Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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Men with Guns Men With Guns is not so much a film to the highest degree sparing processes as it is a film about the effects of a certain frugal system - feudalism. It is more a film about cultural and political processes than anything else, a film that deals in depth with the grave consequences of a country in Central or South America whose Indians argon subjects to the knights - the men with guns - who control and terrorize their existence.ethnical processes can be defined as the creation, or transfer, of knowledge. It is the way in which the rules of an economic system atomic number 18 communicated. In Men with Guns, the rules of the feudal economic system are translated through the men themselves. The sugar people or the corn people know their place in society because the military or the guerrillas tell them what it is through force. Every Indian that the doctor meets tells him that they are subject to the men with guns, and that they are in control. As long as one has access to a gun, then that individual becomes a knight, no longer a feudal serf, and it does not matter if that person has began bearing as a white person or an Indian. Because the men with guns go across to be the army, the army acts as feudal knights, forcing the serfs to live in utmost(prenominal) poverty and fear of death, torturing who they like with no consequences, and moving consummate villages. They are able to do this because of the political system in the inelegant part of the country. Political processes can be defined as the rules, or laws if they are established by a legitimate government, that are compel within a political system. In the feudal system in Men with Guns, the rules are made by the army. In the feudal system, the rules are made legitimate purely through the ownership of firearms. It appears as though the people are helpless politically because the political system is the army. there is a feeling in the movie that two assorted political systems exist with in the country, and that most definitely two different economic systems are present. The country can be split into two different cultures - the city and the rural areas. The city operates much like that of any another(prenominal) Western city, and the doctor appears to live with relative freedom and economic prosperity.

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