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CASE 1 1. Explain the difference between the three types of server virtualization using the first video. 1) Virtualization: virtualization uses a special kind of software called a hypervisor. The hypervisor interacts directly with the physical server's CPU and disk space. It serves as a platform for the virtual servers' operating systems. The hypervisor keeps each virtual server completely independent and unaware of the other virtual servers running on the physical machine.Each guest server runs on its own OS — even have one guest running on Linux and another on Windows. The hypervisor monitors the physical server's resources. As virtual servers run applications, the hypervisor relays resources from the physical machine to the appropriate virtual server. Hypervisors have their own processing needs, which mean that the physical server must reserve some processing power and resources to run the hypervisor application. This can impact overall server performance and slow down appl ications. ) Para-virtualization: Para-virtualization approach is a little different. Unlike the full virtualization technique, the guest servers in a Para-virtualization system are aware of one another. A Para-virtualization hypervisor doesn't need as much processing power to manage the guest operating systems, because each OS is already aware of the demands the other operating systems are placing on the physical server. The entire system works together as a cohesive unit. 3) OS-level virtualization: OS-level virtualization approach doesn't use a hypervisor at all.Instead, the virtualization capability is part of the host OS, which performs all the functions of a fully virtualized hypervisor. The biggest limitation of this approach is that all the guest servers must run the same OS. Each virtual server remains independent from all the others, but you can't mix and match operating systems among them. Because all the guest operating systems must be the same, this is called a homogeneo us environment. 2. Why is virtualization important to a company like Hudson’s Bay Company? How did that factor into their decision to partner with IBM?For this company, they have lots of contact directly with their customer that they need to have great efficiency to serve their customer and did a right statistic and accurate record to establish their information system to see how to make them better. Virtualization can help them realize the capacity, delivered as promise and decline the timing when they are planning. For example, they want to create an image that once might take an hour, but after, it takes only in minutes. It helps them save time that adds more efficiency for them.About their decision to partner with IBM, IBM led to industry that they believe it will be an innovation and useful for their company operating to cooperate with them and it will also benefit in both of them. 3. What kind of companies are likely to use a storage area network (SAN)? The company whic h has massive information to flow in and out will likely to use SAN that’s because it will protect the information from the suddenly down of computer, and company still can use the information they want on the Cloud. A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated network that provides access to consolidated, block level data storage.SANs are primarily used to make storage devices, such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and optical jukeboxes, accessible to servers so that the devices appear like locally attached devices to the operating system. A SAN typically has its own network of storage devices that are generally not accessible through the local area network by other devices. The cost and complexity of SANs dropped in the early 2000s to levels allowing wider adoption across both enterprise and small to medium sized business environments. A SAN does not provide file abstraction, only block-level operations.However, file systems built on top of SANs do provide file-level access, and are known as SAN file systems or shared disk file systems. 4. Can you think of any risks involved in virtualization? Although, virtualization emphasize the efficiency of minimize the risk that they enhance the security by centralized IT management, easily update service packs& patches and easily restore servers. Once, it was really damage and lost any control, it might be totally break down, because such as all of the desktop are manage by one central sever.If the information are hike it once, it would happened at the same way because centralize all the things in one place, and it would be the risk that we have think about it. 5. Explain why virtualization is considered a â€Å"green† technology. Virtualization can improve the percentage of resources using, increase the flexibility of IT, decrease the system’s operation time, help to cut down the human resources to manage and achieve the function of environment protecting of saving energy and reduce carbon dioxide. Green technology, also called environment technology, is an application of environment science to sustain the natural environment and to reduce the negative effects from human activities. Sustainable development is the core goal of green technology. Because virtualization let many companies to reduce the wasting of hardware and the environment impact from those companies. So we think virtualization is such a kind of green technology.

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Management Coaching Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Management Coaching - Thesis Example However, after realizing the benefits of this concept, more and more companies began incorporating it into their business practices. 2 Business coaching allows executives and regular staff alike to become self aware. They realize what their strengths and weaknesses really are and begin to look at issues from another perspective. On top of that, they begin to understand some of the mistakes that might have sprung from their beliefs and rationales. 3 Business coaching allows individuals to develop time management skills, organizational skills, strategic development skills and leadership skills. All these are vital in ensuring the smooth flow of organizational activities and practices. Business coaching is essential in clarifying one's role as a manager or executive. It transforms individuals from just being producers of goods and services to being in charge of one's business. This is possible by teaching candidates how to communicate to ones' subordinates about a strategic plan, how to focus on long term objectives and the process of delegating authority. 4 Organisations within the Asian context should definitely consider business coaching because it has the propensity to improve results and productivity. This is because it provides a connection between the technical and relational aspects of business. Since production is carried out by people, then one should look for ways of enhancing people relationships. Business coaching is the platform for doing that. How business coaching is done Business coaches should use a series of business skills to fit into a client's organization. They should also have experience with running their own businesses so that they can give support to their anecdotes using this hands-on experience. Business coaches do not tell clients what to do; instead, they foster a friendship with the client, support the client and cause the client to stretch their horizons beyond the obvious. 5 Business coaching is done depending on the needs of the clients. If a client needs business coaching skills to start a new company or business, then business coaches give them the tools for planning their businesses. Here, one is taught how to choose an appropriate organizational structure; one is also taught how to look for service providers from various professions. On top of that, one is given insight about choosing to hire external services or to outsource them. On top of that, one is also given training on sales and marketing strategies. When a business is growing and developing, business coaching involves helping the client redesign their business plan. It is also teaches clients how to improve their operation systems. Also, they are taught how to evaluate their competitors and gauge the most threatening ones. The delegation process is also paramount in growing businesses and this is a key subject in business coaching. 6 When a client owns an already established business, then business coaching is tailored towards this need. Managers are taught how to change their management structures. They are also taught how to encourage their employees to be more innovative. Besides that, business coaching here involves teaching managers how to encourage their employees to be more innovative. Employers are also taught how to evaluate opportunities and methods of entering into new markets. 7 The last category of clients in business coach

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Television in UK Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Television in UK - Research Paper Example People over 65 spend five hours a day watching TV perhaps because certain channels are free for them. Most of the adults between 24 and 65 that spend time on the television, are not actually watching the programs or the ads but are doing some other work simultaneously like talking on the phone or surfing the internet. The three main activities that take up the day include sleeping working and watching TV and men are more likely to watch TV than women. Adults over the age of 16 spend under three hours watching the television and the 24-65 year olds fall under the same category of viewers. The following chart shows that watching television is the most common activity by most people in the UK: According to this, 66% of the adults between 25-64 years of age watch TV regularly, while a higher percentage watches the heritage TV among the 45-64 age groups than those between 25-44 age groups. With the reduction in television viewing, naturally the advertising on television also suffers. With switchover to digital TV all the households will have access to multi-channel and this will affect the viewing behavior. it is expected that over the next decade multi-channel TV viewer ship will increased while the BBC and the traditional channels will decline. It is expected that the position will be thus: UK television advertising is regulated when it comes to minutes per hour and hence the cost of advertising increases. The TV advertising market has two differentiated products - advertising on the traditional commercial channels (Channels 3, 4 and 5) and the multi-channels which includes all other commercial channels. Due to economic conditions and declining audiences, the advertising revenues have declined. There has been a shift from traditional channel viewing to commercial multi-channel viewing which has also impacted the value of TV advertising revenues. The TV has also reduced in its attractiveness as an advertising medium. Because of declining audiences the price of traditional channel advertising has received a boost which means it costs more to deliver to the same audience (PWC, 2006). The advertising budget remains the same but the impacts are fewer. At the same the trend towards watching multi channels is increasing and hence the costs become spread out. The cost of 30 seconds of television advertising now costs just '4.81 per thousand adults and this works out to 29pc cheaper than in 2000 (Mason, 2008). Digital spin-off channels are expected to increase their advertising revenue by ten percent but this will not be able to compensate for the terrestrial channel advertising like the ITYV1, channel 4 and channel 5. The most popular and traditional TV channels are ITV1, Channel 4 and Five and the cost of advertising is the highest for ITV1. Some of the most popular TV channels with the cost of advertising are: * itv1 + GMTV 48.5p * BBC ONE 35p * Channel 4 18.7p * Sat and cable 16.8p * BBC TWO 12p * five 7.7p * BBC THREE 2.5p * BBC FOUR 1.3p * S4C 0.3p Source: Glen, n.d. The television advertising revenue is expected to fall for all channels and by 6 and 7% for channels

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Private Equity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Private Equity - Essay Example This process normally involves substantial borrowings and is therefore described as Leveraged buyouts (LBO). Another term which is normally used is â€Å"taken private† which relates to a buyout of a public company and in the process removing it from the stock exchange listing, and therefore transforming it into a private firm (Fraser-Sampson, 2007). Public companies are normally taken private because they have the potential of providing substantial cash flows to investors as the shares are currently undervalued on the stock market. The managers see the potential of â€Å"significantly boosting the firm’s value under private ownership† (Brigham and Ehrhardt 2005, p. 664). This means that companies taken private have the potential of enriching not only the managers who take part in the buyout but the public shareholders who are often offered prices higher than the going market price to sell their shares. Sometimes these shareholders resist but in the end they have to sell their shares because the buyers have enough of the company’s shares to sufficiently influence the takeover of the public company. A large number of public companies have been taken private over the years. A list of some of these companies is provided in Appendix 1 and 2. This list is by no means exhaustive but gives an indication as to the level of activities taking place as it relates to these types of transactions. Arguments for and against public to private transactions A number of arguments have been levelled against public to private transactions. However, there have also been several arguments in its favour. According to Becky (2002, Private vs. Public †¦) â€Å"†¦ in the 1980s a lot of public companies were taken private through a process called a leveraged buyout. That trend may have benefited the entire economy by making the companies a good deal more efficient.† Arguments against public to private transactions Opponents to public companies being taken over by private equity have levelled a number of criticisms against these types of transactions. They believe that some of these private equity managers actually buy public companies, reduce employees, strip the companies of assets and then sell them in secondary buy-out deals. Some also indicate that they are allowed to set off interest payments against income and in the process paying less tax. According to Wiley (2007, p.79) â€Å"some countries are pursuing tougher and tighter ‘thin equity’ tax rules under which it can be difficult to make loan interest fully deductible.† Adding value by increasing earnings multiple Some of the opponents of these types of transactions have indicated that there are many ways the managers of public companies could add value to the company instead of allowing them to go private. These include taking out loans instead of issuing more shares which would be favourable to shareholders as they would see their earnings per share increase. These companies would also pay less tax because the interest on these loans is tax deductible. Increasing the cash flow of the Company Cash flow can be improved through proper management of public companies. There is normally unpredictability in the levels of cash flow in public companies that have been taken private and which therefore need to make regular interest payments. Debt added to private company These purchases normally take place with the use of large amounts of debt, referred to as leveraged

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Unemployment Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Unemployment - Article Example otential and actual output, this article refers to the calculations presented by Lewis Alexander of Nomura Securities by using labor market indicators. According to these reports, the employed people represented 63 percent of population in 2007, as compared to 59 percent for 2009 population. The author thus justifies that the actual unemployment rate, as related to the actual output, is almost 1.1 percent higher than the given figure of 5.5 percent. The article emphasizes the fact that many people in the country have stopped looking for jobs, which is falsely reflected through the decline of employment rate. Therefore, the author suggests that it is important to persuade such long-term jobless people to hunt actively for jobs. In this direction, the article refers to the recent call from President Obama to many corporate entities for encouraging such employment seekers. (Closing the Gap 2014) I do not agree with the author, as I believe that job is the necessity for every responsible householder. Any person needing a job cannot afford to give up the efforts for looking at fresh employment opportunities until he or she gets the desired job. Further, the population figures relating to employed percentage is not the correct representative of employment growth, as increase in population can be mainly due to increase in young adults, who are not old enough to seek any job. Closing the Gap (2014). â€Å"America’s labor market has suffered permanent harm.† Retrieved on Dec. 15, 2014, from:

Employee rewards and performance management Essay

Employee rewards and performance management - Essay Example mportant for leaders of a particular team within an organization to should focus on individual performance and thus cumulatively the entire group will post very good returns. The team leader should focus on improving the output of each and every member. As such, it is important to bring on board individuals who are performers. This is normally done when workers are being recruited for various posts. According to the material, the team leader should focus not only on the positive issues that affect the group, but also should put measures that solve negative issue that impact the group. As such, the group should recognize each and every effort put by the team members regardless of the results that it yielded. The correct model of rewarding should ensure that appraisals are used to meet the intended purpose. The approached used in the system includes steps such as Measurement, Feedback, Positive Reinforcement, Exchange of Views and Agreement. After carefully analyzing the materials, I have come to realize that constructing a well thought-out technique to designing the performance appraisal is key to ensuring that the entire group works harmoniously to achieve the intended goals. The team should carry out regular assessment on the appraisal model to make sure that it serves the intended purpose of encouraging good results. The course has enabled me to gain a better insight on leadership. As such, I have been able to develop leadership skills that include effective collaborative practice and confidentiality that are essential when managing a team. The module has changed my perspectives on various issues that surround the reward system and leadership and management in

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Google is Making us Stupid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Google is Making us Stupid - Essay Example How much of what we know now do we get from Google? How often have we avoided the traditional methods of doing stuff and simply looked it up? While this may seem like a means of making light work, one is compelled to think of how little people want to exert themselves since Google and similar search engines came to existence. When a student is asked to write an article about the problems encountered in their school, they may rush to Google since they have assured it is the authority on everything. While may have information on a considerable number of subjects it would never be in a better position to understand your own environment. The hypothetical student ends up writing an easy about problems faced in another place and time and it loses all semblance of personal touch. It would seem that people have simply switched off their brains and let Google do all the thinking. The fact is that it may be deficient or it may lead them to links with unreliable content does not bother most of the people today. According to the two founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the ultimate search engine is one that understands what one wants. They go ahead to state that this can be achieved by artificial intelligence arguing out that had one a brain connected to all the information they wanted it would be the perfect information system (Carr 1). However, the writer is vehemently opposed to this and with a good reason. Imagine if all human were to replace parts, then gradually all their brains with a computer. They would be able to surf the web instantaneously, and information could flow unhindered. Business deals could be opened and closed without leaving the comfort of your living room. The others fear are not new, even Socrates, when writing was first invented was skeptical saying it would cause people to lose much of their memories (Carr 1). In case the current written works mysteriously disappear and the computer databases collapse, it is unlikely that we would salva ge much of our knowledge from our memories. Yet the scholars of the past memorized Homers work and passed them on without writing, and today anyone capable of doing that would be perceived as a genius. The world and all its citizens would be fully reliant on the internet. Indeed one would be able to chat with friends on facebook or make calls without a phone (Laza 1). Conversely, all the risks found it the internet, and there is no doubt they would have increased in intensity alongside technology as it has in retrospect. As aforementioned, if wiring of the human brain with artificial one would indeed be possible, the risks that would occur are terrifying beyond belief. For once, assuming that humans would interact with their minds, not their PCs, computer virus would not just be something that crashes your computer. It would mess with ones brain and possible part them from your senses. Terrorist would have a new avenue for plying their trade. They would do this by inflating the brai ns of leaders, and other powerful people causing them to engage in self-destructive activities. Indeed the intent as it is today is highly unsafe and not the best place to get privacy. There would be no doubt as systems for controlling this in the same way that the internet search engines like Google have administrators. As such, these people would not only have power over the system of minds but even the individual minds.