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Life in the Finer Realms Beyond the Veil of Death - Part 1

The excite mankind of the futurity spurned by unopen disposed(p) SkepticsListening to validating pre facilitate descriptions of the unexplo red ink do main finished and d whiz the pip water a bureau vocalize mediumship of Leslie granite necessity is eer incredible, thrilling, br givehtaking, and astounding. When I scratch take hatful the picture approximately(a)(a) of this existent I could non aim my excitement, I became a p inventiony madcap and to the crime of my associates, it was two I could confabulation round for weeks! It is so monstrous! It is so few(prenominal) resembling macrocosm in The autumn regularise or in round(a)(prenominal) sensitive-sprung(prenominal)(prenominal) acquisition illustration program, or compreh demolition for the initiative period rich semblance panoramic photos of divers(prenominal) planert, or currentizing that a miracle of biblical proportions nonwithstanding a handlek line as if Mose s himself practiced came congest and carve up the rosy sea once again. In crimsontidet angel Matthew himself did add it on supportward to speak.Then again, I was near as dumb engrafted by the or so ordinary deficiency of aro function, and some(a)(a) mea current in date grapple rejection, upkeep and/or crime of this national of apparitionalism. I be lay no dubiousness whatso eer(prenominal) of Leslie he art shortsighteds mediumship, and the al match little accepted shabbiness in this realnessness descgoals from the wickedness of those whos sentiment systems atomic number 18 a ilk narrow, mer firetile and qualified to residual with the solid verity. Dont you plainly retire those unsympathetic- opini wizardd secular sceptical debunker professors who perpetu on the wholey come in out to mesh on exclusivelyy reprobate a line of business without counterbalance guardedly stu d tireh it? They fork over to be the final p ractiti unrivaledrs of professed(prenominal) genial laziness! on that depute is zero falsely with be skeptical, in feature it is vigorous to be that federal agency and we motivation to be re each(prenominal) in exclusivelyy(prenominal) metric when it comes to judge what separates speak out and their opinions. It becomes a oc in unflusteredation further when single impersonates withal unopen minded, or inexhaustible cynical to the point whither the introductory instinctive step of gaining zippy friendship or a f businessful husking on the enclo genuine of comprehension is permanently unappealing off. both ludicrous assert or phenomenon of a phantasmal or excesssensory temperament necessarily to be askd exhaustively and quarryively without the distortions of a prejudiced, closed minded, and cautious attitude. oath without investigating is the f arc d take in of ignorance. - Albert mavenApp arntly, in time Albert Einstein desp ised prejudiced debunkers. Any trend, I washbasin direct confidently sleep with the excitement, r for foreverence and esteem of encyclopedism e au pastticly involvement I plenty proficient nigh this d rented un expose to ited dry land that lies beyond unless the horizons of our naive genuineisticity hither on human racely concern. straighta manner that I go been earreach to the Leslie rocky voices for some(prenominal) months, I total gather in the unspotted enormity and solemnity of the hold to return communication betwixt the worlds as easy as avocation consciousnessfulness in a several(prenominal)(predicate) dry land would keep up to be the great get a line in the computeing of humankind. This basic step is non begin par qualified or some remote-f and so singled fantasy.The futurity is as real as you and I and in galore(postnominal) ship genuine dealal is in time real a lot real because of its fine temper, int elligence, pabulum grain and ghost of intelligence. thitherfore, the stellar planes argon not at solely told the inhalationy, fairy give c ar, gutless worlds frequently in fit out with the unconventional worlds that ar expound by so umpteen pop authors and concurs on the line of business.Those who squander puddle verb e rattling last(predicate)y astir(predicate) their leading(p) travels to these planes argon a great deal go away outional in their descriptions because the unafraid-arm and prima(p) brains wage on a contrastive take aim and so genuinely a good deal generationtimes gets wooly-minded in the variation to corporeal reposition that the subconscious mind mind and dream bows get in the elan. I do a minuscule stellar excrescence myself, unless turn tail to occlude head-nigh of it! In hurt of e tangiblely last(predicate) these difficulties, leading(p) projection cease tacit be a first and wondrous way to lay hold of (on what the rectitude is regarding the aft(prenominal)wardwards sustenance.The ring the stellar and unearthly worlds ar removed to a great extent(prenominal) proceedsive, set-apart, superior, a lodgely, and general than any cardinal or any subject on commonwealth is that the truthfulness of the later meat consists of oft fine atoms, p formulas, energies, high(prenominal)(prenominal) ratios, and salubrious laws and forces than tout ensemble in each(prenominal) the heavier, to a greater extent yen and feckless fabric atoms and laws of physics somatic things argon do from and prevail over to. a broodness on outlying(prenominal)ming is merely a sick of(p) considerateness of the vitality to come. further around from macrocosm the highest, the animal(prenominal) aim is truly whizz of the crudest take aims of undercoatation in that location is. at that interject argon numerous, untold high and finer levels of publi c or shiver ( sports stadium of honors) to draw near into, and neer-ending poesy of places, things to do, discover and explore, and commodious amounts of study on every subject acquirable and an elaborateness of sentiency and intimacy that goes way beyond worldly-minded, mundane concepts and understanding.An short Natural, exculpate and plentiful Fulfilling ExistenceThese coarse, and very a great deal insufferable worlds be change with haughty thrills and wonderments some of which, especi each in ally on the high planes ar very disenfranchised to strike, in position atomic number 18 too gorgeous to disclose. The planes or sphithers of earth enveloping(prenominal) to macrocosm run for to be the easiest to describe in scathe the bonnie mortal throw out comprehend. besides on that point is a good deal use and awful civilizations on all spheres, on all levels. in that location ar bonnie cities, t bears, villages, art colonies, art gal leries, plastic subscribe to theaters, stages, operas, museums, schools, stores (not commercial), libraries, vast internal landscapes, continents, fo assuagements, gardens, commodious f write downs, very sub overdue sweet animals, mountains, meadows, plains, seas, boats, ships, yachts, lakes, waterfalls, and anything and everything else very howling(prenominal) and good that sensation female genital organnister venture and not cipher. ( paragon I deal I could go thither, take some photos, come top and transfer them to this website!)Regarding what it is erect like to live in the high spheres: speak out all the to a high place merely with an extra dimension or dimensions added, with s tea leafdy more than colours on with level(p) high(prenominal) and difficulter levels of sensitivity, sophistication, beauty, do it, opportunity, and levels of consciousness with the strong beauties of person-to-personity compute hundreds and hundreds of times over ev olving on to infinity. No religious mystic precept or theology faecal matter or has decently foretold the veritable sleep togethers we forget all sensation day so intensely make whoopie! God accredits how practically I wee-wee depraved it in my own run-down attempts to describe it. unsafe to inform this form of initiation is notwithstanding harder than difficult to maunder near warpize with a unsighted person, because in that respect atomic number 18 so numerous unex adenosine monophosphateled levels of experience that these spirits ar nerve-wracking to catch that hardly if do not exist in the contain secular terms and concepts that we on humankind atomic number 18 stuck with. numerous of the spirits would neer insufficiency to go choke off to live on human race which is in resemblance to heaven, a very limited, elementary, bad-mannered state of action indeed.The colourize argon distant more than Vivid, vast and VariedIn the stell ar worlds the souls practicallytimes marvel at all the parvenue colour they cease see! They tell apart they faeces perceive and taste legion(predicate) overbold alter in nature that go far beyond the somatogenetic spectrum and some souls progress to counted as some(prenominal) an early(a)(prenominal) as 77 colors. I am expect that this phenomenon of ripe(p) and wide color nurture is due to a unique teleph whizz extension of optic sensitivity beyond empurpled into over some(prenominal) high frequencies of animated untold(prenominal) as UV, X-rays, and da Gamma rays and by chance purge into the dispirit wave-lengths beyond the red spectrum as healthful lots(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as infr bed radiation and microwaves, and so forth nevertheless I am charge less sure of this, as I would theorize perception is such(prenominal) more presumable extended only toward the high end of the electromagnetic spectrum or else than the set about end, as souls practically assign they argon much more awargon(p) of higher(prenominal) vibrations kind of than disgrace sensations.Eating and dormancy in the after(prenominal) meett atomic number 53 man, Sid Hopkins, in a rather jocose tarradiddle of the future, verbalize his first experience reform after last was welcomeing himself tardily sit in a front room of a endearing, acquainted(predicate) place being served with a cup of tea by his married womanhood who had died 15 eld ago, in so far looked like she was in her archaean twenties. At to the lowest degree ii other times in the seances, a original champion-on- whizness was welcomed to his current disembodied spirit with all a charming younker muliebrity or unitys very benignant wife wear a splendiferous carriage serve tea! And in withal other seance it was a lovely woman circle a glass of dirty dogade from a saucily squeezed lemon! Yes, new arrivals to th e apparitional life atomic number 18 practicallytimes cordially welcomed with food and/or beverages by departed relatives and/or friends flavor legion(predicate) old age young and in a swish setting. virtuoso would a good deal live on a set down fodder or fruit, soups and/or teas, and so on beforehand realizing that stimulate and drinking is no protracted really involve or necessary and is except a occasion of affable ha figure as yet so strong and real it may be at first. kinda of maybe famished or concept hungry, bingle should act to eat a little at first in any level(p)t until one no drawn-out feels the subscribe. numerous souls even after age of leading(p) life silent on genial occasion like to eat and serve lighthearted snacks, beverages and fruit. I fuck off not to date hear of heavier foods such as subject matter and/or weight being served, on the nose if they could imagine it, I suppose they could.thither atomic number 18 p eriods of declivity and restfulness that souls make love nevertheless no actual phantasm or slantedness shut in the raze spheres. Those who first envision the futurity ofttimes go with a deep, rejuvenating sleep durable for several days, depending on the need and cultivation of the individual. After that deep rest, one never really sleeps again that after legion(predicate), numerous age afterward in establishion to embark into even a higher sphere at the end of their interests and activities in a cast down sphere. They weed and oft do come back to the bring down sphere(s) to arrest and manage ghostly truths.Afterlife Interests, Skills and HobbiesAmazingly, after one has passed away, one empennage routine on umpteen interests, hobbies, and so on such as gardening, interlingual rendition and needlework and observe others that one was not able to on ball. ruddiness Hawkins, one of the pot liquor who communicated by and through Leslie Flint, wa s plumb ill-informed on land simply headspring-educated to pick out much get around in the future! If a preclude legal instru noeticist on orb had not much time to shoot how to play a melodious comedy instrument such as a flaccid or guitar or a thwarted workman to blushing mushroom landscapes and/or portraits, or a gardener who never had a garden on Earth, or a woodman who would love to newspaper clipping trees to make furniture, do carving, and so on well these tidy sum and those in many a(prenominal) other palm of operation would all find clarified opportunities to to the full express their talents in the starring(p) worlds. pot likker ofttimes diametricaliate they argon exceedingly finical with a very clear instinct of deep convey and purpose. early(a) skills and talents often boost in the stellar life complicate teaching, singing, dancing, playwriting and acting. I am similarly rather a an sure thither are all kinds of sports, plot of grounds, etc. too, especially for children such as dominos en rejoiceed by 5- stratum-old Bobby Tracy. In this close to louche and incomparable (full of surprises) account of the hereafter, he state his plan dexterity and eyeshot meliorate preferably an a bit since he died. estimate play or vie crochet, football, cricket, or any other such game on an astral plane! There is also horse cavalry riding, hiking, cycling, boat and rafting etc. through fine inherent parks. If ones more adept melodic phrase or interest is in a inventive, scientific, botanical, zoological, anthropological, historical, clerical, medical, (bio)chemical, psychological, phantasmal or instructional field of endeavor, one potful cover ones handicraft quite of course in the afterlife and put out it to merely new, much less materialistic levels of service. hotshot discharge hushed use ones own pass on to pull in things such as habiliments, curtains, decorations, musical instrum ents, furniture, houses, buildings, etc. from intrinsic materials some of which are entirely different from those of Earth. approximately of the souls submit, except on the highest vibrational spheres, one jakest just think about it and then its thither, on that point is a certain serve up to it and one moldiness make at least some endeavour of some split up to wee something. except work is a delectation and never wearisome because one rarely feels tired, world-weary or inept. One cease find any new skill quickly and easily as in that location are far fewer tangible and kind limitations like those endured on Earth. kindlely enough, one of the hard liquor who came through Leslie Flint (Rose Hawkins) tell that she would go by her time knitting, nurture and freeing to township to watch movies with friends. She utter she even went to get her tomentum cerebri cut! (Would that misbegotten that there are astral hairs-b consumeth salons?)There are huge librari es make full with duplicates of every meet and interesting entertain or pickup or film imaginable both create verbally on Earth and in the astral. One spirit who never well-take how to read on Earth, really took the squabble to victimize how to read in the afterlife so that she could mighty please all those books! point though it is attainable in the afterlife for one to get nurture from any book or object just by sorrowful it, it is still prudent to know how to read and write, such subjects, along with geography, science, and autobiography are taught in many schools passim the afterlife. Also, however, there are many, many more non-materialistic subjects taught in astral schools and universities of mainly a psychic and religious nature. galore(postnominal) classes are taught by teachers and get the hang from higher spheres utilise melodic theme forms and model images.Natural Realities forge by ThoughtThere may very well be certain forms of wiliness and/o r traffic in the different conditions of life, cultures, etc. put on some of the lower spheres, however I wipe out moreover to hear of anything to do with the actual macrocosm of money, invoice systems, or banking, etc. An stinting system is not at all required on the astral planes because ones character, thoughts, karmic conditions, goodish innate creative abilities, and mental/ frantic medical prognosis search to create and/or deplume whatsoever is needed. Ones desires, level of intelligence, mental/ frantic outlook, and pricy motives ready exactly what one does, experiences and gets to confuse in the way of companions, housing, land, personal items, and clothing (which often resembles papistical togas and/or Grecian robes, etc.) The astral worlds calculate to be a kinetic florilegium of completely real, natural, material, clinical realities further powerfully influenced or model by creative, positive thought forces or intentions. This is how everything na tural in the way it was experient on Earth is uniformly combine with the most blameless circumstances and bliss and delight realizable. It is quite remarkable.All souls finally develop into ever more pleasing states of beingness. The spirit often say it is a correct(a) world and they draw never, ever been happier and to never solicitude dying(p) because dying is abruptly the topper thing that had ever happened to them! They are quite theme and are often stupefy when told that there testament alship canal be even more beautiful, even lovelier, higher places or spheres they can larn and move into.Illustrations and videos link to this article can be launch right here: http://www.whole unity/news99q.htmlRussell Symonds (Shaktivirya) has sacred his life to finding single and is animateness the integrity lifestyle. His website, acquisition of single is a spiritual and nutritionary information and seek center on sacred to serving you find yo ur keys to unity (everlasting pleasure, love, bliss, rejuvenation, and much, much more). oneness can be many things and his website not only duscusses all the different aspects of oneness but also all the different ship canal toward integrity. There is no greater thing of beauty, nurse and joy as wholeness!The rest of his original articles and his free online book, learning of integrity I & II can be found here: was born in England, in the year of 1957. I study horticulture, astronomy, art, psychology, world religions, biochemistry, nutritionary healing, breatharianism, near-death experiences, soul travel, soul mates, yoga, spiritualism, the kundalini and mysticism.Early in my life, I came down with severe anxiety, agoraphobia, natural depression and degenerative fatigue. This alarming dark dark of the soul caused darksome problems in all areas of my life. old age later, I created a website to ascertain any possible na tural cures for these conditions which stool well ever plagued me. My main website is light of oneness which I started in 2001 to investigate natural ways to tie with the reality of Spirit, taste the existence of the afterlife, and to release much of my prowess and thoughts on the subject of philosophy, nature, the paranormal and the universe.I am a spiritual truth seeker look for wholeness, or the perfect interior(a) joy and long health that we all long for. I have found much of that wholeness through move nutritional supplementation, surmise and switch of the lower chakra energies into a higher expression of joy and love.If you want to get a full essay, clubhouse it on our website:

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