Sunday, February 17, 2019

Can Science and Religion Co-exist? Essay -- Religion

Science and theology have diverged lines amongst several of the human races phenomenon with the two greatest differences being human and world development. Although there argon differences in the beliefs of these two assemblages, they atomic number 18 ultimately attempting to solve the same puzzles that fool the minds of members of some(prenominal) disciplines. In the end one might say, both disciplines are working to solve two different puzzles that may be actually different, but ultimately are aspects of the same puzzle. Both the method and the aims of acquirement and religion seem to be different. Science is considered to be more link to the material aspect of all things, where religion is concerned with the spiritual. These are just now two of the differences to be discussed in this paper, as I attempt to coif the question of Can science and religion co-exist? Science and religion both create feelings ranging from suspicion, distrust, and conflict to those of respect, t olerance, and conciliation. The feelings created are often dependent on an item-by-items level of involvement with the corresponding discipline of study. Extremist in either discipline would be most likely to develop the blackball feelings listed above, while those with knowledge of both studies would lean towards the feelings associated with respect and tolerance. Another group of individuals who would typically respect and tolerate the beliefs of both studies are those nestled in the roots of the rabbits fur (Gaarder, 2007). These would be those who are nitty-gritty living their daily lives not whole steping to solve the unknown questions of the worlds development. The contradiction amongst science and religion is found between those who look to find the missing pieces of the puzzle by means of myt... ... co-exist peacefully through conciliation is preferred, and for the most part is the norm.Works CitedSickler, B. (2009). Conflicts Between Science and Religion, internet En cyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved 2/27/12 from http//, A.B. (2011). Science and Religion at the Crossroads Conflict or Conciliation? Journal for Interdisciplinary investigate on Religion and Science, No. 9, July 2011. Dennett, D.C. (2011). Science and Religion Are They congruous? Oxford University Press. Deem, R. (2006). Does the Bible Say God Created the Universe in Six 24-Hour geezerhood? Retrieved 2/26/12 from http//, J. (2007). Sophies World. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, LLC.Palmer, D. (2010). Looking at Philosophy The unacceptable Heaviness of Philosophy Made Lighter, 5th ed.. McGraw-Hill.

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