Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Workplace Literacy and Effective Communication Essay -- Literacy Essays

Recently, there has been a poorly written communication in the workplace, which has led to some hurt feelings, lower morale and possible exit of business. As a corporation, we have worked very hard to maintain the synergism thoughout our work purlieu. These latest events argon starting to compromise multiple aspects of our company. First, we are loosing control and perspective of our colleagues. Camaraderie and atmosphere are suffering, placing us in jeopardy of destroying our active policies and their integrity. We must also be careful not to take these events lightly, jeopardizing our nucleus and strong core structure of talented workers. work literacy and effective communication have long been increasingly important skills demanding around-the-clock attention, monitoring, and education. Therefore, the objectives are to present a solution for company-sponsored workshops to improve workers writing skills. study literacy feigns instruction in basic skills of reading, writing, o r mathematics, and the application of these skills to areas such as communication, teamwork, and problem solving (Smith, 2000, p. 378). The workplace is a very competitive environment and the key to competitiveness leave behind be gaining, transforming, and generating knowledge, which domiciliate be expedient for the employee and employer alike.There are many reasons and exculpations for effective communication, but these can trounce be described by singling out a few common points that bequeath enlighten us to the need for this higher communicative education. concord to Office Team 2000, a leading staffing service, while intellectual challenges and opportunities ordain motivate workers, such skills as writing and speaking well, the display of comme il faut etiquette, and listening attentively will probably determine their career success. HR Focus Magazine (1999) performed a survey which revealed that workers will have to expose to communicate more effectively and articul ately. Through technological ad new wavecements, their people skills will be showcased and tested, and those workers lacking in these areas will have their shortcomings exposed. Likewise, it is menti whizd that pervasiveness of both audio recording and video teleconferencing will also reveal the caliber of aces verbal strengths.This leads us next to professional craftsmanship and the justification for which every good employee is obligated for it. W. Bri... ...racy... (cited in Smith, Mikulecky, Kibby, Dreher, Dole, 2000, p. 378). High literacy will involve the mastering of lower level processing skills. This will include self-monitoring ones thinking, understanding of ideas and beliefs, diversity on multiple issues, working in teams, and synthesizing new ideas. Fred Talbott makes mention in The Salt Lake Tribune (2000) ...writing does not have to be staid.ReferencesAnonymous. HR Focus. The challenges facing workers in the future. New York, Aug 1999. Vol. 76. Lss.8 pg. 6, 1pgs.Br inkman, G., & M van der Geest, T. (2003). Assessment of communication in engineering design. Technical Communication Quarterly, Vol. 12(1), 67. Smith, M., Mikulecky L., Kibby M., Dreher, M., and Dole, J. (2000). What will be the demands on literacy in the workplace in the next millenary? Reading Research Quarterly, Vol. 35(3), 378-383. Tyler, K. (2003, Mar.). Toning up communications. HR Magazine, 48(3), 87-89.Writing well can help in the workplace. (2000, Apr.9). The Salt Lake City Tribune, p. E3

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