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'Cargo' now intends to introduce justintime. Advise Cargo as to the Essay

'Cargo' now intends to introduce justintime. Advise Cargo as to the main problems they are likely to face and examine how they should overcome these problems - Essay Example As the company sells mainly to the Car industry it has to be noted that a change of ownership(especially in a foreign context) will lead to a clash of management and production culture. Some academics have spoken favourably of the incidents of such a takeover as Graham (1988) notes that 'just-in-time' production is an "innovative paradigm for manufacturing control". This production technique is the brainchild of the Japanese management philosophy and Graham (1988) has expressed the view that British and American systems can benefit from this in order to remain internationally competitive. The previous decades have seen a radical modification in the Manufacturing techniques through the interaction and intersection of Western and Japanese techniques. (Graham 1988, Yamashina 1996) It is worth noting that the political atmosphere of the decade of the eighties made the United Kingdom a conducive political environment for the Japanese foreign manufacturers. (Graham 1988, Yamashina 1996).Th is gave them a chance to transfer their highly competitive manufacturing processes and management techniques to the United Kingdom's production culture and a unique permeation of their specialities like Just-in-Time to their production culture.(McDermott 1996). ... Therefore the output is cost reflective and any accumulation of excessively low level production and inventory methods is highly discouraged.(Epps 1995).The system involves the establishment of highly balanced work flows with sophisticated linkages between the production stages.(Epps 1995).The process will involve the reduction of inventory buffers and a heightened emphasis on the economies of scale from wise efficient procedures.(Mc Dermott 1996). Just In Time owes its origins to the development innovations by Toyota Car Company in the mid fifties and later influenced many major western companies/engineering business concerns like General Electric and Rover.(Mc Dermott 1996). Mc Dermott 1996 and Yeung 1997 have stated in reference to Rover that this British Car company had a lot to learn from its Japanese influence as it benefited immensely by reducing the new product development cycle and reduction in and management levels.Also prominent is the introduction of the minimal inventory control (MIC), a just-in-time system as it embraced its Japanese influence in its new slogan- "Prevention not detection: part of Rover's total quality commitment". (Mc Dermott 1996).Therefore the positive western experience has led to the Just In Time systems to be widely used in British Car manufacturing today.Cargo Engineering Company will have to adopt itself to a number of salient features of the Just In Time innovation. At this point we are assuming that the British car company is neither familiar with the Just-in time culture nor has employed any foreign technical staff. However the presence of British labour laws is acknowledged along with an absence of any major technological changes in the past few years. Based on the analysis by Nataraajan &

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