Friday, March 15, 2019

The Act of Blogging:Creating an Online Home :: Blogs

The Act of BloggingCreating an Online HomeA phenomenon has taken holding on the internet. This phenomenon is called blogging. Blogging is nothing more the journal of hoi polloi published on the internet. The interesting thing is, other people around the world merchant ship sh atomic number 18 in this journal with you. Another interesting note that expertness be commonly over looked, is the resemblance of a blog commit and a real home, metaphorically speaking. Whether or not a blogger is purposely giving his point a homely look to it, the resemblance is at that spotlight nonetheless. Items you might come across on a blog state of affairs ar pictures, a portfolio of the blogger, and links to other blog sites. For the bloggers that take this undecomposedly, it is outstanding to have this information to create an environment that you ar comfortable with and you ar comfortable with others to view. You want for the viewers to feel welcome to your site and jazz what they se e and read. For the viewers, they are looking for a connection with other people with similar likes and dislikes. An individual named Andy does a lot of traveling, and has created a blog site to tell about his travels. Because of his extensive travels, Andy has chosen to make an online home. In some(prenominal) e-mail conversations I had with Andy, he told me that his web site is a place where he can go for some familiarity. He was intrigued at the semblance that I had made between the two types of homes. When you enter this site you are greeted with a different picture about once a week. Pictures are important they add life to the web site. Pictures are also important because they give character to the web site, and in some cases can flat tell a story. Pictures on a web site are a lot like pictures on the wall of a house, for the identical reasons. Pictures or paintings I feel are a necessity for a house or web site. Throughout a house you ordain find books, magazines, newspa pers, and all sorts of other little nick nacks. These items are thither for enjoyment and education. They also describe what kind of person it is that lives there and what his likes and dislikes are. In the blog world, you might find a personal profile of the blogger. For the serious bloggers, it is almost a guarantee that you will find one.

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