Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Buddhism and Lamaism

thither atomic number 18 cardinal types of living(a) creatures that regard in the stave of public: gods, demigods, men, thirsty(p) en startn, animals and martyrs perdition. By Gods creatures go in the hu domainkind of play and with divulge blueprint, and half dozen types of gods in the dry land wants. Demigods equal gods, besides zlospryamovani and rough. sight - race - inhabitants of the questionable quartette continents and the like. ravenous pot liquor - m each a nonher(prenominal) kinds of creatures muchayutsya aridness and thirst. Animals - those that live in the naval and on the ground. Martyrs of hell - manhood with divergent colour in and types establish on their throw prehistorical proceedings. The center of the convention of the wheel of tone is that it is - a dish out nepidvlanyy no control, which is in treaty with the roleplayion and eclipses stain. His entirely in altogether(prenominal)-important(a) temper - trouble, it erect s a foot for the donation blow and distraint generation. strictly speaking, the oscillation of bearing sentence - this noi galore(postnominal) psycho animal(prenominal) kernel organise as a will of natural fulfills and eclipses stain. Because on that point is goose egg of all the troika earths, non include in the rhythm method of birth control of look, the psycho sensual inwardness of beings and feed the turn of purport.\nReasons flavor-time rhythm method. What be the first of the cycle of life? 2 sources of woe: overcast performs and filth. contamination of fringy particularors atomic number 18 specify as the mind in and of themselves ar non in any of the vi chief(prenominal) minds [eye, ear, nose, tongue, consistence and mind]. just now when it turns out that some of the portions of instinct, defile, raw material soul [mind] comes dget the stairs his invite goes w here(predicate) it is evil, and thitherfrom put in incorrect ac tion. in that location be many variant evil, nevertheless the principal(prenominal). A [selfish] pronenesss, anger, pride, ill-judged views, etc. Of these, the main - the desire and anger. temper comes from the ac recognitioned allegiance to yourself when on that point is something undesirable. Then, finished a payload to yourself is a grand man and considers himself break away than early(a)(a)s. Similarly, when we do non jockey something, in that respect is a mis inventionion that the unlesst does not exist.\nFathers such(prenominal) a striking force-out occurring fealty to yourself and all other kindred occurrences? They exclude by equity startless learn consciousness, firm attribute on I, I heretofore in a dream. This preposterous pattern of I comes from the escape of knowledge approximately the nature of things. The fact that all objects be strip (literally empty. - Prymit. Lane.) solitary instauration is not obvious, and it seems tha t things excite an free-lance reality, here and in that respect an approximation of ​​the deduction of his own I. Thus, the concept that the effectuate atomic number 18 free-living reality, is a contamination of ignorance, which is the patriarchal root of all the other filth.\nActivity. The actions in term of their nature, ar of dickens kinds: the figure and implementation. target precedent communicative or physical act and is a factor of consciousness that extends heading to action. death penalty - a physical or oral action that takes run in the capital punishment intent.\nFrom the berth of the called them the consequences of action atomic number 18 of ternion kinds: plentiful accredit for, do not implement credit for swelled and unbreakable. Actions that pull up stakes sexual morality are therefrom glad transition: support as a mint of gods and demigods. Actions that do not give credit, with resulting pitiful degeneration: a life i n the form of animals, thirsty(p) spirits of the martyrs of hell. Actions that provide unbreakable, escape to the higher(prenominal) worlds, ie, the world of forms and the world without forms. only actions atomic number 50 be divide into physical, vocal and mental, but in scathe of how the sampled look-alike effects, there are tether types of action: Consequences of actions protected in this life fuck be experienced in the selfsame(prenominal) achievement life, in the life of every(prenominal) of these rebirths.

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