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Compliance in Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Compliance in Marketing - Essay Example In such business interrelations, customers are required to act according to the regulations given by a service provider. In this business service providers and customers do not meet face to face and they, therefore, interact actively or passively through media. Examples of such businesses include education, banking services, health services like weight losses rules among others. In this kind of business interactions, lack of customers to adhere to regulations means failure. This business innovation has been faced with criticism by various individuals. There are issues that rise up concerning methods of sampling, data collections, and analysis. While some scholars agree with these methods, some others do not agree with them. Works done by Dellande and Nyer; Dellande; Gilly and Graham as well as the work of Kasabov and Warlow are examples of some works that have published about Customer Compliance Business Methods (CCBM). Analysis of these works reveals different issues of concern abou t methods of data sampling, data collection and analysis. In this work, I will review articles by the above authors to show strengths and weaknesses of their methods of data acquisition, synthesis and presentation. Part 2 Critical Evaluation of Articles Research work is considered well done when it ensures validity and reliability. Data also should be collected within ethical bounds. This means that it would be important to put into consideration values of the people studied (Al-Aidaros, Idris, and Shamsudin, 2011). Automated Marketing and the Growth of ‘Customer Compliance’ Businesses by Kasabov and Warlow In this article, the author presents a study of Customer Compliance Model in which he argues that members of the society are expected to receive services without question. In that way, this article does not offer a chance for a customer to suggest anything about a service they receive. This article presents a kind of service delivery that is totally automated (Kasabo v and Warlow, 2009, p.31-32). As a method of data collection, this is not viable because of dynamics that are represented by different people. This method lacks the ability to handle broad problem area. This is an aspect that any research should represent for problem solving (Nouri, n.d, p.7). Access of information presented during service delivery cannot be well sampled because the method does not offer any chance of study of distribution. To be able to sample, direct contact is essential (Business Conduct, 2012). Less people are able to access automated data that would reduce reliability of data, which may by any means be obtained in a research of this nature. Automation of service makes it difficult for sampling (Greener, 2008, p.47). In giving analysis of information obtained in an automated service delivery, as advanced by Kasabov and Warlow, there are possibilities of biases. This is because some of the data obtained cannot be validated because it is based on poorly sampled so urces. It makes it difficult to generalise information. This method does not give a careful consideration of ethics. First, because service providers do not request customers to respond to services provided using their views. Second, because service providers always implement their innovation without considering the views of customers (Bryman and Bell, 2007, p.143). Gaining Compliance and Losing Weight: The Role of the Service Provider in Health Care Services by Stephanie Dellande, Mary C. Gilly, and John L. Graham This article describes a research that was done through use of questionnaires, direct participation, analysis of secondary sources of data and in-depth interviews. These were used as methods of data

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