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American history Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

the Statesn history - Assignment Example(Johnson 100).The Townshend Act of 1767 was thus proposed to raise an indirect tax on some articles. The only tax under the Townshend Act that was successful was tax on tea. This fueled political crises from non-homogeneous colonies.This resistance from the various acts and the colonists irritation of the constant presence of the British soldiers showed their determination to gain their independence from the British. In 1770, a serious war struck which became know as the Boston Massacre. Sons of Liberty movement led this battle. This was a significant turn of events as it raised issues concerning the British oppression of their colonies. This massacre inspired revolutions against the British. undermentioned the massacre, the British passed the Coercive act that led to the colonist deviate from resisting the various policies imposed and instead resisting the British government. This was a serious revolution declared by the colonists. (Johnson 104).Various committees emerged outside Massachusetts in support through direct assistance and boycotting British commerce. These colonies showed their determination in 1775 when they fought against the British who tried to seize supplies and choker leaders in Levington and Concord. In 1776, these organizations fought the British forces in the famed Bunker Hill battle. This was war for the colonists (Johnson 100).The British withdrew from Boston in 1776 when a revolt skint to rescue George Washington. He was captured by the British government after appearing in the Second Continental Congress in uniform. This marked the beginning of Americas independence from the British. The downfall for the British Government was inevitable when their troops split to cover a wider area. They were overpowered by their and this saw many colonists gain arse their freedom by overpowering the British. France joined the Americans in their war. Their joint effort saw the end of the war on the land agai nst the British (Johnson 115).The first

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