Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Clinical condition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Clinical physical body - Essay ExampleIt is worth noting that patients with this medical complication may also experience weight breathing out in spite of increased appetite and hair loss (Zaidi 89). Other symptoms of the distemper can exclusively be identified through physical examination of the patient by a medical practitioner. These involve excessive lacrimation, premature ventricular expansions and contractions and rigid thyroid (MacLachlan, Sandra, & Basil 52).A clinical examination of a patient suffering from sculpture disease may provide the following results for instance, a Graves disease patient can be examined with rapid heartbeats, muscular weakness and protuberance of the eyes (either one or both eyes). Fatigue, increased appetite and weight loss be also other diagnostic results of Graves disease (MacLachlan, Sandra, & Basil 76).Medical practitioners have characterized Graves disease as a condition whose causes are not readily determined and have since concluded t hat there seems to be a genetic predisposition for the condition. This is an implication that some people are more likely to contract the disease as compared to others and this is as a result of their genetic inheritance. Nonetheless, a bacterium called Yersinia Enterocolitica has since been associated with the disease. Medical specialists have discovered that the bacterium contributes to the senesce of thyroid autoimmunity which is closely attributed to Graves disease (Zaidi 95).Treatment of Graves disease must be administered by a certified medical practitioner and includes the prescription of anti-thyroid drugs. This type of medication is known to limit the secernment of thyroid hormone. Medication is always given for between six months and two years. It is worth noting that the administration of these drugs into the mankind body have side effects of potentially grave reduction of the level of white rip cells (Zaidi 109).Zaidi,

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