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Negative Effects of Social Media

Negative Effects of Social MediaCOMMUNITY OR isolation? TOO MUCH SOCIALIZING ONLINEAbstractInternet facility now has made friendly networking site is the most frequent visit either, indeed the hold of the net income to socialize provides m either benefits to the community. However, in like manner frequently socializing online leave al unity lead to several(a) cons, isolation that occurs volition cause various disasters to users addicted to the use of the internet that is too ample, various problems encountered w diabetic be set about by users when they argon too oermuch socializing online. Among these ar, they willing be lost interpersonal skill which it is whateverthing very important in the invigoration of fraternity. Mental illness will in addition be staged by users who employ the internet too much. It caused them to be spending too much judgment of conviction in front of the laptop or any thingmabobs. In addition, the applied science also imposes socia l isolation. This is because the user will non be concerned with relationships in the real realism. They will lose their manners, converse or even manners mixing in the real dry land. withal so, there is too much socializing online is also good, like trading online dah also use it toward education. All parties need to ensure that this give notice be eradicated because it will bring a bargain of adverse personal effects than good.IntroductionNowa twenty-four hour periods, internet and data processors argon very important in life. assorted methods are used to communicate with individuals. In the past, everyone connected with from each(prenominal) one separate by only when sending a letter through the post. This attend takes a long era to send a message to our friends. after the phone was introduced, umpteen commonwealth use the phone to communicate with each other. With this, web developers about how to solve problems that occur if you want to connect with people who far away.Internet usage is diverse and among them is to search for information, adding knowledge, entertainment, and to chat. The use of increasingly sophisticated technologies to avail people to get information at a rate so fast. John Naisbitt (1990), predicts one of ten human tendencies in the early twenty-first century is information.Approximately 60,000 students aged between 12 and 18 years in this clownish tracked spend at least four hours a day surfing the internet, especially social networking site Facebook (FB), Twitter, Instagram and numerous more(prenominal). Addicted to the internet, especially FB is do the students often cheat, steal, asocial and turned into a bad temper if their wishes are not met. If the addictive social networking site is not spoken languageed, it will cause various banish equals include symptoms of truancy and crime and antisocial.Too much socializing online will lead to more prejudicial than authoritative things. Other than disrupt the interaction among human beings, too much socializing online also leads to various diseases and also leads to social isolation imposes. engineering science is destroying the Quality of Human InteractionTechnology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelatedness with life, society and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied skill and pure science (, n.d). It messnot be denied that in this century, we live rattling depends on the technology like mobile, computers, medication machines, security and etc. The technology emergence also keep increasing day by day and it shake offs roughly people feeling eager to wait for the new technology such as a new gadget being released. Technology itself gives us numerous benefits and also came along with negative effects.Little by minute Internet and mobile technology searchs to be deftly destroying the meaningfulness of interactions among people, disconnecting us from the world around us and leading to an imminent sense of isolation in forthwiths society (Melissa, n.d). Today, instead of meeting friends face to face we rather call, text or instant message them. It may seem simpler but we ultimately end up seeing our friends a lot less society (Melissa, n.d). The technology, especially mobile technology like a shot authentically gives a big impact to our live.In Malaysia itself, all the citizens in this country feed their own smartphone even the kids under twelve years aging. Supposedly, the children at that age should spend more metre with their parents and friends. We called this situation as a gadget haze where people really attached to their gadgets. If this situation keeps adventure in our society, we should not be surprised if those children having problem with their social interactions with others. at that place is an obligate that talk about how the mobile technology kills the face to face interactions. The writer verbalise he was at the University of Missouri-Columbia for a reunion and he noticed that just about every student had a carrel phone out to read text messages or check voicemails as they walked around- whether they had friends nearby or not (Mark, 2007). That was what happened in 2007, and we grass see that the gadget haze today become more serious when the people quick texting, Facebooking, twittering, and these make them ignore the people around them and at the same cadence it slowly destroying the quality of the human interaction.In 2010, there is other article talk about how the technology destroys the interpersonal communication. The writer questioned that people today rely on Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and etc., And most individuals are connected to the technology and the internet at all times one way another (Sean, 2010). Furthermore, there also has a page that listed 10 ways smartphones are destroying our lives and I really interest ed with one of the ways that is social interactions? Huh? What are they? It questioned us how often these days we meet groups of people having coffee with everyones faces buried in their phones, supposedly they had nothing to chat about or maybe we are slowly forgetting how to fill lifes mucilaginous silences with polite conversation (, 2012). The development of the technology that speeding up nowadays really make us worried because of the behaviour of the people that really excited regarding it.Technology is good, but our people make it worse. This is because we do not know how to use it well. Forget all the gadgets or any technology we restrain when we are in a group of people, show some respect there and then we loafer balance the human interactions at bottom people and technology. Technology will be precious when we not how to respect it.Children will confront intellectual illness, disease due to too many a(prenominal) online socializingApart from t he lack of interpersonal communication skills, The children are the ones who are vulnerable to the problem of social ills. Mental illness will also be faced by a child who is too much of their time on social networking sites. This is due, they would rather receive something without examining the facts is whether it is correct or not. Critical thinking they would be reduced and they will struggle to make any decisions relating to the idea.They are no longer interested in analysing an genuine fact flatly through search engines. Consequently, they no longer apprize the nous to think in depth which can affect brain function when the condition persists. If that were done from the early stages of teenage life, how it will be when they grow up. It not only affects their daily lives, but how they can be competent and competitive. What is more worrying is primarily to parents is their childs truancy willing simply to go to a cyber cafe in their home if there is no computer. If not enough pocket bills, they are willing to steal, as long as it can visit cyber cafes.Personal computers, especially those with access to the internet, for example, is one of the tools for communication technology is often touted as very useful for a variety of purposes such as to receive, transmit and record the information. But in the meantime, we also feel uneasy because the media have also become a channel obscene material and also have been misused for the purposes sinful and gambling.Children who spend a lot of time glued to a computer risk of kind wellness problems such as loneliness, depression and anxiety(The internet can be bad for childrens amiable wellness wellness News Health Families The Independent, n.d.). Those who spend more than four hours a day to see the screen more vulnerable to mental illness. Results showed that more health risks of social networking sites and computer games such as companies like Facebook criticized for failing to have a system that is more ef fective age checks for new joiners. You must(prenominal) be 13 or older to join Facebook, but many children unsalteder holding account. Children who spend more time on the computer, ceremonial occasion TV and playing video games, tend to experience postgraduateer levels of excited stress, anxiety and depression.In mirror newspaper written on 16 may 2014 about Spending too much time online causing mental illness in children government health advisers warn said that loneliness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and heightened aggression are some of the possible issues faced by children who may overuse the internet.A PHE report says improvements in childrens wellbeing over the past two decades had now been curtailed and may be in reverse. The report says the number of calls to Child argument about online bullying, suicidal thoughts and self-harm have soared in recent years. PHE suggested that parents should be situationly worried about their childs mental health if they spen d more than four hours a day in front of a screen. Children who spend more time on computers, notice TV and playing video games tend to experience higher levels of activated distress, anxiety and depression. This relationship is particularly negative among those who engage in high levels of screen use more than four hours a day. The evidence suggests a dose-response relationship, where each additional hour of viewing increases childrens likelihood of experiencing socio-economic problems, and the risk of dismantle self-esteem, the report said(Spending too much time online causing mental illness in children government health advisers warn Mirror Online, n.d.). wishing of healthy due to too much socializing onlinePros when too much socializing onlineAlthough it leads to a lot of dis favors. Too much air can also lead to community among these are Converse. Can contact old friends apart. Old friends reunite separated. We can look back school friends over a network with one another w hile relation can relive old story. Besides that, when too much online socializing, it can help promote something. Through social networking site, the latest entry can be announced to friends in the social networking site. . For example cooking tasty and flashy restaurants can be widely cognize. The best type of camera for the money can be discussed.It also easy to disseminate information. For example, the first time when you want to perform the ceremony wedding invitations need to find partners address each(myMetro Facebook kami, n.d.). But now with the sophistication of the social networking site, wedding cards can be placed there and communicated to colleagues. Easy and fast. Request help vehement as blood do estate certain jens to help terminally ill patients can also be disseminated. Cases of fraud and faces criminal disseminated in the beseech against crime.Using a social network also, sharing of information or knowledge become easier. If we are wise to find a adapted fr iend, we will have the latest information quickly(How Cell Phones be cleansing face to face Interactions Mediashift PBS, n.d.). There are friends who are eager to share news and information to be shared. For example, the social networking site can replace the tv to know the latest news. Even with the trial court immediately know through twitter and certain websites. Current events can be known immediately. Science in medicine, technology and the like can also be disseminated.Social web sites like this can actually provide many benefits to adolescents if used correctly. But most do not take advantage of such facilities with the best that exists between those who abuse that sparked controversy as threats to particular individuals.ConclusionMalaysia as a country that is peaceful and prosperous society must be completed with the ethical standards of excellence for surfing the cyber world full of comfort. Islam as a religion of mercy should be the main reference in the formulation of ethical consumerism Internet standard, according to the characteristics of Islam itself that brings a complete change of angle whether social, economic, political, and so on. Islam requires all Muslims to respect each other, we maintain dignity and society around us. The issue of students exposed to adult material can be contained if religious values applied in the students. Certain parties have to take action to control closely so that students do not tend to social problems. No other section that can poison the integrity of the community that is spread through the internet to be accessed by all human beings. ICT influence the level of modernity and contemporary life is inevitable and has great influence in the lives of young people or students in particular. It has become part of modern life now that will continue to improve the use and impact from time to time. The use and the influence in the lives of Malaysians now inseparable with ICT in many aspects of life. To avoid or reduce the negative effects and destroy the confident(p) values of religion and refining of our society as well as highlighting the positive values of society, all parties and of various levels must lace the role of religious, moral and ethical values of our society, especially for the younger extension to avoid of the negative effects that will get worse. Completely eliminated the negative effects harder, but what might be done is to increase the positive effects and minimize negative effects. Government policies related to education and culture must also put the issue of abuse and the negative impact of the Internet as an important tool for the modernization and development of the nation state in Malaysia.In a nut shell, we can discontinue here that too much socializing online will bring more negative symptoms than positive. All parties appropriate played crucial roles to eradicate the use of the internet for too long, because it will make a generation who will govern the co untry one dayReferenceHow Cell Phones Are Killing Face-to-Face Interactions Mediashift PBS. (n.d.). Retrieved November 28, 2014, from http// destroys interpersonal communication collegial Times Columnists. (n.d.). Retrieved November 28, 2014, from http// Define Technology at (n.d.). Retrieved November 28, 2014, from http// ramble/technologyToo much time on web gives children mental health problems. (n.d.). Retrieved November 25, 2014, from http// Cell Phones Are Killing Face-to-Face Interactions Mediashift PBS. (n.d.). Retrieved November 28, 2014, from http// eractions295/Internet Addiction A Bad Habit, Not An Illness. (n.d.). Retrieved November 25, 2014, from http// increases risks of mental illness in children Health Fitness bmag. (n.d.). Retrieved November 28, 2014, from http// Facebook kami. (n.d.). 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