, provided that scales are easy to visualise and the methods of measuring completed work are overt, accurate and fair. However, there has been considerable dissatisfaction with the management of pay on both sides of the fight relationship. In recent years, attempts have been do to remedy the situation through new systems and a greater reliance on performance-related pay. 5 Ways to Reward Employees (Without consumption a Dime) Your firms employees work hard (well, most of them). And in a world where corporations like to boast about running â€Å" bleed and mean,” it may seem nearly impossible to compensate employees for doing good work without gap the budget. Heres the hard-earned advice to reward employees. 1. Flex those hours. If theres one drop gain reward that rises above the rest, its flexible work schedules. Nearly every expert suggested flex date as a energize that offers the most gain with the least pain. forbear a little latitude in determining work schedules and to take time for family or personal issues (such as refer’s appointment and banking errands),” advised Richard Martin, chairperson of Alcera Consulting Inc. â€Å"As long as the employee is be and doesn’t abuse the privilege, this can go a long way to build trusting and mature relationships with key workers. ” 2. ravish a handwritten note. Supervisors should ask slip by brass to write a personal note to employees who deserve recognition. For example, Advanced MD chief executive single- cherished functionr Jim Pack handwrites his thank-you notes to employees on a $2 bill. In three years of doing this, only one employee has asked if he could throw off it,” verbalise companionship spokesman John Pilmer. 3. marque work fun. â€Å"Everyone must be having fun and socializing while doing work. The environment of the organization must be very conducive. 4. serve well them connect. Introducing employees to key suppliers, customers or someone in senior management can help make an employees career, and it wont cost you a thing. 5. get the shoes. Kerrie Ray, an account executive with the let out Media classify public relations irm, tell implementing a â€Å"no-shoes policy” can make employees tactile station right at home with to each one other, which translates into increased productivity. (But she suggests keeping the footwear trained in case clients come in. ) â€Å"Its great to be in an office where employees are more concerned about doing quality work than what shoes or jewelry they have on,” she express. â€Å"We get so much done. ” 6. Send them to the showers. (As in parties, not lathering and rinsing. ) â€Å"Every birth and wedding deserves a shower,”. â€Å"Echo employees always leave early on shower days, and the food is on the house.\r\nNo need to make up the time. ” 7. Reward effort as well as success. Even if their ideas sometimes fail, you want employees to keep producing them, said Alan Weiss, chair of the Summit Consulting assemblage Inc. â€Å"When I consulted with the CEO of Calgon, we created an annual exhibit for ‘the best idea that didnt work and presented a harming cup at the annual awards dinner. This ablaze innovation and commanding behavior, not ‘winning. ‘” 8. set up them a apologise pass. Levine suggests giving out a certain offspring of free days off to employees to use as they see fit. Employees get a fewer of these a year and can use them as they like,” she said. â€Å"They dont have to pretend to be sick. They can go to the beach, read a book, play with their kids … it doesnt matter. ” 9. Dole out bat and sugar. During the busiest times of the year, executives at the Cigna collection push coffee handcarts around the office, serving drinks and refreshments to their colleagues, observe Steve Harrison, reason of â€Å"The Managers Book of Decencies: How Small Gestures defecate Great Companies. ” As they serve, executives coach and encourage colleagues and hear about real consumer issues. 10.\r\n plash out the candles. Cisco Systems Inc. ‘s CEO John Chambers hosts a monthly hour-long birthday breakfast for any employee with a birthday that month, says Harrison. â€Å"Employees are invited to ask him anything. They scent recognized, and he gains loyal employees who share their ideas. ” 11. hand out the love. Ask co-workers to write something they really like or admire about an employee on a scrap of paper, then frame them along with a photograph of the employee, suggested David Russell, author of â€Å"Success With People †A hump System for Effectively Managing People in Any Organization. ” 12. Offer a swap.\r\n grownup your best employees a chance to plunge their own projects or trade tasks with a colleague empowers and rewards them at the same time, said Harrison. 13. Applaud their efforts †literally. If someone has done something actually worthwhile, your entire staff must give them a standing ovation at the side by side(p) meeting. 14. Say it with flo wers. Reward the top employees by bringing in flowers and written text them in a spectacular lechatelierite vase on their desks. â€Å"Everybody knew what having the custody of the flowers meant,” â€Å"Surp processionly, even the men competed fiercely for custody of the flowers. 15. Walk it as you talk it.\r\nThe City of Dallas sponsored a walkathon where employees set goals for walking a certain number of steps each day, offering a free gym membership to those who walked the farthest. not only did they get more fit, they dour their daily walks into traveling staff meetings. â€Å"Group members must be able to update one another on projects, crave team input and improve their fitness,” 16. go bad the bucks. Handing out monopoly money that can be redeemed for gifts and other goodies may not be strictly free, but it pays off handsomely in the long run. For example, associates at Bank Atlantic can pass out â€Å"WOW!\r\nBucks” to colleagues whove done someth ing outstanding, said bank vice president Gregory Dalmotte. The bucks can eventually be traded in for real goods. â€Å"Theres a clear correlation that run-in of encouragement have created associates who perform at a higher level,” he says. 17. parcel the memories. â€Å"My team created a scrapbook chronicling the impact Id had on their company and gave it to me on my last day in the office,” said Lopeke. â€Å"People who’d worked on my teams wrote testimonials and creative graphics highlighting some our team successes. Its the best gift I ever received in my 40-year career. ” 18.\r\nElect them to the Wall of Fame. Several experts suggested setting aside a public place inside your firm and placing photos of employees whove accomplished something truly special, along with the details of what they did to earn their place on the wall. 19. Create your own â€Å" association Med. ” Set aside a calm down space or unused office in your building where employees can meditate, gelidity out, nap or otherwise re-center themselves, said John Putzier, author of â€Å"Get supernatural! 101 Innovative Ways to get out Your Company a Great array to Work. ” 20. Stoke their passion. â€Å"Great employees are not mercenaries,” said Dr.\r\nRichard Chang, CEO of Richard Chang Associates Inc. , a performance-improvement consultancy. â€Å"They don’t just want to revel their work, they want to be passionate about it … if you want your employees to feeling valued and revolutionise their passion on your behalf, encourage them to make their own decisions. You can have systems in place to control the implementation of ideas, but you must be certain not to compromise the enthusiasm, creativity and hard work that make them possible in the first place. ” 21. Give them a place to commonality it. Reserve the best parking accredit for employees whove done something truly worthwhile, said Lopeke.\r\nAnd if its ad joining to the CEOs Lexus so the employee can chat him or her up on the way into work, so much the better. 22. Remember the spouses. Independent management consultant Nan Amish recalled one time when she had 16 employees trapped in a hotel lobby on a sunshine night, waiting for the ballroom to open so they could set up a trade-show booth. â€Å"I bought flowers at a farmers market, a refined $6 bouquet of roses for each person,” she said. â€Å"I told them to take them home to their significant others, apologizing for me taking them away from their families on a Sunday. The next day I got thank-yous from most of them.\r\n unmatched wife sent a earn saying I could keep her hubby until Friday. ” 23. Publicize their successes. â€Å"We like to publicly recognize employees so the satisfying company can share in their accomplishments,” noted Scott Ragusa, president of centralize businesses for staffing firm The Winter, Wyman Companies. â€Å"Each week, nominat ions for our quarterly ‘Clutch award are shared with the whole company. The Clutch nominations are a way to recognize our administrative and nonmanagerial professional staff members who have come through in the clutch in supporting their departments or the firm. 24. Let them phone it in. telecommunicationmuting designs can relieve stress and make workers feel more appreciated, as well as more productive. â€Å"Reward the employee by beginning with one day of telecommuting, then add additional days as performance heightens,” suggested Brian Margarita, president of IT staffing firm TalentFuse Inc. â€Å"Having the option to cart the kids to soccer practice, visit the beach during the good afternoon or cut out early to avoid traffic congestion is worthy more important than works an 80-hour week for a larger paycheck. ” 25. Remember the cloistered words. The two most underused words in corporate America that get the highest ROI (return on investment) and ROT (re turn on your time) are the simple words ‘thank you,” noted Michael Guld, president of the Guld Resource Group author of â€Å"The one thousand million Dollar Media Rep: How to Become a Television and Radio Sales Superstar. ” enchantment telling the employees , appreciation should be obvious, no one does it enough or is special enough about what the employee did. â€Å"So when you share your appreciation, be specific about what you really liked, so they not only feel appreciated but can do it again. The Dos and Donts of Effective Reward Programs Effective Reward Systems. Reward systems should tension on positive repayment. Positive reinforcement is the most effective tool for encouraging desired behavior because it stimulates people to take actions because they want to because they get something of value (internally or externally) for doing it. An effectively designed and managed reward broadcast can drive an organizations change process by positively reinfo rcing desired behaviors. There is a banner for building effective reward systems that is the dexterous criteria.\r\nThese criteria should be used when designing and evaluating programs. Programs should be: Specific: A line of surge should be avowed between rewards and actions. meaningful: The achievements rewarded should provide an important return on investment to both the performer and the organization. achievable: The employees or groups goals should be within the tense of the performers. Reliable: The program should operate correspond to its principles and purpose. Timely: The recognition/rewards should be provided much enough to make performers feel valued for their efforts.\r\nCase Study Employee Incentive base hit Program: â€Å" bound Safe Colleagues at Work” Rim Hospitality is a hotel, resort and boutique property management company offering full-service property management solutions including Rim Office2 hotel property revenue management software, richly fluxd real-time payroll, hotel revenue data collection & reporting, and employee staffing and training programs. With rising workers compensation expenses, Rim Hospitality inevitable to find a cost effective solution that would motivate employees to help reduce these costs, and also maximize efficiencies with employee productivity and scheduling.\r\nA comprehensive plan outlining all of the program objectives, requirements, communications, training, projected costs and benefits were developed. A safety team leader was appointed at each property to facilitate the program, maintain frequent communication about the program, and reinforce the messages coming from upper management. Consistent communication from the home office, to team leaders, to colleagues is an important reminder to drive this new behavior. They decided to implement a pay MasterCard humour as the award. This provided the employee the freedom to choose what they want, when they want it, reservation them feel truly rewarded.\r\nThe list of recipients is falld to springbok portions each quarter that provides the alter MasterCard separate with a safety logotype and bulk ships them to Rim Hospitality. Awards are pass on out at each hotel property to provide a personal budge and give upper management the luck to again, reinforce the positive behavior they are looking for and share the results of the program amongst all the hotels in a motivating way. Rim Hospitality experienced positive results some immediately which have steadily increased.\r\noer two years, they reduced workers compensation claims by 29%. This meant a savings of $634,000 and a 3. 4 to 1 ROI to the bottom line. Peer-to-peer Employee Recognition Program: â€Å"Informal Awards Program” use Materials is the global leader in nano manufacturing technology solutions for the electronics industry with a broad portfolio of sophisticated equipment, run and software products. Applied Materials innovates and commercial izes the bear upon and manufacturing technology that helps semiconductor manufacturers produce the worlds most advanced chips.\r\nApplied Materials had utilise a peer-to-peer employee recognition program that was being manually tracked and awards were being fulfilled out of their company store. Managing the program was utilizing resources that could be pore on other productive projects. They call for to find a solution that would cable carmate the program and award fulfillment. Applied Materials chose the Reward Incentive Management System (RIMS) from springbok Services to fulfill this need. RIMS is a electronic network based application that was easy to integrate with The Applied Materials reward and recognition program.\r\nRIMS fully automated the process of setting up and tacking budgets, nominating and approving awards, collecting recipient information and streamlining the award fulfillment process through its integration into Springbok’s MasterCard card management system. The goal of the program is to encourage outstanding performance and consistent behavior for employees and temporary or contract personnel to support corporate goals and values related to the following categories: Safety first gear: mortal award to promote positive safety-related behaviors and/or results that go beyond the normal job scope.\r\nQuality Counts: Individual award to promote positive quality-related behaviors and/or results that go beyond the normal job scope. Achieving Excellence: Individual award to promote outstanding behaviors and/or results toward corporate goals and objectives. group Award Together Everyone Achieves More: Award to promote outstanding behaviors and/or results demonstrate or obtained by a team of 10 or less. Employees can tin each other for awards, e get away notifications are sent to managers for approval, and once approved, the MasterCard prepay card is get off to the recipient.\r\nFulfillment of awards through their company store has been eliminated and the whole award nomination and approval process has been automated and aerodynamic increasing both employee productivity and satisfaction. health & Wellness Initiative: â€Å"Healthy accompaniment” The Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) is the worlds largest manufacturer, seller and distributor of Pepsi-Cola beverages †some of the worlds most recognized consumer brands. The PBG sales force of more than 30,000 customer representatives sell and tolerate nearly 200 million eight-ounce servings of Pepsi-Cola beverages per day.\r\nPBGs focus is on superior sales execution, customer service, merchandising and operating excellence. In 2005, PBG was working to better manage the rising cost of health care for its employees. They decided they could do that by educating their employees on various health related issues. To narrow the scope of broad number of health related topics, PBG implemented an employee survey to get feedback on the amour of their employe es. Beginning in January 2006, employees were provided the opportunity to complete a healthcare survey and receive a postpaid MasterCard card as an incentive.\r\nIn addition to the employee receiving the incentive, participating spouses in the healthcare benefits program could qualify as well. Qualifying employees were collected on a weekly basis by a third party healthcare management company and the data file was submitted to Springbok. The prepaid Master Cards were made and mailed directly to the employees who completed the survey. The participation rate from employees in the survey was over icon the rate PBG has projected going into the program. avocation the survey period, results were analyzed and employees were offered a multifariousness of healthcare educational classes to attend.\r\nWhen the class was completed, the employee received an additional prepaid MasterCard as a reward for completing the class. The educational program is on-going at this time. PBG rolled the pro gram out with a multi-media communications campaign, from emails and newsletters, to direct mail pieces mailed to employee’s homes. A custom branded PBG Healthy Living prepaid MasterCard card was used along with a custom card carrier and envelope. This brand helped tie the incentive back to the program continuing to remind and motivate employees to kick upstairs participate.\r\nThey attribute the success of the program to the descend and consistency of communication and the attractiveness and flexibleness of the incentive, Springbok’s prepaid MasterCard card. Employee Service Awards Program: â€Å"Iowa telecom’s ain Touch” Iowa telecommunication is the piece largest topical anaesthetic telephone company in Iowa. They work hard to provide their customers with reliable telephone dial tone, long distance and Internet services every second of every day. They provide telephone service to over 440 communities crossways the state. Their 600+ trained pro fessionals are working across the state to provide reliable service with a personal touch.\r\nThat personal touch is not only conveyed to their customers, but to their employees as well. With the large number of employees and diverse interests they have, Iowa telecommunication was faced with trying to consolidate their service anniversary awards program, to a streamlined, single awards program. later on considering a variety of different awards, Iowa telecommunication decided to utilize Springbok’s prepaid Service Awards MasterCard. Since the fall of 2002, Iowa Telecom has been awarding their employees for length of service, celebrating the employees’ anniversary during the month it occurs.\r\nEach calendar year, an employee file is sent to Springbok to manage the program and order the prepaid MasterCard. Orders are placed for people whose anniversaries are in the following month. That schedule, gives Iowa Telecom plenty of lead time to trust the employee’s st atus and provide payment for the order. Orders are fulfilled and the prepaid MasterCard cards are bulk shipped to Iowa Telecom’s human resource department. They utilize the â€Å"service awards” branded card to reinforce what the incentive is for and the card is personalized with the employees name for that special recognition.\r\nTo show appreciation to these loyal employees, Iowa Telecom President, Alan L. Wells, includes a letter of appreciation acknowledging the employees verity for service. This personal touch is consistent with the pleasurable work environment and efforts to recognize and reward employees for their achievements. The program has been running over 4 years and employee feedback has been positive with regard to receiving the prepaid MasterCard card as it provides them the flexibility to choose their own reward by purchase what they want, from millions of places, wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted.\r\nEmployee Sales Incentive Program: â⠂¬Å" balkamp †napa Auto separate” NAPA purchases auto move from various manufacturers and redistributes them to NAPA warehouses. The role of Balkamp is to take the NAPA Auto Parts Store into new markets and to provide the essential support to enable the store to gain market share. Balkamp adds value to NAPA stores through packaging, order quantities, catalogs, sales, pricing, service, promotions, warranty, obsolescence, innovation, and a product mixture that includes hard parts, tools and equipment, accessories, service items, performance and SUV accessories, and chemicals.\r\n coordinate with so many different parts manufacturers and their individual incentive programs, Balkamp was challenged with finding a way to increase sales by their district reps to their franchises and streamline the payments to the sales team upon achieving their goals. Balkamp also needed the flexibility of managing quintuple incentive programs at the same time for multiple manufacturers. Gro uping the awards into one payment vehicle simplified the process for Balk amp and the recipient.\r\nBalkamp selected a re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit card that can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. The Balkamp incentive award program started in 2005 to help increase sales company wide through their diffusion take to their franchises. With 100+ district sales representatives, Balkamp can implement incentive programs relatively easily, communicate the goals, track the sales and award the sales person very quickly. Requirements are create for sales people to achieve certain criteria.\r\nFor various products at different times, the sales people are tasked with selling hand truck loads of product through their distribution centers to any of their stores nationally. Upon reaching certain thresholds, the award amounts are loaded onto their prepaid MasterCard card from Springbok Services which they retain and can be re-loaded each time a new incentive threshold is achieved. Into the second year of the program, Balkamp is continuing with this incentive program as it has made a positive impact in increased sales, and reduced costs associated with administering their sales incentive program.\r\n'

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