Monday, February 11, 2019

Five-Finger Discount Essay -- Shoplifting Stealing Security Retail Ess

Five-Finger Discount Every day, prices of products that we need sustain to go up and up. Simple occasions same(p) bread and tea go up for reasons that at first seem unknown. These High prices make it bad for many families to make ends meet. At the root of this problem there atomic number 18 many factors like inflation, over priced mark-up, and quantity of the product. But the one thing that should not lead to higher prices is shoplifting.Shoplifting is a plague that is move this nation. Because shoplifting has become such a problem, stores ar forced to energize prices to make up for lost sales. This is not their fault, however, few people rank the blame where it belongs. The thieves that plague our economy are to blame and the stores have each right to try to stop these people at all costs. some(prenominal) stores have gone to great lengths to stop shoplifters. Many install cameras to observatory the store. That is what the black bubbles are on the ceiling in some of your popular stores like Wal- mart and Biggs. They are continuously monitoring you and everything that you do. This is an attempt to fix people as they shop, in hopes that someone will be dim enough to shoplift in front of a camera.There are many problems with cameras. For one thing there is always a invention spot in the system. A blind spot is an area in the security system that is not constantly being observed. This term ordinarily refers to an area where the security camera cant see. Big stores like Meijer and Wal-mart dont ev...

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