Friday, February 15, 2019

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Any place I go, I know I ordain never find two skate instrument panelsthat are the same. Each and all(prenominal) component of theskateboard makes a difference in the boards movement.Every deck, truck, and wind is interchangeable so there isalmost an imperishable amount of combinations. A number ofthings can go rail at when go a person will never knowwhen one of the components will malfunction. I was ridingalong one day, and like a roll pouncing on a mouse, it hitsme and I suddenly realize that I am going to feel some pain.One of my wheels came off, I jerked, flew through the air, and soce landed on the street, all because the only day I tookthe beat to check my wheels was the day I received theboard.I can immortalize the first time I learned how to check andfix a skateboard. I learned from one of my good friendnamed pile. He came to my hold and we skatedaround for a little while. One of my wheels made a jollynoise, and jam said, "I see there is something wrongwith your skateboard." We went into the garage and sitnext to the washer and dryer. He then put the skateboarddownside up, and started to look the skateboard. Hefirst looked at the deck to see if there was somethingwrong that could be making the noise. James studied thegrip tape, looked at the hobo and the nose, then the wooditself to see if it had been cracked or split.He then began talking to me about the trucks and theirpurpose I studied and observed the hunks of metal. Jamesthen began to study the bearings and noticed that thebearings were extremely dirty. This was the cause of thenoise. He told me that the bearings had to be clean. Toomuch friction was causing the noise. So James reached inhis bag of tools, and got his mini monkey wrench andstarted to take off the lusus naturae that was holding the wheel to thetruck. He was very precise, like a surgeon in heart surgery.With great ease he slipped off the wheel from the kingpinand placed it gentle on the floor. Once again Jam esreached in his bag, grabbed a rag, and a special metallubricate called ready Grease.Pop went the bearing as it came out of the wheel, I pickedit up from the floor, pondered, and said, " hmmmm, to thinkthat this little piece of machinery can actually effect the waythe board operates, that this little piece is so important

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