Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Characteristics and Statement

Peninsula Boulevard Hempstead, NY 1 1 550 Attention Dry. Rodney Gilmore, Associate Superintendent for Personnel Services Dear Dry. Gilmore I am Interested In applying for a Social Worker or Counselor position In your organization that was advertised on alas. Com. It Is my intent to utilize my experience and skills to create an environment both enjoy fit and contributive to learning.I am manic disorderate and enthusiastic about giving back to the community of interests and to make a costive contribution to this inform. As a schoolhouse counselor or social worker, I will demonstrate passion for supporting the success of all the students, with emphasis on the populations who need It most. I would bring this passion to my role at your school and I carry forward to working as a part of a squad of service providers to ensure the success of our students.I would also provide diverse and narrow down services to students, families and communities, in order to help students attain axio m benefits from the school program. Students argon the primary focus of the educational process. I could contribute companionship and concern for the wide range of social, emotional, cultural and economic differences among children, families and communities.The current characteristics that I possess are as follows Appropriate empathy skills eventually able to be helpful In the situation or Issue Good auditory sense skills ? screening situations to get to the heart of an Issue or complaint, while subdued extending compassion and support Ability to organize case situations and identify and place interventions&1115 identify and organize resources in relation to parental concerns Objectivity do not personalize situations, allow clients to vent, then assess the situation or concern Clarifying central issues for the parent that may not be easily seen because of the anger, frustration or disappointment Interviewing skills Confidentially being able to be confident, but able to help the clients The following heartsickness are necessary to be an effective helper Genuineness Self-Awareness Acceptance disposition to help Patience Listening Communicating Giving Feedback Observing Confronting I am confident that my experience and skills will make me a worthy member of the Hempstead School District social work team. I take hold enclosed my resume, and will call much for your time and consideration

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