Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Videogames Dont Have a Negative Effect on Kids Essay example -- Argum

Videogames Dont Have a Negative Effect on KidsThere be many things that todays society worries about television, role models, etc. The biggest ones are those that assume the children. One that many state overlook is video games, a subject field past time in almost every home. It is get ahead that they push aside cause changes in children, but are the changes well behaved or braggy? Do video games have a negative effect on kids? Personally, I felt in that respect was nothing wrong with video games. I play them for fourteen hours or more a week, and Ive been doing charming in life. I made it to a fine college, I intimate unique words when I was young, and I even won prizes in some video game contests. I still have that superstar Fox t-shirt even to today. Still, I wanted more than righteous my input before coming to a conclusion.There are hundreds of slipway to get information, and the internet is not a reliable one, yet I still rummaged through it. At first, I merely fo und commentaries and opinions from people that were quite biased. In fact, most of them were trying to get me to buy what they were talking about, whether it was a new game or even a phone. However, later a few hours, I struck gold. Studies have been done on video games before, but unless the children are in a controlled environment from birth, it is to the highest degree impossible to find how video games truly affect people. Many of the separate researchers produced the same results that while placing an action game the childs testosterone levels rose, on with heartbeat and breathing patterns. The same pattern is found in a person when involved in a fight, usually with adrenaline raceway through them, or when a person is doing an intense workout at the gym. This research can be taken in many ways, ... ...s rummaging and questioning, I feel that there is no definite answer to this question, but preferably only opinions due to personal experiences. There are simply in additi on many variables and not enough research to make a clear judgment. And what is my view on the matter? I feel that videogames do not have a negative effect on kids as unyielding as the parents are there to help guide them through. While there are clearly some bad things they can pick up from playing a videogame, there are also many good things to be taught as well.Works CitedCroal, NGai. This is serious fun. Newsweek 4 October 2004 61.Kellerman, Jonathan. personnel Doesnt Begin in the Theater Wall Street journal 9 Jun. 1999 pg. 1Paul Gee, James. Turning Games into Learning Machines. Game Developer 10.9 (2003) 56.Videogames are bad for you. Electronic Gaming Monthly September 2003 68.

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