Friday, July 26, 2019

Summary 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Summary 1 - Essay Example Theologians reflect upon this new truth, which is full of promise. Liberation sets free the children of God from the slavery. Slavery comes in different kinds of form, which include sin, economic, socio-political, and cultural. Liberation serves all those who respond to it, as it is not limited to those only with the evangelical spirit. It serves all those Christians who have clarity in faith and are prepared to be involved in struggles for humanity and freedom for the poor in the society. Liberation inspires people particularly those who have misery burdens carried in their hearts. It is a human need to express this aspiration. There is need to guide and clarify the yearning for the aspiration. Liberation theology was born from this strong aspiration. It expresses concern for the victimized and poor in the society. Theologies of liberation expresses different and diverse positions that seek to explain the contradictions involved in finding the meaning poverty and commitment to justice as defined by Christianity. Recently, Pope Francis has stressed the importance of fast tracking of a former Salvadoran Archbishop’s beatification. Oscar Romero’s beatification is a legitimate to sainthood for a man who is considered the unofficial saint of the controversial Catholic movement, liberation theology. The movement whose origin is in Latin America embraces the perspective and plight of the poor to interpret scripture and fight both economic and political injustices. The beatification statement made by Pope Francis is viewed as an attempt to reconciliation between the mainstream Catholic Church and the liberation theology movement. Other occurrences that inform about the possibility of the reconciliation include the reinstatement of suspended Nicaraguan priest Miguel D’Escoto, a policy reversal in Chiapas allowing the ordainment of indigenous deacons, and the appointment of Gerhard MÃ ¼ller, a former

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