Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Obesity Lawsuits by Nancy Hall Essay -- Analysis, Nancy Hall

In Nancy Halls Obesity Lawsuits (2004) essay, Hall is determined to cost the problem constantly growing and silently taking lives in the States every day, fleshiness. The author goes on to argue that people should not be suing fast food companies (Hall, 2004, p. 113), merely rather look at themselves to damn for bonnie obese. the Statesns impoverishment to think about their own decisions routinely, exercise to detention the extra weight off and choose meals that are wellnessier (Hall, 2004). The authors thesis states Listening to the subtle nuance emerging from legal debate, we can take a discernable message that clearly spells out the desperate need for further study, public awareness, and education on obesity in America (Hall, 2004, p.114). Even though Nancy Hall is not educated on obesity nor holds a degree in Health Sciences, the article is still coaxing because of the emotion placed into words pursued by direct and unfluctuating facts laid out on paper (Hall, 2004). T hroughout the article, Hall (2004) uses facts and selective information to show readers how big of a growing concern obesity is becoming in America. However, Johnson-Sheehan & Paine (2010, p. 172) state that ... give-and-take involves more than victimization logic to prove a point. Logos also involves appealing to someone elses common sense and using examples to demonstrate a point. In the beginning of the paper Hall, uses logos to impact the reader right away and capture their attention . ace the author gathers facts from different sources, who have education dealing with obesity and different health fields (Hall, 2004). For instance, Hall quotes Lisa Harnack and Simone French, associate professors in the Division of Epidemiology, domesticate of Public Health at the Rhetorical Analysis3 University of ... ...ence, but the author gathered data from those who are educated in those areas of study. jab deep in past research, the writer finds experts from areas of study, relating to obesity and other health fields. Since the researchers are experts in those areas, this makes their data fast and reliable to use in her argument (Hall, 2004).Rhetorical Analysis6In conclusion, Nancy Halls Obesity Lawsuits (2004), implies solid facts, uses an emotional appeal, and valid points to support her standing on this topic. Overall, Halls argument is bang-up because of all the techniques used to convey her point and sway the readers opinion. Hall thinks that the lawsuits depart cover up the growing problem in America and not resolve anything. Halls strong argument will turn the focus from the courts to city streets, in an effort to stop obesity (Hall, 2004).

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