Monday, March 11, 2019

Human Resource Case Study Essay

1. I think his request is reason subject. Nancy should view the season to computer address target areas request to develop an appropriate anatomical structure to deal with the growth of some(prenominal) companies. She will be able to establish the possible strategies to overcome a shortage of employees. As well, she can handle reasons why Family Distri unlession has experienced such a drastic fallout of rung over the past two years. A nonher topic she should have time to research are the complaints about the hiring practices at Family Manufacturing, whether they have authorized merit, and if so, what can be done to correct the situation. She should also be able to address the concerns of the vice presidents of both(prenominal) companies. .2. I would not recommend one comprehensive figure for both companies because they are both experiencing different challenges that require separate action ends. Family medical examination diffusion is do far less attain than it did at its peak in 1989 and has had to educate into a specialty distributor of high end supplies just to apprehension afloat. Family Medical Manufacturing, on the other hand, is continuously exceeding its growth and profit projections yearly. They have the potential to grow the participation horizontal further but do not currently have the human resources to do so. .3. surface-to-air missile is a person who has been with the company for quite a long time. He has served in various positions and moved his way up the ranks, so he would have a good understanding about how the business is run. I think that Nancy should befriend him to understand his point of view and unique brain waves on how the company has evolved over time. . I think that Sam understands that a excogitate needs to be implemented to turn the company around. He has fagged time and resources trying to evaluate his marketing department, sales, and operations. Hes even expressed that the staff need to work smarter not harder, but has addicted no specific direction on what could be done to build this a reality. His skepticism towards the value of HR seems to be based on the results of a department that has been running without a manager for the past 13 months.Even though the HR associate, Claire Jackson, has done a great ruminate trying to keep things afloat, she simply does not have the time or expertise to run the entire department by herself. His judgment of the results is clear in the grit that HR is not particularly useful in its current incarnation, but he doesnt seem to have the insight to understand how much it could accomplish if it were running smoothly with competent leadership. . Nancy should inform to Sam that the best way to make the company more effective and to work smarter is by appreciating how important a structured, secure working environs is to people. In order to make the company more profitable, she needs to coax him that the most important thing to do right now is t o behavior out how best to utilize people to achieve quality mathematical operation while at the same time promoting a business plan that will encourage growth. .4. One glaring challenge is that thither are four past complaints about hiring practices. Trust among the employees for the hiring process has been diminished, and the damage has already been done. Even though Mark Olsen seems to understand the importance of a strategical HR program, he has do some critical mistakes and shown a reach in judgment in three ways. . Firstly, he has shown a preconceived opinion in hiring people from his former employer in all cases of formal complaints made against the company. It is doubtful that the interview and selection process for these positions was done in a fair, unbiased manner. .Secondly, he has ignored the resources he already had at his garbage disposal by hiring employees externally. In all formal complaints the employees had the education and training do the job they were a pplying for. Most people want a sense of spirit and accomplishment from their careers, and ignoring that basic desire will only create discontent among the workforce. . Finally, he disregarded and dis mentioned the entire hiring process by promising a position to someone before the opening had even been posted. In my opinion, this role of favoritism is one of the fastest ways to demoralize people. . At the approaching meeting for Nancys presentation of her human resource plans, she needs to address these mistakes and explain to Mark how important it is to follow procedure, respect the hiring process, and moreover to respect his own employees. .2. When Nancy presents her plan, she needs to explain the different challenges that both companies are dealing with. There are pressures and opportunities to be found in both cases. Family Medical Distribution is a well respected company but has undergone significant downsizing due to government cutbacks. The opportunity here is to create an efficient supplementary business that will complement its manufacturing counterpart. Family Medical Manufacturing has plenty of room to grow, but not enough qualified personnel department to cooperate develop its upcoming products. . Next, she should state what addresss of the company are to compress clear about where they want to be in a five year time frame and what it will take to get there. Mark has said that his goal is to enter the home nursing market, so the plan needs to account for what needs to be done to achieve this goal from a HR perspective. .I think the most important number that both companies need help with is in utilizing the talents and skills of their workforce in a way that compliments the needs of both divisions. The best solution is to interpret both companies as one working unit from a HR standpoint. The deficiencies in staffing at Manufacturing could feasibly be satisfied by transferring the appropriate staff from Distribution. This would be an elega nt way of taking care of the staffing needs of both companies while at the same time improving employee relations with upper management, an important first step in regaining a sense of trust and security. Nancy should also suggest that some of the money and employee benefits invested in Manufacturings new facility be put into effect at Distributions plant. Its important to show genuine equality to employees and this would help to impart the understanding that both businesses are important for continued success.

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