Thursday, July 25, 2019

Prepare Semi-Structured questions for interviews and questioners Essay

Prepare Semi-Structured questions for interviews and questioners - Essay Example For example, for projects like infrastructure and construction (say electricity transmission, Roads development, Buildings Construction etc.) are there very specific factors that developers have to look out for to ensure that there are no delays? 10. What you say in the response to the above about the importance of planning stage†¦is it equally true for different types of large projects. From construction to infrastructure, does your opinion about the importance of the planning stage applies to all types of large projects? 16. Can you think of some reasons why planning stage errors – like incorrect assessment of risks, uncertainties and probabilities occur? Is it because of the assessment tools and risk assessment models that are used in Qatar? 17. Are the above difficulties – in calculating risks and uncertainties and assigning probabilities – further complicated by the State of Qatar’s unique geographic, socio-cultural and historical issues? 18. Do you think that one of the other factors that can be assigned with causing project delays is of Budget? Does lack of accurate budget estimation in the planning stage lead to the delays in the project completion? 20. Do you think that delays at the execution phases of the project (monitoring, control and closure) are specific to tactical planning and execution failures? Or are these just a manifestation of the incorrect planning at the initiation and designing stage? 22. Can some of the delays at the planning stage be attributed to an inadequate choice of project management structure and style? Please elaborate on what are the most suitable project management structures to use in large scale projects, especially in the context of Qatar. 23. Do you think that one of the reasons for disruption and delays are the lack of consensus among the numerous stakeholders on the budget, perception of risk and end objectives of the large scale projects? How does this play out in the context of the State

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