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Project Management Article

The Article I abide chosen to summarize is titled Life and Death by Cindy Waxier and the equal was published In the February 2013 issue of The PM Network Magazine, The article Is on jeopardize Management planning and execution and its necessity before whatsoever type of risky operation. The Management team of Childrens Memorial Hospital In Illinois, ground forces faced a dramatic challenge on 9th June 2012 when they go 127 patients from their aging faculty to a impudent 23-storied $855 building on north universities medical school campus.The untested facility named Ann and Robert H. Laurie Hospital of lucre was equipped with modern facilities and the move was necessitated because the present building that was construct in 1882 was secure despite various attempts for renovation and expansion and patients felt like existence rats stuck in a cage. In the words of Maureen Mahoney, Laurie Childrens chief clinical morality officer QUOTE We realized that in order to continue to father and serve patients in a way thats compatible with our vision, we had to create a replacement hospital UNQUOTE. The new facility had multiple features to realize bring out patient care Like spacious treatment rooms, an enclosed ambulance speak and there comforts. The hospital had risk patients and before they could enjoy the comforts of the new faculty the task of moving them to the new establishment situated at a distance of 4. 8 Kilometers from the present hospital was daunting.A single trip-up would end in a tragedy and a comprehensive fortune Management Strategy had been put in place by Mahoney who had fagged years to draw up a comprehensive strategy that include logistics, budget, staffing and transportation keeping in mind the worst case-scenarios that may trot up during the maneuver of patients. A multidisciplinary project team had been built to delay calm inflection. foreign consultants team was excessively enlisted for guidance that helped in deter mine the foundation but the Hospitals own Risk Management Team built on it based on their culture and need of the patients.The Childrens Hospital Colorado, Aurora, USA had undergone a similar migration to a replacement hospital earlier. Ms. Mahoney and her team met with representatives of this hospital to discuss the various aspects. The team also consulted other hospitals that were planning their transition and discussed and shared plans. Since transporting the patients required closing of some of Chicago Streets, Ms. Mahoney had already verbalize to the city agencies including police fire and emergency well in plan of attack so that they could work in an orchestrated manner and ensure smooth transportation of patients without any hindrance.All the faculty and staff were informed in dilate about the move and meetings were held to address the concerns of physicians, nurses and caregivers. Since this operation would impact everyone in the hospital, organizing and guard all and s undry were a necessity. To remove the fear of the young patients, they were shown videos of a Buddy jut cosmos safely moved to a new capital and to each one patient was given a Buddy Bear of his or her own on moving day as an encouragement.With the Risk management team raring to go and all city support having been secured plans were laid for logistics of transporting the patients. Elective surgeries were Mahoney who had spent 4 years to draw up a comprehensive the worst case-scenarios that may crop up during the transfer of patients. A multidisciplinary project team had been built to ensure smooth transition. Outside consultants team was also enlisted for guidance that helped in shaping the some of Chicago Streets, Ms. Mahoney had already spoken to the city agencies avian been secured plans were laid for logistics of transporting the patients.Elective surgeries were delayed until later the move and accordingly patients were divided into seven categories based on the ghastliness of their condition. Patients from the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units and children undergoing chemotherapy were given preference. The team also ensured that the required medical equipments as needed were transferred along with the patient and include medication, intravenous line or oxygen. The worst case scenario of patient being decontaminates en route was critically planned and Ms. Mahoney ensured that medical specialists accompany each patient in the ambulance.On the eve of the move I. E. 8th June 2012, everything were checked as planned, patients requirements were meticulously ascertained and even the less critical medical requirement such as emptying a patients catheter prior to departure was non ignored. The transfer began on 9th June 2012 precisely at 6 a. M. The next day and adequate staff was on hand at both ends to trucking rig any problem that may arise. Chicago streets were cordoned-off and the medical staff begun the more awaited transfer making note at ACH step to ensure patients whereabouts from the moment he or she was taken out of bed.The documentation of driving helped the team to track and look after the patients at four points during the serve well of transfer. Within two hours I. E. By 8 p. M. Every patient was safely transported to the new facility and en envisaged and planned there was not a single mishap or even a single caoutchouc issue. The four years of comprehensive risk management strategy was successfully implemented and all the 127 patients were safely transported to the new facility in except 14 hours, covering a distance of 4. 8 kilometers.

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