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Mistaking africa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Mistaking africa - Essay ExampleIt can be affirmed from a broader outlook that the critical concern of cultural bias is kinda discriminative in nature (Flanagan 153). With this concern, this paper intends to provide a comprehensive understanding about own cultural biases towards Africa through reading the text i.e. Curtis A. Keims Mistaking Africa Curiosities and Inventions of the American creative thinker. DISCUSSION The book of Curtis A. Keim i.e. Mistaking Africa Curiosities and Inventions of the American Mind has portrayed certain prodigious ideas and perceptions that have broadly influenced or impose extensive impacts especially upon social along with cultural aspects of Africa. This particular book provides a general idea about the population of cultural biasness within the state of Africa. According to the findings of the aforesaid book, it can be affirmed from a broader outlook that an individual can acquire a valuable idea about various(a) aspects such as the use and the misuse of stereotypes, racism, exploitation and various other sorts of cultural aspects. The author in this book revealed that for several Americans, the state of matter i.e. Africa appears to be the character of various surroundings i.e. dense jungles, safaris, strangely dressed tribesmen and ferocious animals. It is worth mentioning that Curtis A. Keims Mistaking Africa Curiosities and Inventions of the American Mind mainly concentrates upon conducting historical evolution and addressing the nigh widespread preconceptions along with myths concerning dissimilar cultures and people belonging to Africa (Keim 101-170). In order to present my own notions regarding cultural biases towards Africa through reading the abovementioned book of Keim, certain significant aspects need to be taken into concern and discussed broadly. In this similar context, it can be observed in Keims text that a huge mass of Americans considered the facets of exploitation and racism against Africa to be quite acceptable. This can be justified with reference to the fact that the Americans did enslave Africans and maintain segregation along with slavery system, though they by no means ruled colonies in Africa. According to my own perception, as the Americans did enslave the Africans, it can be stated that there laid the existence of cultural biasness within the nation by a significant level. Moreover, apart from enslaving the Africans, the treatment of the Africans as inferiors by the Americans also demonstrates the prevalence of cultural biasness within the nation at large. There also lay certain other significant evidences that have eventually developed my perception towards recognizing the prevalence of cultural biasness in the component of Africa. One of the evidences can be apparently observed in the readings of Curtis A. Keims Mistaking Africa Curiosities and Inventions of the American Mind. This particular evidence which proves to be quiet efficacious in determining the exis tence of cultural biasness in Africa can be related with the notion of prejudice. With reference to the reading i.e. Keims Mistaking Africa Curiosities and Inventions of the American Mind, it can be revealed that with every passing decade, Americans are incessantly treating Africans with less prejudice. Though the nation i.e. Africa is growing to play an imperative role in evolution worldwide economy because of its huge size, greater amount of population and accessibility of vast resources,

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Cost-Benefit Analysis for Foxy Originals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Foxy Originals - Essay ExampleFoxy Originals is renowned jewelry company which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company was established by Jen Kluger and Suzie Orol in the year 1998 (Foxy Originals, 2013). The company has established its presence in 250 boutiques in Canada. The product portfolio of the company is comprised of high end and stylish necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, belts and other jewelry items. A business must have a competitive advantage in order to sustain in the marketplace (Porter, 1980, 1985 and 1991). Hence sustainability of Foxy Original is parasitical its competitive advantage of selling stylish but low-cost jewelry to price-sensitive women in the age group of eighteen years to thirty years. Although the company is ontogenesis at an acceptable pace there is a risk for the Canadian jewelry market to get saturated due to the entry of new players in the future course of time. Over saturation and presence of many sellers in comparatively small Canadian jewelry market might decrease the addition margin for Foxy Originals in the near future. Hence, the company is thinking about entering USA jewelry market which is 10 times bigger than Canadian jewelry market by the month of January 2005. To enter USA jewelry market, Foxy Original must formulate a profitable distribution dodging which can give them a sustainable competitive advantage.A brief discussion about the about target customers of Foxy Original will friend the essay to develop a thematic background for the case.

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Children as Equal Family Members Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Children as Equal Family Members - Essay ExampleIt was Jean Jacques Rousseau who first stated that he believed that children should be encouraged to develop as befitted them the beat out and that they should learn what they had an aptitude to learn. He stated that We are born weak, we need strength helpless, we need aid foolish, we need a reason. All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to mans estate, is the gift of education.1 His ideas were that children should be lead along a path where they could learn and acquire knowledge in a manner that appealed to them. He also believed that children should be allowed to learn things that came naturally to them and they found easy to understand instead of being forced to learn about things that they did not want to know.These ideas influenced the thought of many philosophers and educators who came after him and it is believed that many of the institutions that are still viewed as progressive in this modern day gain their l egitimate aspiration from a man who was never properly schooled himself. The fact that he was not schooled and yet still came to be viewed as one of the greatest and most original philosophers of his day is a testament to his theory since he taught himself everything he knew and as such he would have followed his aptitude. Children were seen in the same light from the moment they began to speech until the time that they emerged as a true adult. There were no perceptions that at a certain point in their lives they thought and felt differently to their parents and otherwise adults. There was no realization that they had different needs at different ages and as such these

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Asian Population-reaction paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Asian Population-reaction paper - Essay ExampleMost Japanese sculptures consist of images of Buddha.Japanese women name a unique mode of dressing, in general referred to as Kimono Married women dress differently from the unmarried women. Dressing code is associated with the place of woman in the society. A Japanese woman is expected to be respectful and always abide by his husbands demands. Most Japanese women were treated unequally until the end of World War II. Most Japanese gender roles have changed with many adopting the western cultures. However, the traditional norms still expect the woman to respect the man and hence follow what his husband says. Japanese community have a unique diet. Their diet is mostly composed of rice (Gohan) miso soup, meat or fish and pickled vegetables. Japanese cuisine is made up of light foods that argon associated with their longevity. Most of their food practices are also related to their way of life (Kubota, 2014).When dealing with this kind of population, there are many things that I would do differently. I would respect their religion and emphasize on the need for moral ethics as it is also inscribed in their teachings. I would encourage the young people to adopt just living lifestyles as it is the typical segment in most religion. I would also respect womens opinion and help hoagie for their rights. I would adopt their feeding habits as it focuses on good health. I would also provide them with alternative light foodstuff that also emphasizes on good health. I would join their martial art school so as to learn their culture very

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Why are you passionate about leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Why are you passionate about leadership - Essay ExampleHence, for me leadership is about the competency to interpret events and concepts in a way that allows for individual views, while making way for a sense of commonality and a shared sense of purpose. Doing so, a leader not only gives meaning to a collective vision, but also helps bring about the much selected alignment on strategies and goals.To me a leader is a person who ushers in an atmosphere of cooperation and trust by the dint of ones personal integrity and charisma. Enterprises are always in the need of individuals who facilitate the quintessential backbone to the overall organizational culture, thereby ushering in a professional environment imbued with trust and integrity.The biggest source of satisfaction for a line up leader is ones ability to empower and enable people and groups. Leadership is about what happens when the leader is not present at the scene of action. So I hold that the biggest responsibility of a lea der is to create an environment that motivates others to assume leadership and be willing to face

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The First World War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

The First World War - Essay ExampleThe seeds of the First World War had been sawn several decades before the conflict actually occurred. After a decade of using the military power to unify Germany and finally establish the second Reich in 1871, Otto von capital of North Dakota applied his energies to win the sequence needed for the country to recover and gain power. The only way to achieve that goal was to neutralize at any cost the potential enemies that might jeopardize the countrys new found position as a major atomic number 63an power. Therefore, von Bismarcks foreign form _or_ system of government was coloured by the shades of peace over the following(a) two decades and resulted in the famous Bismarckian Alliance system.Bismarck had three major goals establishing a complex system of European alliances (1) to create a imperturbable German facade (2) to create defensive alliances (3) isolate the potential enemies. Consequently, after Europe recognised Germany as a nation du ring the Berlin Congress in 1878 Bismarck focused on keeping France which he perceived as the most dangerous threat to Germany in isolation. It is commonly believed that this task became the cornerstone of Bismarcks international policy from 1871 to 1894. Simultaneously the Chancellor took every possible effort to uphold peaceful co-existence with the other two major conservative European powers, Russian and Austria-Hungary by assure them Germany did not represent any threat (Carr, 1987). The first crucial step toward creation of the new balance of powers in Europe occurred during the Berlin Congress of 1978 when Bismarck took favour of the opportunity to act a peace mediator between the Russian pudding stone, Austria, and Great Britain. The role allowed Bismarck to maintain the peace between major European powers, establish closer ties with Austria, prevent the Russian Empire from gaining too much power out of its win in the Balkan War, and promote the image of Germany as an go od international peacemaker (Pflanze, 1990). The Chancellor immediately capitalised on such an impressive success a defensive military Dual Alliance with Austria against the Russian Empire was established in 1879 and after five years of intensive political manoeuvring Bismarck signed the defensive Reinsurance Treaty with the Russian Empire in 1885. Bismarck supported the colonial interests of France in Africa and Asia being perfectly aware that Great Britain would sooner or later become concerned about the French threat to its traditional colonial supremacy. Consequently, France and Britain got involved in a series of conflicts over the colonies the countries had neither time nor resources to seriously influence the political developments on the territory of Europe and threaten Germany. Bismarck further limited the influence of France by convincing Italia to join the Dual Alliance in 1882 the new configuration became known as the Triple Alliance (Carr, 1987). Only Bismarck retiremen t revealed the true amount of complexity associated with the Bismarckian model of alliances. Thus, Germany participated in defensive alliances with Austria and Italy against France, the Russian

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Planning and Land Use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Planning and Land Use - Essay ExampleThis was compelled to protect the historic character of the town. Nevertheless, according to the planning balance between the homes and places of employment, and the notion of sustainable ripening today it has led to negative impacts.This city is of interest because it is a gallant city, which has a rich history and the pressure of developing threatens to wipe away the rich history of this town. For this reason, the core of the city has become limited because the research and development activities have been concentrated within the sites of employment on the edge of the city. Under the Cambridge phenomenon there were four hundred high-tech organizations in the area, which employed over sixteen thousand people (Morrison, 2010). These organizations stemmed from the departments of the university and spun offs from companies, which had had origins of the university. Ever since, it has been concentrated.During this period, the trans-European highway provided the main road link between the parts and the midlands that were industrialized. The decision to improve the infrastructure of the city was make at the National Level, whereas, the land use of the planning of Cambridge was under the Holford Plan of 1950 (Waters & Lawton, 2002). Despite all these plans, the structure plan of the Cambridgeshire sought means to control the egression of the city outwardly. This was done through maintaining the tight green belt.The reason for this plan was to secure the historic character and setting of Cambridge. Green belts have been an essential utensil for planning in England. Within it, it is hard to get permission for planning for development. The purpose of that is to preserve the setting and memorable character of the town, check unrestricted return of built-up areas, assist safeguarding the countryside from encroachment and finally to restrain the neighboring towns from merging into another (Wicksteed, 2005). For Cambridge, without th e green belt then the city