Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Age Gap Between Baby Boomers and Today's Youth Essay

The Age Gap Between Baby Boomers and Today's Youth - Essay Example Every generation has its own cultural values, their views which are tuned to the period they belong to. Both of these generations have to face many difficulties and undergo a lot of problems. Our topic of study is the age gap between baby boomers and the millennial generation. Each generation has its own attributes. There is a wide age gap or generation gap and so the conflicts are likely to occur between these two generations. The likings, tastes, values and attitude towards life, everything differ from the youth. Both generations, for our overall progress, can adopt things from each other. Our research is based on the two of generations, the baby boomers and the millennial generation or generation Y. The study will focus on how a good rapport can be maintained between baby boomers and millennial generation which is very important for building a society with a fine amalgamation of old values and modern values. Introduction Before starting our discussion on the topic let’s discuss about the concept â€Å"Generation Gap.† As Gerhard Falk and Ursula Falk mentioned in their book â€Å"Youth Culture and Generation Gap,† â€Å"The change in values from one generation to the next is called â€Å"The Generation Gap.† (Pg. 23, 2005) They further say â€Å"this not only involves education, occupation, and preferences for lines of action, but also family size, status Vietnam of women.†... To find out the problems arise due to the age gap. Try to find out the solutions which can be useful for individual growth and the growth of the nation. Hypotheses: The baby boomers are more strict and rigid and they are reluctant to adopt new things easily. The condition of baby boomers and young generation differ from country to country. Baby boomers are more stabilized, secured whereas the young generation is more depressed and living in a very uncertain era. The baby boomers used to be closed minded whereas the young generation is very open minded. Young generation is more technosavy than the baby boomers. Generation gap hampers the work culture. Literature Review The consequences of age gap between baby boomers and young generation differ from country to country. It depends upon the then state of affairs of the country in which the baby boomers were born. For example, the baby boomers in America in their young age were living a prosperous life. It was because the after World War II America was the country which had to bear a minimum loss unlike the European nations. But still the baby boomers of European countries and America were in much better condition. â€Å"In Europe and North America, boomers are widely associated with privilege, as many grew up in a time of affluence. As a group, they were the healthiest and wealthiest generation and amongst the first to grow up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time.† (2009). Consequently, it became the most powerful and affluent country in the world and thus started ruling over the world. This was the period when the baby boomers were living a very affluent life. On the contrary the situation in third world countries was totally different. For example in India the baby boomers

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