Tuesday, January 22, 2019

5 Core Operational Strategies

whole 3 PowerPoint ProjectIn chapter 6 you learned about the 5 core operating(a) strategies (preventive patrol, routine incident response, emergency response, criminal investigation, problem solving) and 1 supplementary operational strategy (support services) that are employed by practice of law enforcement agencies to pit and reduce crime. This week you are required to create a PowerPoint manifestation that meets the following criteriaSummarize the five core operational strategies and the wiz adjunct operational strategy of law enforcement.Explain how these strategies are white plagued by law enforcement agencies to achieve their crime fighting goals.Your PowerPoint notification must consist of no fewer than six (6) parachutes (at least one slide per strategy). The title slide and references slide are not included in this total, and are to a fault required.Please use the PowerPoint Template provided for you as a guide.One reason for this assignment is to military service yo u become familiar with the PowerPoint program itself. If you turn in never used Microsoft PowerPoint breakt let it worry you.The PowerPoint Resources accessible below, will ease your school principal and give you a head start on this foresee.You will have until the end of Unit 4 to complete your project. Submit your completed PowerPoint project to the dropbox by the end of Unit 4 in the basket titled Unit 3 PowerPoint Project Checklist for Unit 3 Assignment PowerPoint PresentationCriteria necessitate yourself the following questions.Did you identify and describe the five core operational strategies and the one ancillary operational strategy of law enforcement?Did you explain how law enforcement agencies use these strategies to achieve their crime fighting goals?Is your content complete enough to dole out the topic and questions?Is there a logical flow to your ideas?Did you present the bodily in a clear and concise manner to provide cushy readability?Did you prepare your proj ect as a PowerPoint document?Did you try your file correctly?Did you check your document for grammar and spelling?Did your meet the presentations length requirement (6 slides minimum)?

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