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'Research and Development of Anti-Retroviral Drugs Essay\r'

'‘ contend the reasons wherefore the research and development of anti-retroviral medicates (ARVs) has squeeze differently on populate throe from human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome in demonstr equal to(p) and developing cosmea’\r\nHIV/AIDS still does non start out a know cure, unless if has a handling that slows d birth the affects of HIV/AIDS which is called ARV (anti-retroviral medicine) The ARV drug is a genuinely â€Å"exclusive” drug because as it is very expensive, around $ cd a month if non more than than depending on which stage you ar in, and that is a great dilemma because many quite a little groundworknot afford to pay that amount of coin so they ar not able to arrive the treatment. If mint in the number one human beings countries cannot give birth the drug, how do tidy sum in the tercet populace receive the drug? In third world countries the drugs argon prone to them for free, alone on th e 47% ready offs the full treatment. The drugs argon given to them by of the drug fraternity itself of early(a) companies that barter for the ARVs from the company and send it to the govern where it is needed, for example Africa. Africa is the location where the most HIV/AIDS grimaces ar, and is to a fault the one urinate the least amount of treatment.\r\nThe reason for this is because the ARV drug company asks to nail their coin gumption for all the research they prescribe in, so giving the ARVs for free would be arrange a great loss economically for them. The introductory aspect of this sheer is the social part. basis is a big problem because as buildings rim a lot to design they atomic number 18 not able to put up many, and you must besides shoot hold trained people able to establish there, which are hard to find in Africa. There are very a few(prenominal) amount of places where you can go originate tested but they occupy a limited amount of treatments and supplies. This is a huge problem because if people go to get better they choose to wait or not get better at all due to the lack of resources. I would solve this final payment by having not many small structures but some(prenominal) big structures so the supplies start a greater chance to arrive and more money is used wiser and more efficiently. some other social aspect of this problem is the discipline. In Africa the education is something that not everyone gets, so they are not aware about how they get the disease, how they can prevent it or what are the affects.\r\nA reason for why in Africa they do not receive the education is because there are a very few amount of teachers, and the teachers that they rich person whitethorn also be contaminated and are not able to execute their problem correctly. HIV/AIDS affects everyone in their fellowship because the disease spreads fast in their case (the people in Africa). This is due to their intimate behavior. Their culture does not have monogamousness or a custom of exactly one sexual partner, but they have many different sexual partners, and that is why HIV/AIDS spreads so rapidly in Africa. They also do not use protection because it is not operable to most people and so chances are higher to get HIV/AIDS. some other pagan aspect is that there is a lot of prejudice against testing. Many people do not want to get tested for HIV/AIDS because one, they are scared the test might come back imperative, second if it does result positive how will they tell their family/friends and thirdly how will they get the treatment they need to get.\r\nIf the people get tested and do want to not tell anyone, because of various reasons, and as a result the problem amplifies and does not get solved. other problem for the cultural aspect is get the people to betroth responsibility and try to change. Of coarse it is easier to cut down the problem and pretend it is not there, but that would not be serving the so cial occasion, it would be making it worse. How to solve these problems would be, in my opinion, have protection available to them, encourage testing, lull the people that there will be a treatment for them, make them perceive the severity of this issue and that if we do not take action it may get a lot worse, have sitting/groups for them to talk about their worries, experience ect. stock-still before doing this we must solve the bigger problem, how do we give them the treatment for free. Another aspect of the issue is the ethical/ honorable part.\r\nThe richer countries to some extent have an arrangement to service the pitifuler countries, but the third world countries should not relay or take advantage because also the richer countries have their own problems to solve. For insists America is going though a very tough crisis but at the same time they are helping the less fortunate get better. The poorer countries should also take action and do something to help themselves, be cause they should be putting the money where it actually needs to go to, the people. This leads us to some other aspect of the issue, the political portion. Politics have caused a lot of mayhems in the world because they sometimes do not have they priorities sorted out.\r\nFor example in Africa rather of investing their money in this issue of HIV/AIDS and the treatments, they have decided to invest their money on weapons and in their natural recourses such as oil. It is very hard to run a third world country but it should not be an excuse. To solve these concerns although it is a tall(prenominal) task but one elan to solve them, in my opinion, is to have people from the first world talk and question about what they can do unneurotic (with the people of the third world) instead of except have the first world do everything on their own. The last aspect of this issue is the economic part. Africa is already a poor continent, having a poor economy is not helping either. They do not have enough money to circulate and this lolly Africa growing, having sick people also shekels the economy from growing because it is another matter they have to face.\r\nChild labor increases due to the fact that the adults are sick and are unable to work and the poor people have no way in getting better because there aren’t enough doctors. In conclusion a way to resolve the problem in the distribution of the ARVs is to have several multi-national pharmaceutic companies sponsor the ARVs, so other briny(a) companies do not have to buy the drug and then distribute them, but by sponsoring the drug, the ARV drug company this instant gives the drug to the third world countries without loosing it’s money.\r\nThe multi-national pharmaceutical companies get advertisement and so they also gaining not loosing their money. As you can see this is a win, win situation. The main issue here is that the ARV drug company does not want to loose the money that they put in researc h so they make the drug excessively pricey because to produce the drug is a coast next to nothing. Once the people receive the treatment, they should help educate not only the modify people but also the people that haven’t been affected yet. I believe by doing this, the transmittal of the HIV/AIDS with decrease importantly and things will start to get better. I do believe that this problem is solvable.\r\n'

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