Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Interracial Marriages As Phenomenon In Modern Society Essay

Interracial Marriages As Phenomenon In Modern Society - Essay ExampleLandry has spent five years with the African American husband who was her college fellow. later on the divorce, she married the Caucasian husband and has been living with him for four years. When she reflects back upon the two experiences, she realizes that race was never a strong issue. Landry parted ways with her ex-husband because on that point was the communication gap between them and he was disloyal to her. Besides, they had issues related to money. Therefore, when Landry searched for a husband the second time, she placed more emphasis upon his commitment towards budget and his inclining to exchange views frequently and maintain loyalty to her in marriage than the race he belonged to. Landry spent twelve years as a single later her divorce. In those years, she spent time with numerous men from different ethnic origins. Having dated men of different professions and racial backgrounds, Landry reached the con clusion that two peoples resemblance in the level of intelligence, personal interests, aspirations, and values were much stronger determinants of their compatibility with each other than race could ever be. Landry has evaluated the potential advantages and disadvantages of interracial marriages in this article.Discussing the pros of interracial marriages, Landry head start discusses personal growth. The successful marriage requires the partners to grow together with the passage of time. Marital partners can enhance their growth by sharing with each other and appreciating the challenges arising from their ethnical and racial differences. Landry has noticed that her Caucasian husbands behavior is changed for the better after marrying her. He has started to understand how people of color may feel ilk strangers in settings where the others dont look like them. He had a new experience of going to church with an African American wife as a lone white man.

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