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How does Ridley Scott create and destroy gender stereotypes in Thelma and Louise?

In the 1991 exact Thelma and Louise, the director Ridley Scott creates and destroys sexual practice stereotypes successfully of that spot in time and helps us to remember that the uses portrayed by Susan Surandon and Geena Davis were existing. Here atomic number 18 a few examples of gender stereotypesIn the first shooter of the movie, Thelma was in her kitchen erosion a frilly and f broken inery iniquity gown and the phone was ringing and she c bothed to her economise, Ill cast down it.This denominates that Thelma is a house slave and Ridley Scott dipicts this as he involves Thelma on a down(p) tumble and when Thelmas husband Darryl walks into the kitchen, he is suffer on a low angle to make him pick up oneselfm a stack massiveger and fiercer than he really is. He is proven as already in his fix homogeneous and this tells us that Thelma is a wo seg handst of the house and her entire day is pent locked up inside the house preforming chores. When Thelma is j ust slightly to ask Darryl if she can go for the spend on a avenuetrip with Louise, she got sc bed and terminate up asking him if he cute anything special for dinner that night. To which Darryl simply replies, Thelma, I dont give fuck what we buzz away for dinner tonight. I might non tear down make it home from release tonight.This shows that Darryl is an untrue husband and is having an af passably. Thelma suspects this and states, its cheerny how many state want to misdirect a rug on a Friday night. You would wear view they would have forgotten ab off it for the weekend.To that Darryl replies, headspring its a good thing your no regional manager thusly, and I am.He indeed swings his keys around on his sense as if to say, I am improve than you, you are worthless.The second guess I am passing game to reap is where Louise is at work in the diner that she work at and she is depicted as having her pig tied up in a neat bun, showing her as a couped up child who just wants to disassemble free of her immaginary prison. She is wearing her usual uniform of a long white coif and apron. There is a pan breeze of her at eye level touching across the diner serving sight as she goes. This shows that women in this time can non have highly paid jobs and they must any be a housemarried woman or work in a assassinated end, minimum wage job where she does non swallow the respect that she deserves.The next crack I am going to allow come on is the perspective in which Thelma is packing fro her road trip with Louise after Darryl had left to go to work. She had never had as much fun before and had never packed cable political machinee it. She didnt hunch what she should adjudge, so she just topples the circumscribe of her drawers into many suitcases, she consequently looks in her bedside cabinet and takes out her earings and finds a six-gun that Darryl had given her to protect herslef when he was a t work. Thelma takes the revolving doo r out and holds it with her finger and forefinger. This creates a gender stereotype as it shows that women arent meant to hold guns. Thelma so drops it into one of her suitcases as if she didnt whop the full capabilities of what damage the refined silver thing in her hold could do. Later on in the movie, Thelma brings out the revlver when she is in Louises car and turns to Louise and asks if Louise can take care of it. Louise replies shocked, goddamnit Thelma, why in the booby hatch did you bring that?To which Thelma replies, snakes, bears, psycho killers. You never know what could happen, look can you take it? I dont even know how to use it. comfortably put it in my purse whence, Louise replies.This shows that Louise is a much stronger woman than Thelma and she had become arduous after what happened to her in Texas.The conclusion scene I am going to describe which creates gender stereotypes is the scene in the forefend where Thelma and Louise are sitting at a table in a Hesperian bar and the expect walks up to them and asks if they would want andything to drink. The waitress is in the same conditions that Louise was in at the start of the movie in the diner. Louise states that she doesnt wnat any drinks, provided Thelma orders twain alcholholic drinks and the waitress nods and walks out-of-door. Louise looks surprised, Thelma Ive never seen you corresponding this, youre always so becalmIve had it up to my ass with sedate Thelma smiles, I just want to let my hair down.This shows that Thelma is acting out of character and just wants to have fun. This is where the hygienic dressed, well mannered, charming Harlan walks over to them. He is take on a very(prenominal) low angle.Well hello ladies, he says, isnt this go forth a bit rough for bauties like you?Thelma is flattered by the attention that Harlan gives her, but Louise doesnt buy it. She realises what Harlan is quickly as it shows a man just like him flattered her seat in Texas.Oh Im sor ry, Louise states, were having private convorsation here.Oh right okay ladies, Harlan says, visabaly dissa extremumed.Thelma holds him back, no its okay. He can stay.The waitress returns and gives Thelma her drinks, youre not bothering these poor girls are you Harlan?Nah, Harlan replies, Im just be friendly.Your names Harlan? Thelma asks, I had an uncle named Harlan.Thelma indeed goes to dance with Harlan and he spins her ao huntd many times making her very dizzy and in need of unclouded air. He is clearly taking return of her. Thelma states she need fresh air and Harlan takes her outside. Harlan then starts to take advantage of Thelma and then he says that he wont hurt her. This shows us that Harlan has no regard for Thelmas thoughts or feelings. Louise then bursts out of the bar holding the revolver that Thelma had put in her bag former and aims it at Harlan. Harlan just laughs and tells Louise to suck his dick. Louise then shoots Harlan in cold blood. This is the first real time that we draw and quarter to see the gender stereotypes destroyed as women arent supposed to show violence. Harlans dead body is then shown at a high angle to show that his power and scariness from before had been torn away in an instant.Here is the second point of Ridley Scotts use of destroying gender stereotypes. This is the scene where Thelma and Louise suitable up with young hustler JD and he asks for a ride. They rightfulnesssuit with him and drop him off in the middle of a rainy city. Later on in the evening, JD knocks on Thelmas motel door and the two make overzealous love. Then in the morning Thelma goes to see Louise at a caf and they talk and Louise realises that JD mustve stolen their silver that Jimmy had given to Louise, the two women run back to their motel room frantically to find it ransacked and the property stolen.Louise collapses into tears as her brave piece of energy and clean-living sense of dignity are shattered. Thelma then takes control and is filmed on a high angle to signify that know she is taking control. The old Thelma is gone and the invigorated Thelma has taken her place. The new Thelma is the sort of Thelma who leave alone do anything to survive.The next scene I am going to describe is the scene where Thelma and Louise stop to sign on a form of coffee and when the two of them get back into the car, Thelma states that she is going to go and get many gum, so she takes Louises handbag with the pistol console in it and goes into the nearest convenience store. When Thelma goes into the store, she pulls out the revolver and shouts to everyone, good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery, now if nobody regresss their head then no one will lose their head.She then steals all the money from the process and runs out of the store shouting to Louise, drive Louise GoA store? You robbed a store? Louise asks pedantically.Well we needed the money didnt we? Now drive Thelma replies.This breaks the stereotype that all women must abide by the law at all times.The second to last scene I am going to describe is the scene where Thelma and Louise are driving force through the desert when a constabulary officer flags them down for speeding. The officer then take Louise back to his car and starts transaction his colleagues. Louise asks if she is in trouble and the officer nods, big trouble. Thelma then appears at the officers window and smiles at him and starts to flirt. The officer asks sternly for Thelma to return to her car, but Thelma produces the revolver and points it at the officers head and demands for Louise to take his gun and shoot out the radiocommunication which she does, but then Thelma corrects her and says the guard radio.This shows that although this is a dark film, Ridley Scott adds in a piece of comic relief. Thelma and Louise lead the distressed jurisprudence officer to the trunk of his vehicle where Thelma shoots two air holes into the trunk and instructs the officer to get inside at which point the officer bursts into tears and Thelma asks him if he had a wife to which the officer nods. Thelma smiles and tells him, you be nice to her. My husband wasnt nice to me and look how I terminate up.On which note, Thelma slams the lid shut upon the officer.The last scene I am describing is the scene at the end of the movie where Thelma and Louise have been evading the police successfully for a fair few minutes which breaks the stereotype that women are bad drivers, but they eventually get captured on the edge of the expansive Canyon. croupe Louises convertible is about twenty police cars, a whirlybird and at least(prenominal) forty heavily armed officers. The helicopter lands and a few suited FBI Agents get out, one of which is the one man in the forces who believes Thelma and Louises story.Thelma turns to Louise and tells her she cant go back to the way she utilize to be as she had loved the experience. Louise nods and turns on the engines despite t he officers warnings of opening fire if they did not give themselves up to be arrested. Louise slams the car forward toward the edge of the Grand Canyon. The notwithstanding FBI Agent that believes them sprints after them so that the police will not fire. He shouts trying to stop them, but Thelma and Louise are adamant. Their car flies off of the edge of the Grand Canyon and the screen flashes with images of the past two days adventure.In conclusion I believe that Ridley Scott provides the audience with a thrill and extremely realistic insight into the sexism and gender stereotyping that was around in America at the time of the films release. I believe that this film teaches a lesson to all American men who were racist at the point of the films release.

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