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'The regulation of enzyme activity is the most most important and Essay

The regulation of enzyme activity is the most most important and fundamental control for a cell-Discuss - assay ExampleA cell on the other side is the smallest fundamental unit of life (Alberts 79). inside the cell are the cell organelles that are charged with specific roles in driving physiological processes of the body. near of the physiological processes that take place in the body are initiated at the cellular level, at the homogeneous time the cell operation is linked with the enzymes activity. An example is the process of gene expression in the body. ingredient expression is the sequential transformation of a trait from the molecular level to phonotypical stage. It usually starts with the replication of the deoxyribonucleic acid (deoxyribonucleic Acid) (Hill 84). The replication of the DNA is enzyme catalyzed and the process continues to the transcription of the DNA to RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) which then gives the amino acid and is lastly translated to proteins that manifests themselves phenotypically (Alberts 102). In the sequence of gene expression, the cell is charged with the responsi679114bility of determining what enzymes are to be produced and in what quantity.It is the office of the cell to determine what enzyme is required in the body depending on the type of substrate that is present in the body. The situation shows how intimate the two work in enabling the body physiological processes to proceed without a halt. The alternative synthesis and degradation of the enzymes is referred to as the turnover number, this turnover number is dependant on the submit of the enzymes in the cell and is regulated by the cell (Hill 166). Increasing the amount of the enzymes in the cell atomic number 50 be done by the cell in two way elevating the synthesis rate of the enzymes or by slowing the rate of the enzyme degradation. The cell in this case has the role to regulate the enzyme content in it which is a stringent exercise owing to the fact that there are millions of enzymes in the body severally effecting a unique role probably at the same time and has to be

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