Thursday, June 6, 2019

Hunting should be legal Essay Example for Free

Hunting should be legal EssayThe subject of keeping capture legal is a controversial topic. I believe that hunting should be legal. If not, many fleshlys would die because of overpopulation. A substantial amount of our food comes from hunting animals. some(prenominal) years ago, some people used hunting to live because they couldnt buy a lot of their food. Another question is that isnt fishing the same thing as hunting so should they stop fishing if they stop hunting? Some people feel disheartened over it. Also people entreat their Congressmen to keep hunting legal still others are uncertain whether it should be legal or not. Ultimately, I think that it should be legal if not there would be a dominate amount of animals. Here are 7 reasons why hunting should to be legal in every state. There is overpopulation with many animals. One season with verboten hunting could be fickle to the population of animals. Many of these animals will die in winter by illnesses, starvation, etc . if they are not killed during the hunting season.If hunting were illegal, the animal population would grow larger and out of control. The population of animals would grow, but the amount of food would decrease. The animals would slowly die of a grim, inhumane death of starvation. It is a proven fact that a link exists amidst hunting and flu cases. The more hunting that occurs in a certain area, the fewer flu cases there are in that area. Scientists are not quite an sure why this trend happens, but they cannot deny the catch outings. One reason might be ticks might carry the flu virus.If there are fewer animals for the ticks to infest, there are fewer ticks to carry the virus. The overpopulation of animals like bears and mountain lions has resulted in attacks against people. If the population of predator animals is controlled, then the more food there will be for these animals, and they wont attack people when searching for food. Farm animals and rural pets are killed by wondro us animals because there is not enough food to go around. As stated in reason three, the animals will have more food, if there are a smaller number of them.Commercial farms have lost crops because of wild animals. So actuality, to stop hunting would only hurt the economy. As the herd of grazing animals gets larger, the animals seek food where they can find it. They will eat the farmers crops for food. Sometimes, they destroy acres of crops. There are many cases where animals have actually broken into peoples homes and caused a considerable amount of damage while looking for food. Since the animals cant find food in their own habitat, they move into developed areas searching for food.Many auto accidents are cause by wild animals. Drivers either hit the animal or swerve to miss them and get injured or even killed. Pennsylvania leads the list of the highest number of auto accidents involving deer. State Farm estimates that 1. 5 cardinal vehicles collide with deer every year, resultin g in 150 motorists deaths and $1. 1 billion in vehicle damages.From www. unsolvedmysteries. com/usm401731. html www. medicalecology. org/diseases/lyme/lyme_disease. html http//money. cnn. com/2005/11/04/news/newsmakers/deer/.

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