Sunday, July 28, 2019

Peregrine Trucking Co Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Peregrine Trucking Co - Research Paper Example Organizations are facing frequent challenges to find out ways to minimize the operating cost and to increase equipment capacity. Many variables are continuously increasing, mostly the fuel prices are rising daily and it leads to a rise in the material costs. In response to cost minimization, the business universe has started reengineering their business process. The scarce energy sources are consumed by transportation industry. The Peregrine Trucking Company is formulating a strategic plan for reduction of the fuel price by using a variety of effective and socially aware trucking equipment’s. This study discusses various methodologies to reduce the fuel consumption of Peregrine Transportation Company (Schafer, F. & Basshuysen, 1995). From last two decades the transportation companies have become intensely competitive. Freight transport demand has grown rapidly and will grow further as the economies recover from the current economic instability. The increased demand of freight transport facilities has putted an excess pressure on the transport network capacity. The enhanced consciousness about the safety and environmental issues also encouraged the truck companies to innovate socially acceptable methods for cost reduction. Discussion Now days, a person realizes that the resources are not limited and there are alternatives for the scarce resources. There are several ways to eliminate the fuel costs. Some of the simplest ways are as follows: It is advised to eliminate all useless weights from the vehicle. It is suggested to buy gasoline in the morning when, generally the temperature is cold. It is advised to formulate an effective routing plan for entire day. For saving the fuel consumption, first task is to check the air filter. Checking of air filter takes a few minutes. One has to remove the filter and has to boost the light; if the light does not pass, the filter should be replaced. Another option is to use the motor oil’s â€Å"lungs† wit h less thick synthetic or semi synthetic base. Compared with the traditional mode viscous â€Å"mineral water†, they have almost 6% lower fuel consumption. Checking the pressure of tire is another way to reduce fuel. Presence of the weak slopes increases the rolling struggle and that is the reason, the fuel consumption increases. The truck should maintain a constant speed even in the jam also. In the rush hours trucks starts hastily and suddenly slow down. This would increase the fuel cost. Careful use of gas pedals can surely decrease the fuel cost. It is advisable not to use the high gear when the vehicle is in low speed. It is important to brake properly that would also help to reduce the fuel consumption. Air conditioning consumes 5% to 20% of fuel. Avoiding air conditioner sometimes helps the vehicle to reduce fuel consumption. Maintaining

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