Thursday, May 2, 2019

Compating Two Architecs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Compating Two Architecs - Essay ExampleRapid urbanization and the high demand for houses has led to variations in the architectural designs that are used in the design of structures. There are contradictory forces between those who apprize simple structures that are practical without ornaments and those that demand for traditional architecture that embraced ornaments to beautify the structures. Significantly, there is a owing(p) divide between the construction of simple practical structures that do not lay emphasis on ornaments and using of ornaments in architecture. It would be appropriate to consider the impact of either form of architecture to the environment. In essence, architecture in either the traditional or modern form should be able to contain harmoniously with gloss.(Rhodes, 1995). It should be noted that the changing facets of architecture have been brought about by commercialism and inhalation attitudes, architectural fashions and professional egoism that have signi ficantly transformed over the decades. Towns and urban centers should have architectural designs that provide an identity to the place and present an appreciation of the cultural aspects of the place. Over the generations, architecture has been between adult male and the environment around them. As individual characteristics are different so it should be with cities, with urban planning. In traditional architecture, ornaments were accorded very high value. ... Tall imposing buildings are meant to show economic advancement without inescapably being appealing from the ornamental perspective. The prerequisites are visibility and surprise the creation of a distinct pic in the observers mind for capturing his attention. This goes to the extent of borrowing symbols and motifs from earlier periods or other culture in order to legitimize a new social order. Modern architecture has given swelling to the concept of internationalization. The design of buildings has become uniform regardles s of the cultural background. It has become a norm to have generic high rise block buildings in almost every city in the world. The advent of modern architecture in the 1920s marked the beginning of the demise for ornamental architecture. The fancy of good design has evolved to mean that an architectural design has to be plain and simple. According to Loos (1998), ornamentation was superfluous and had high cost implications. The origins of modern architecture can be attributed to the social and political revolutions of that clipping. Advances in engineering and engineering gave rise to new materials such as iron and steel which encourage minimalist design. The newspaper publisher seeks makes a comparison between two architects showcasing modern minimalist architecture and the traditional ornamental architecture. The major(ip) issue is to analyze the impact of both forms of architecture to the society. Notably, the impact of the evolution of architecture over time is analyzed in order to ascertain its relevance to the society and the environment. Traditional Ornamental Architecture Dankmar Adler The exposition of an

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