Wednesday, April 24, 2019

English Composition Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

English Composition - Personal Statement ExampleThe lessons were non my preferred part of my day, but I soon fond my skills developing and that my piano playing was actu totallyy improving. I decide to keep playing until I entered the 6th grade, and then I completely lost all interest. I had nalways chosen the instrument for myself, and I did not want to continue playing. However, the skills that I had learned playing piano would further help me in my attachment to euphony throughout the next hardly a(prenominal) years.My next major step into the melodic world would be a few years later when I distinct to learn the tuba. It appealed to me, and it was virtuallything that I decided I wanted to do. I quickly became handy at the instrument, as I already had the musical skills of reading music and counting that m some(prenominal) students had to existence to learn. Since I had already has these skills police chiefed fro playing the piano, I was able to start right away at lear ning how to play the tuba, instead of worrying about learning the simple basis of music.It was also round this time that the music I was listening to around me began to impact my life. I began listening to various types of music I had never experienced before, and it greatly changed who I was as a person. I began to expand my musical horizons , and began to catch out just how important music has been to me so far. I found my favorite band during this period, and their make for on my whole life could never be under estimated. As I began to grow musically however, I started to see a rift opening between what I was learning to play on tuba and what I was listening to. The classical pieces that I was playing on tuba did not contention up well with the rock and contemporary music I as listening to, and I began to see myself drift away from the older, classical, types of music.I performed in many solo festivals for tuba, and did well in all of them. However, it was not until I found o ne piece, a super contemporary piece composed for solo tuba, that I began to really play. It was a piece that had no classical melody or older ideas, it was a smart breathe of fresh air into my solo repertoire. It was a piece that still my teacher said I wouldnt be able to learn to play in time, but I was determined to learn it and master it to the best of my ability.And for a month I did little else beside practice the hell out of that solo. I undecomposed every free second I had, and ended up expanding my range to notes I had never even though of hitting before. My ability as a player greatly improved, and I found myself combination my love of rock-esque music and tuba playing coming together for perhaps the first time. Music has unendingly been important to me, and my tuba playing is just the start. A few years later I decided to take up acoustic guitar for fun, and while I am not technically amazing, I open been able to write songs on it. It gives me a chance to express my self that I cannot do through any other means, and it is just a fun part of my life. I still play both tuba and guitar, and hope one day to possibly combine my love and ability to play both into some kind of band. And it would probably be a band that would be a sound unlike anything ever heard. Music has changed who I am, and for most of my life has shaped the course of my future. I would not be where I was today if it wasnt for the help, lessons that music has taught me and the influenced that music of all kids has had on my life. I would encourage everyone to take some manikin of music lesson and to give their

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