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Othello, Moorish commander of the build up forces of Venice, had secretly married Desdemona, the much junior daughter of the respected Senator Brabantio. Capitalizing on this news, Othellos ensign, Iago, who had earlier professed his desires to Desdemona without receiving her love in return, desire revenge. Also passed over for promotion as Othellos new lieutenant headsman of staff, the Moor having chosen instead a loyal Florentine, Michael Cassio, Iago now devised a scheme to rid himself of these sorry reminders of his own failings. He dispatched his inexperienced follower, Roderigo, to declare Brabantio of the illicit marriage. The thought of a beguiling Moors marrying his beloved daughter without consent, guide the Senator with his guards to Othellos house. However, violence was postponed by the report of an imminent attack on Cyprus from armed Turkish galleys. The Duke of Venice summoned Othello to the senate chambers. When Desdemona appeared and professed her love for Oth ello, the Duke cleared him of wrongdoing, saying to Brabantio, "If virtue no enthralled beauty lack, / Your son-in-law is far more fair than black." Then the Duke directed his gay commander to lead the Venetian forces to Cyprus in its defense. With his honor intact, and through Desdemonas pleas to stop with her love, Othello gained permission to have her sail with him. For the voyage, Othello entrusted Desdemona to the care of Iagos wife, Emilia, who did not suspect her husbands treachery. forrader the soldier band could reach its enemy, a storm destroyed the Turkish fleet and dispersed the Venetian vessels. Fortunately, all of Othellos ships returned safely to Cyprus and Othello and his bride were reunited. Iagos hateful fancy turned now to lies and innuendo. Seeing the infatuation his pawn Roderigo had for Desdemona, Iago applyd Rodcrigo in conversation, promising that he could secure for him Desdemonas love I hate the Moor. My wee is hearted thine both no less reas on. Let s be connecter in our revenge against him. If thou canst cuckold him, thou dost thyself a pleasure, me a sport. But then evil Iago demanded a price for Desdemona Roderigo would have to engage Cassio in a fight during the lieutenants night watch. Iago further fanned Roderigos address to kill Cassio by claiming that Cassio was Desdcmonas latest love. That night Iago succeeded in getting Cassio drunk, and the free-for-all turned to riot. By way of reprimand, Othello was forced to demotc Cassio, a severe nurse to the high-ranking officer.

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