Saturday, May 11, 2019

International Marketing Strategy of Freitag brand Assignment

International Marketing Strategy of Freitag leaf blade - Assignment ExampleThe brand Freitag is quite a well-known in the international arena. The inception of the brand happened back in the year 1993 in Zurich, Switzerland. It was started by ii brothers named Markus and Daniel Freitag who were graphic designers. They were in the hunt for a messenger bag that had to be water-repellent, heavy-duty and a functional one in which they could take their designs being fearless of the incident that water can non spoil it. They got their inspiration from the lorries that had cheerful colours and created a messenger bag by cutting forth an old tarpaulin of a truck. They used webbing emanating from car seat-belts were used and the edging was provided by the midland tube of a bicycle which was old (Freitag, n.d).This is how they turned their individual need into a successful business. Freitag has employee bearing of over 120 people. The products of Freitag are now sold in more than 350 s hops across the globe. The brothers have since then marketed and developed quite a lot of bags for men and as well as women. The brand has two lines of bag The classic FUNDAMENTALS that have more than 40 models which are being continuously unless developed and complemented. In September 2010 the brand introduced the FREITAG REFERENCE Line and since then it has only been launched under seasonal worker collections. In spite of having stores in New York, Berlin, Vienna, Davos, Cologne, Zurich and Hamburg, the bags are still made in Switzerland (Freitag, n.d).It has been noticed that at that place are many reasons for companies to internationalise. The key reason behind internationalisation is the capacity to continue to be agonistical in their related environment. The concept of internationalisation is explained as establishing business relationships associations in different countries by direction of integration, penetration and extension. Integration is explained as the process of co-ordinating the diverse national networks. Penetration can be stated as growth of positions and enhanced commitments in relation to resources in networks in which the company is presently problematical with. And, extension means investments with regard to networks which are new. However, an additional significant motive for deciding to globalise activities results from the fact of increasing competition from foreign participants in the domestic market. With the intention of keeping pace with those competitors who are a good deal known to adopt aggressive policies in order to expand their share in the market, it becomes important for the local anaesthetic organisations to shift attention to global markets. Therefore, the above factors can be stated to be the causes for internationalisation of the brand (Ebner, 2011). And the growing popularity of Freitag bags

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