Sunday, April 21, 2019

Scientific article review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Scientific article revaluation - Essay ExampleThe immune frame is one of the bodies most important functions, as well as one of the bodies still most mysterious. However, great scientific advancements are being made, as can be read about in several different articles.One article deals with the immune system and its part in MS. It discusses several new important breakthrough in figuring out why the immune system attacks the brain and spinal chord, and how this can be contained.One important new breakthrough is the discovery of T-regs, a jail cell that regulates T-Cells ( cozy Conflict). These cells stop T-Cells from jumping to attack, and can be helpful in stopping T-Cells from attacking body ego cells. The Tregs of people with MS dont function as well as those of people who do not consent the disease. Currently, research is being done as to why this is, and what can be done about it( Inner Conflict).Another filed of research is in using hormones to help slow down the advancement of the disease. Using estriol, a category of estrogen on women, and Androgel, a testosterone gel on me, seems to help slow down the brain interweave loss from the disease, as well as improving in bodily functions(Inner Conflict).Another huge development in the immune system field was the discovery of a Orai 1, a protein that controls the immune systems calcium channel(An Immune). This protein has been looked for for decades, and finally decision it has sparked great interest. If drugs were developed that could block this protein for example, a drug could combat the effects of many different types of autoimmune diseases

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