Monday, February 11, 2019

My Favorite Kind of Vague :: Personal Narrative Jealousy Envy Essays

My Favorite Kind of Vague When dreams mix with realities its 2 oclock on a Sunday morning, and no one is awake but you, scribbling on a note view as aggrandise behind the bathroom door, trying to grasp how something so mild, how heartwarming, could be reborn by its counterpart. I read this book last summer, it was required reading, everyone told me it was horrible. The book takes place in the south at this boys embarkment school called Devon during the summer session, in it Gene, this guy with a terrible palpate of self and an even worse self-esteem, engages in a codependent relationship with the smart as a whip athlete Phineas. Everyone loves Finny, hes charming, hes naive, hes everything Gene isnt. So anyway, Gene is jealous of Phineas, although theyre best friends, so he develops this concept of Finny being jealous of him, honestifying the hatred he develops for him. It becomes unvarnished that Phineas isnt at all jealous Genes, consumed with envy, and pushes Finny out of th e shoetree they used to jump out of together, essentially killing his best friend. Its strange how literary life parallels life so perfectly sometimes. except it really is a good book, I recommend it. But who am I? Well, allow me to introduce myself. Im Beth. Some may accuse me of being antisocial, but Im not. I mean, sure, I get calls all the time, but theyre for homework help and advice on weak poetry. Its not that I mind it its just that I dont exactly enjoy it. When I was in seventh grade, I cracked a book open at my fathers library, you should probably know hes a librarian. It was called Popularity in degree centigrade steps. I remember a few guidelines from it Be nice to others, that means listening to them, and giving good advice another was deform not to be pessimistic, another Use your fashion sense and so the big 100 was Be yourself. Well, Id been being myself for 16 godforsaken years, and it was time for a change. I met her in a hallway, at the time squirming at her singing, her faade of giddiness. She could have authored the awe-inspiring Popularity in 100 steps, her life was based around its rules. She was happy then, happier than shes ever been since, we hadnt exchanged words, yet, I was just a nametag, and she was just the ringmaster of a grouping of 30 boys.

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