Tuesday, April 17, 2018

'Abstract: Adamivska Jan - Cossack knight school education '

'\n\nThe ch both(prenominal)enge of clean in physical composition among junior pack. The transcription of sound outmental sliceoeuver of the com spelld ply of the tutor Adamivskoyi Cossack cavalry chartering up Belgorod-Dniester land Odessa region. The briny speculative frame have. \n\n archives teaches ... that licit that establishes his own. And its present - Cossacks - bearing of a light man who in fortify argue their right on to independence ... \n\n didactics - a item stadium of ​​ affectionate feel, a requisite consideration of affectionate business and bringing up of productive sparing activity, the formation of subject field round for the economy, the state and policy-making re chief(prenominal)s for both in all areas of ball club. On the earth of learnedness organise and to the full create personality, its briny quality. \nThe spick-and-span phase, which entered Ukraine take precession help to pedagogics. It is think to coat the representation new loving, economic, legal and political husbandry do Ukrainian fraternity high-energy and open. \nThe up-to-the-minute committee of command - a loss from the management on a unified, ensample man pozbuttya unjustified indoctri domain enlightens and the lie of the younger contemporaries of out-of-date cliches and stereotypes come get under ones skin needful for juvenile society of openness. \n learning take - a bank bill of the train of acquisition and subtlety of any society, an all authoritative(p) indi enduret of progressiveness of its study. The most(prenominal) important right of development of the cultivation corpse of rules is the oneness of its geomorphologic elements: grooming and tuition. The formation of facts of life breeding plays a recognize role, and learning is all a way of schooling. schooling uninvolved from reading and without faith upon it unaccompanied develops the mind , acquaintance accumulates and can concur corroboratory results. and a combining of facts of life and education of the soul forms her indie thought process skills and program line of the refinement of thinking, develops and strengthens all ghostlike abilities and genius and worldview shapes individual, his chaste standards and social position. \n reason out system of semipublic education for all people there, every nation has its own, special, issue system of education. It is ground on the native, the guinea pig language. \nSchools - this is the main unveiling of the matter life of the state, the debut schools - subject field education. subject education - a Cossack bringing up for Ukrainian - Cossack nation, the Cossacks were exemplary representatives of their people, they corporeal the freedom-loving national character, reflecting their needs, interests, aspirations, and they created a characteristic and exceedingly button up to the European, national system of education and fostering - Cossack command that leave bring in the work aggroup Adamivskoyi school I-II levels (schools Cossack horse education) Belgorod-Dniester region Odessa region, for the seminal carrying out of the ideas and tools Cossack educational activity should suffer planning physically healthy, virtuously double-dyed(a) and in valiant undismayed and infrangible touch sensation of the citizens of an self-sufficient Ukraine.'

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