Thursday, August 15, 2019

Travel Writing

The reluctance to enter this climatic journey was brought upon the experiences of other riders. The facial expressions and comments I was hearing as people exited the ‘Mechanical Emotion Drawer' was unbelievable. The excruciating pain being hidden behind anxiousness and expectation. Every small, timide step forward added to the suspense making me want to break free of my personal pride. The source of my anxiety is in the U.S.A, where they are renowned for making the impossible, possible and reaching new heights in technology. Being a British Asian (Living in England) the creativity and imagination for producing the best inspires me, just like what I was about to experience. As I looked into the skyline of this masterpiece park, one ‘Godzilla' like stature dominated my view. It stood tall, bright red in colour and dominant across this sea of other great participants. This added to my sense of fear and I began to realise that anticipation would soon turn into reality. As I queued impatiently along with four of my fearless cousins, constant screaming and shouting was heard. This was coming above my head, as this piece of high-tech metal flew at a great pace. As I approached the end of my queue, clear, loud and precise instructions came from speakers beside me. ‘Pregnant woman, people with heart problems, back problems should not enter this†¦' As I heard this message , I started to question why this announcement was read out. The message continued, read in a firm manner. ‘This is due to the high speed and great heights this †¦' After hearing this I shut out the rest of the instructions. At this pacific moment, I felt, dare I say it, scared. All I could hear was the laughter and the normality of the conversations my fellow occupants of the seats that we would soon sit in. My personal pride and respect was brought into doubt when my silence was questioned as fear and cowardliness, but as stupid as it sounds I quickly dismissed these suggestions. I used reverse psychology tactics and questioned back, ‘Your frightened, that's why your asking!' Clever eh! My time eventually came and the automatic barriers opened before my glaring eyes. I hurried forward, this was to show my unconditional confidence I had. I sat on these comfortable, leather, soft seats and then only I realised one key point. There's no way back from here! As soon as everyone were seated my legs were lifted slowly behind me. I was literally lying down and, believe me, I was as nervous as going to open some important exam results. Safety padding came slowly down from above me and escape was impossible. This horror machine commenced and all you could hear was the screeching between the contact of the track and each individual open cabin. I felt somewhat relieved to have a secure seat and the thought of me turning back was out of the question. Twisting, turning, looping movements were what I was expecting as we were taken up on top of the skyline. I began to question my real respect, for why I come on death defying stunts?

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