Thursday, February 7, 2019

From The Lord To The Devis Hands :: essays research papers

I came to do the have wordss invent is the ironic and sad truth that Reverend John sanitaryrealizes in Arthur Millers dramatic play, The Crucible. One can see that hales individualality changes enormously throughout the play. These changes are illustrated byHales many statements in the play. The statements in the beginning of the play move overHales firm beliefs and toward the end of the play his disgust with the return of thetrials. Hale is a very intriguing person with many cause traits. They must be, theyare weighted with authority. (p. 36) This shows that he is sure of his actions and himself. Another intimacy that he is sure of is witchcraft. This is shown when he states, The make isprecise the marks of his front line are as definite as stone. (p.38) and, Are you gatheringsouls for the Devil?(p. 44). One of Hales character flaws is that he judges byappearances. You look as such a good soul should. (p. 37) and, A claim so weightycannot be argued by a farmer. (p. 99) He claims to be the right-hand man of the Lord, Have no fear immediately we shall find him out if he has come among us, and I mean to subduehim utterly if he has shown his face. When in reality, his actions and beliefs end withtragic results. Hale believes so strongly in his religion that he is willing to use unfairprocedures to extract the information he wants. He does this when questioning Titubaand John admonisher. When the Devil comes to you, does he come with another person?Perhaps another person in the village? (p. 45) and God put you in his hands to serve wellcleanse this village. (p. 46) Hale uses these persuading techniques and the authority ofthe church to find and punish the enemies of the church.In the second act, the audience can actually make a note between the morallyweak Reverend Parris and Reverend Hale. When Hale goes to the Proctors house andhears about the accusations, he states, if Rebecca Nurse be tainted, accordingly nothings left tostop the whole green humanness from burning. (p. 80) Yet, Hale is so religious that he hasdifficulty denying the charges. He as yet states, until an hour before the Devil fell, Godthought him beautiful in heaven. (p. 68) Hale has a mental conflict here His personalfeelings furcate him that a person such as Rebecca couldnt be a witch but his training hastaught him that Rebecca could be possessed by the Devil.

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