Monday, February 18, 2019

Can Religion Make You Happy? Essay -- Happiness Essays

If theology Makes People gifted, Why Are So Many Dropping show up? -- Louis Tay and David G. Meyers. Throughout history, organized organized religion has helped form the basic fabric of society. From an early age, religion provided the answers to any unexplainable natural phenomena. The question of why the world worked in a particular way was easily answered with because name of deity made it that way. Religion was everywhere everyone had their own ideas about how the world worked and what their role was in the universe. Each likeminded company held that their ghostlike beliefs were the root cause of their rapture and general satisfaction with life. Centuries of religious dominance eventually gave birth to a widespread idea that punishing religious beliefs are essential to living a happy and fulfilling life. until now immediately, in a society dominated by scientific advances, religion finds a niche in catering to peoples spiritual needs. Indeed, despite the societa l changes that have occurred in modern times, religion has remained more often than not unchanged since its early days. The belief that religion factors heavily into ones life satisfaction and happiness has also remained much the same, despite todays complex and ever-changing society. The problem lies where religion is viewed as a major way to achieve happiness, and this perspective can lead to subterfuge acceptance of religion solely on the basis of its supposed universal benefits. Basically, a new way of looking at religion is demand seeing it not as the end-all happiness tool, but as a small factor in a complex web of happiness and well-being. Traditionally, organized religion in the Western world encouraged a melancholy outlook on life. Today, however, religion represents an image of happi..., Hans-Georg Lewis, Christopher Alan. The Relationship amongst Religion and Happiness Among German students. Pastoral Psychology. 51.4 (2003) 273-281. Psychology and Behavio ral Sciences Collection. Web. 19 June 2015.Madigan, Timothy J. Godless Happiness. Free Inquiry Summer 1998 32+. Student Resources in Context. Web. 19 June 2015.Moeller, Philip. Religion Makes People Happier--But Why? Chicago Tribune. N.p., 13 Apr. 2012. Web. 15 June 2015.Myers, David G. Whos Happy? Whos Not? Christianity Today. 23 Nov. 1992 23+. Gale Power Search. Web. 19 June 2015.Schumaker, John F. Can Religion Make You Happy? Free Inquiry Summer 1998 28+. Student Resources in Context. Web. 19 June 2015.Stearns, Peter N. The History of Happiness. (Cover Story). Harvard Business Review 90.1/2 (2012) 104-109. Business outset Complete. Web. 6 June 2015.

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