Saturday, April 27, 2019

Discussion Questions Week 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Discussion Questions Week 1 - strain ExampleFor instance, it might be determined that a 4-year degree at a technical direct entrust provide a $100,000 income while a 2-year degree at a specialty coach will only provide a $60,000 income after graduation. A person must determine the move involved in getting an education and determine which option will be the most worthy long-term. A person making $60,000 will have less financial capabilities than another who earns $100,000, making it harder to sacrifice to charitable or comm social unity organizations. However, the time investment should be considered as subdivision of economics because family members will be affected, as well as the whole of a persons lifestyle, depending on which ratiocination is made. The biggest question which should be asked is how decision-making will impact the self, the household, the local community and even the broader society as part of economics in daily life.From an organizational viewpoint, econo mics determines how specific activities impact other activities in a society. A manufacturing line of products will determine the cost of raw materials, the labor and investment necessary to offer them, and consider whether customers will want to buy these products. As a single organization, micro-level business activities and various departments hit together in the pursuit of generating a final product. Each division or business unit maintains a grotesque function, however each contributes to the whole of the organization, creating an entire unit of economic activities.In the business environment, it is a common theme to recognize aspects of sales and marketing, such(prenominal) as knowing your consumer and their basic demographics such as income, social lifestyle and cultural values. From a macro-level perspective, social systems work together with their own unique functions, creating a solid society where each action by each group impacts the other group. This is no different in business as the

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