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Franchising †Fast food Essay

Now a daylights, profuse intellectual nourishment is comme il faut a cheap and yet a popular way for hoi polloi who ar too busy to cook. But the cheap price of the sporting solid diet is nothing in comparison to the true price that these good deal are paying. E rattling 4 out of 10 adults in the the States will become obese in the next 5 historic period if they keep take ining this aliment the way they are. Eating unfaltering food like this is causing study health risks. Since this food is so cheap, it makes it well-provided for mint to go out and come out food instead of staying firm to cook. In addition, fast food companies are trying to locate kids.If the companies get to the kids at a young age, they will get hooked on the food. Because of all this, people need to stop eating fast food before it gets out of hand. This fast food world has spread enormously around the globe, and obesity has shortly followed. In addition to this it has also brought burden diseas e, arthritis, diabetes and many other theatrical roles of illnesses. Fast food isnt only do people fatter, but its also increasing peoples chances of obtaining type deuce diabetes. Peoples muscles and fat cells that have type two diabetes lose the ability to take in a sugar called glucose from their blood.The glucose builds up and reaches very high levels and because of this they get damage to the eyes, neuropath (loss of feeling), kidney disease and heart disease. near of the people who have type two diabetes are obese or over incubus. A long-term study between the link of fast food, obesity and diabetes were tested. It compared the people who would eat fast food at least doubly a week to the people who ate it less than once a week. The results showed that the people who are more fast food gained about 10 pounds more then the people who are it less than once a week over a fifteen-year period.Eating fast food stand cause many diseases such as Hypertension, Heart Disease, Cance r, Gall bladder Disease and E. coli, which is star of the worst forms of food poisoning. E. Coli is spread through undercooked burgers and it is very difficult to cure. 4 % of the people who have this poison develop hemolytic uremic syndrome and close to 5 % of the kids who develop this die. E. Coli is now turn the major effort for renal failure for American kids. People would rather knock off their money on a cheap burger that tastes good compared to a burger that tastes bonnie as good for six times the price.The great thing about fast food is that over these many years their products taste hasnt changed. The whole experience of buying fast food, has become so routine, so thoroughly unexceptional and mundane, that it is now taken for granted, like brushing your teething or stopping for a red light. Says Eric Schlosser, author of Fast food Nation. Millions of people a day are buying fast food because its so convenient to get to. Todays economic system is also dropping and b ecause of this breathing out out to buy fast food has become easier to feed peoples families.Instead of a family going out to a restaurant to feed the family for 60 dollars, they can go to a fast food restaurant and drop dead about one third of that. These fast food restaurants are making a rophy of money off this cheap food With the money they make, they spend many of it for advertising to grab peoples attention Since most kids sojourn TV they are the ones that are affected most by this McDonalds spends billions of dollars on advertising each year. Most of the kids know Ronald McDonald more than they do their own president. Just about 30% of all children each day eat fast food according to a Harvard study.This is part of the reason why America is the fattest country in the world. According to Alan Green, on average, kids who eat fast food gain an extra 6 pounds in weight each year. The numbers, though alarming, are not surprising since billions of dollars are spend each year on fast-food advertising directed at kids, state lead author Dr. David Ludwig, director of the obesity program at childrens Hospital Boston. Borzekowski says that most people prefer the mark fries compared to unbranded fries and the same results were found about branded yellowish nuggets and non-branded yellow-bellied nuggets. Its no surprise that branding works, says Borzekowski. In another test do by Borzekowski, they took two burgers from McDonalds and put one in a non branded wrapper, Borzekowski had the kids try both and astonishingly most kids tasted a difference in the two burgers. The majority of the preferred the McDonalds wrapped burger. McDonalds also finds ways of getting to the kids, because in Seminole County, the kids are rewarded with Happy Meals if the have a nearly spotless attendance or it they do well on their report separate.In fact, Stuart Elliot of the New York Times says that the Florida schools are using childrens report cards to help stimulate sales at McDonalds . Kids can get a number of Happy meal choices such as four chicken McNuggets, a Hamburger and small fries or a cheeseburger with orchard apple tree dippers. These kids are being rewarded with fast food, which is part of the reason that they are becoming obese. The concepts of conformity and government activityal homogenization, while repugnant in a elective society, can actually aid big businesses and more specifically franchises in promoting quality assurance and brand loyalty. boastfully corporations, such as McDonalds, are able to maintain stability and control by removing any factors that whitethorn create unfamiliarity for their customers. The goal of McDonalds is to create a fast food empire founded on conformity to ensure a prevalent experience. For example, everything from the menu, to the restaurant facade, to the golden arch flag waving proudly beside our American flag, demonstrates their efforts to create a sense of comfort through familiarity.McDonalds target market expects the same service, experience, and product whenever they enter a franchise location. Large corporations recognize the power of consistency and the importance of conformity within their ranks. When diversify Kroc says, We have found out that we cannot trust some people who are nonconformists. The organization cannot trust the individual the individual must trust the organization, Kroc was trying to emphasize the importance of conformity and need for trust in the organizations goals. Kroc had created a successful formula and needed his employees to pct his vision.The American fast food industry has made a evidential impression on our social and economic landscape. The concept of flipping burgers has become like with entry level employment for teens and other unskilled laborers. The industry employs hundreds of thousands of people at all levels. The industry also occupies a prominent get in our popular culture. From commercials on television, to the ads o n the side of the bus, to the billboard on the side of highway 95, the fast food industry has made itself a visible force in the American economy and pop culture.The fast food industrys size also allows it to play a significant role in our political system. Companies such as McDonalds have a keen interest in labor, tax and wiliness policy. While Ray Krocs vision of conformity and trust in the collective over the individual contradicts our concept of a free society, it is crucial to the success of a company using the franchise business model. soundbox and organizational trust are the keys to ensuring customer familiarity and brand loyalty.

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